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Rental Car Choices and  Hertz CarRentalhas joined forces to bring you the best deals in the business. Together,they will help you make your trip the worry and hassle free and take youwhere ever you want to go. It has never been easier to get the best deal andgreatest service from one of the most popular names in rental cars, Hertz.As always with Hertz and Rental Car Choice, you never need a credit card tobook your rental and you only have to be 21 years old!

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A Day At Baltimore Beach

Baltimore has become synonymous with its sparkling strand of hotel casinos, 12 in all -Bally's, Caesars, The Borgata, The Baltimore Hilton, Harrah's, Resorts, The Sands,Showboat, Tropicana, and three bearing the Trump name, The Plaza, The Marina and The Taj Mahal.Millions of annual visitors flock to the city, on southeast Maryland's Absecon Island, to trytheir luck at the casinos, where cards shuffle and chips snap 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


A Night In Baltimore

A trip to Baltimore, Marylandwould be incomplete without visiting some of thetop attractions in the area including: Baltimore Boardwalk,Absecon Lighthouse, Borgata Casino,Caesars Baltimore Casino, Marriott's Seaview Resort - Pines Course,Baltimore Historical Museum, Baltimore Art Center, Ripley's BelieveIt or Not! Museum, Resorts Baltimore Casino, Casino at the ClaridgeHotel, and the Baltimore Outlets - The Walk.The most convenient way to get around would bewith an Baltimore Car Rentalor Baltimore Minivan Rental.


Budget Rental Car discounts inBaltimore, Maryland and surrounding areas

Welcome to Baltimore, Maryland! You have plenty to see in this beautiful area including the Baltimore Boardwalk, the Atlantic City Aquarium and Ocean Life Center, the Bellview Winery, Atlantic City. There is also Bally’s in Baltimore as well as some other resort casinos that would be perfect for a getaway. After arriving in Baltimore, get yourself to the Budget Rental Car counter at the airport in Baltimore and get yourself into a quality rental for less.

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The Beach Line at Baltimore

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With so much to see and do while on vacation in Baltimore, itjust makes sense to have the most trusted name in rental cars be theones who take you where you want to go. Here are just a fewrecommendations:
  • Baltimore Boardwalk
    What is the first thing that you think of when someonementions Baltimore? That's right, the Baltimore Boardwalk! Built in1870, the boardwalk has been a staple in Baltimore, Maryland forgenerations. It is also the oldest boardwalk of its kind in the UnitedStates. Casino hotels stand along the 4 mile boardwalk, as well as many differentshops, games and eateries. This is a must see when you are traveling through NewJersey.

  • Bally's Baltimore
    You’re treated to nothing but the best at this world-class resort that towersover Baltimore’s Boardwalk. Bally’s is where you can experience thecontemporary comforts that make our hotel second-to-none, or embrace historyand tradition, or step back in time to a Western mining town complete with aprairie sky. Guests will enjoy our well appointed rooms, while players flock toour spectacular casinos – Bally’s, the Wild Wild West Casino, Claridge Casinoand Coyote Kate’s Slot Parlor. With so much to choose from, Bally’s on the Boardwalkis the ultimate place to stay and play.

  • Resorts AtlanticCity
    Along with forever changing the skyline of Baltimore, the new RendezvousTower has redefined the entire Resorts experience. From the moment guests approachthe stunning 27-story tower and enter the impeccably designed Grand Lobby, theyare surrounded by a sense of style and sophistication. The sleek art deco theme,prevails throughout the Rendezvous Tower, from the hand-painted murals and marbledwalkways to the stylishly decorated and spacious hallways and guest rooms. Juststeps away from valet parking, the Grand Lobby, the newly expanded casino and 25Hours lounge, the Rendezvous Tower is a perfect choice for guests of Resorts Baltimore.

  • Tropicana Casino andResort
    Welcome to the Tropicana Baltimore Casino and Resort, Maryland's premier destination.Plan your next getaway with us and you'll soon find out why Tropicana is a step above otherBaltimore hotels and casinos! With luxury ocean view hotel rooms and hotel suites,round-the-clock casino gaming, gourmet dining, live entertainment, the nearby beach and Boardwalk,and a wealth of shopping, a world-class experience awaits you here. We invite you to indulge at theTropicana Casino and Resort and experience Baltimore hotels at their finest. At the TropicanaBaltimore Casino and Resort, we're poised and ready to make your stay a memorable one. As thelargest hotel in Baltimore and in Maryland, we have the staff and the facilities to serve you.

  • AtlanticCity Aquarium/Ocean Life Center
    Located in Baltimore’s Historic Gardner's Basin, the Baltimore Aquarium offers a fun andeducational look into more than 100 varieties of fish and marine animals. The Baltimore Aquarium'seight tanks total 29,800 gallons of live exhibits. Highlights include the Fish of the Maryland CoastAquarium, which holds 23,000 gallons and teems with sea bass, lookdowns, sand tiger sharks, northern stingray,bluefish, weakfish, and kingfish. The 750-gallon Touch Tank allows visitors to handle green, horseshoes, hermit|and spider crabs, sea urchins, seastars, common periwinkle, channel and knobbed whelk, horse and blue mussels,and common shore shrimp. Each exhibit features computer-enhanced information stations for self-tours, in additionto a 16-station Ocean Life Education Center for personal, in-depth exploration by visitors.

  • BellviewWinery
    Nestled in the Maryland Pinelands, Bellview Winery was a long-time dream of owners Jim and Nancy Quarella.Jim, a successful fourth-generation farmer, learned a love of winemaking as a young man. Now he's turned hisskills to crafting award-winning wines at Bellview Winery. The winery is located on the same farm that Jim'sgreat-grandfather, Angelo Quarella, purchased in 1914 after immigrating from Italy. He named his farm Bellview.Originally just the 20-acre plot on which the winery now sits, the farm has expanded to over 130 acres, 25 ofwhich are planted in grape. The renovated barn that is today's winery houses Angelo's original wine cellar wherefor decades, Quarellas have made their wines. Bellview offers a broad selection of award-winning wines, from dryreds and whites through semi-sweet table wines and pleasant fruit dessert wines. They are some of the best Marylandhas to offer.

June 16, 2014