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Ever heard of the Berlin Wall? Well when you visit Berlin you will get to see what is left of it and how amazing of a city it is. Berlin is the capitol of Germany and has a population of 3.5 million people and continues to grow every year. Since 1700 Berlin was documented as a capitol of city, first starting with Prussia then later part of German Empire, Weimar Republic and the Third Reich. After World War II the city became divided into East and West Berlin by the Infamous Berlin Wall. In 1990 the wall came down in part of German Reunification. It was a glorious and happy time in the cities history that won't soon be forgotten. In ancient Polabian language the world Berlin is believed to come from. "Birl" meaning swamp in Polabian has helped establish the now known name of Berlin and the bear is in the cities coat of arms. Since 1200 the city was believed to have inhabitants and ever since, it has flourished into what it is today. In 1618 there was a war known as the "Thirty Years War" which lasted the span of 30 years ending in 1648 which tore the city apart and destroyed it. It's new leader Frederick William helped promote immigrancy and had great religious tolerance in order to help replenish the half of population that was wiped out by the war. Due to this great immgrancy rate by 1700 nearly 20 percent of Berlin's population was French so 1 in 5 people were of French decent. To be frank the history of Berlin is very rich and has many ties to other countries as well. We all know of the tyrant known as Hitler who helped destroy Berlin and Germany in whole.

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BMW 760il

The city of Berlin is gorgeous in every way and I cannot wait to visit it again. I felt part of something when I visited the city and it really is a culturally diverse place that has strong ties to France and Russia as well. You will not want to miss out on all the great sites that you can visit while you are exploring the city. Be sure to see the gothic structures that were built hundreds of years ago and still stand as a testament to the strength and durability of the city and it's name. Get yourself a rental car form the leading company known as Budget and save a ton of money and time and get in a great car such as a BMW 5 series or 7 series. They are greatly luxurious and spacious as well as comfortable. You will find that they are amazing machines that have been well engineered to say the least. You will fall in love and want to buy one for yourself and you may even shed a tear when you go to turn it back in at the end your trip. So enjoy it while you have and make the most of your time.


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