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Ever decided to take a trip to a foreign city? If you have then which city would you choose to visit and why? I found myself asking these same questions and I finally made a decision to visit a place called Antwerp. It is a city located in Belgium that is full of rich history and many new attractions for me to explore and learn about. In a town with less than half a million people living in you can see a statue in front of city hall that tells a story of the cities history. The cities name "Antwerp" came from folklore that a giant name Antigoon used to charge a toll to people passing the river located in the city and if people didn't pay he would cut off their hand and throw it into the river. Well one day a young hero named Brabo stood up to the giant and cut off the giant's hand and threw it into the river. So in Dutch Antwerpen means "hand" and "to throw" so the name "Antwerp" became of this old story and the statue in front of the city hall is of a young man throwing a rather large hand into the river. It really is a cool piece of history that is interesting to learn about.


It is always fun to take a vacation to a new place and learn the history of it while you are there. What is better than enjoying a relaxing vacation and learning cool facts at the same time? There really is nothing better than this and I hope you think the same after your first visit to Antwerp. There are several unique attractions that you can find there and I am here to tell you about a few of them. Even the local train station has a ton of history to tell. You will find statues that tell stories and stand the test of time for you to see now. The "Grote Markt" or Great market is a very culturally rich place for you to visit and is the heart of the city in a sense. You can find several fresh food stands there and local fish that were caught for you to buy and cook up. Many of the local restaurants buy all their product from this market and in turn use all local food in their meals. It is a cool thought knowing that the restaurants there aren't falling into the big chain way of thinking like several other areas. Whatever you decide on doing while in town you will surely have a blast and be able to explore it for yourself and enjoy your stay in Antwerp.

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