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Austin Texas is a well known city in the South West part of the United States. It is located in the center of Texas and acts as a central hub alongside of Dallas for most of the surrounding areas. Austin Texas is home to a wide variety of local sites and attractions, offering visitors fun and entertainment around every corner. The scenery in the area is beautiful and the festivities held are growing every year! One of the greatest parts about Austin is that it is the “Live music capital of the world.” This means you can find fantastic music from every genre at just about every corner in the city! Whether you’re looking for a little local spice diner or a gourmet house three stories above street level overlooking the Colorado River while listening to the west coast blues you are sure to find it here. However, the transportation in the city just recently began to make its appearance. As of last year there was nothing more than expensive taxi services, and getting around wasn’t possible on the cities dime. Even now the bus and rail systems are just starting to play a role in the city, and are unreliable and small. With a rental car you can avoid taking the chances and go wherever you want, whenever you want at an affordable cost! With our discounted prices and rental car coupons you can save even more on your rental car purchase!

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When you are vacationing in Austin, Texas be sure tocheck out some of the great attractions and landmarks that thisgreat city has to offer:

Esther’s Follies
For over thirty three years Esther’s Follies has been one of Austin Texas’s most popular theatre productions. Combining a unique and harmonious combination of comedy, magic and of course live music to bring you a strange and entertaining show like none other in the area! This fast paced contemporary vaudeville and tropical satire play brings fun and humor to the stage that has attracted audiences from all over the globe. Whether you’re a tourist or a fan of the arts this great production is sure to bring everything to the table. Located on Sixth Street this charismatic theatre is full of magic, song and dance all in a spectacular display of

Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum
Everyone knows how important history is, and the city of Austin Texas is rich in the area of local history. The founding of the city can be traced back as far as 1730, and the mission to the area become a primary source of income for the economy has always been a vision. Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum shows both the local history of Austin Texas as well as the expansive history of the state. With a wide variety of exhibitions and historical showcases this is a fun, entertaining and inexpensive way to spend your time in the city!

June 09, 2014