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Mc Wane Science Center in Birmingham

Mc Wane Science Centeris a must see on your visit to Birmingham. The Mc Wane ScienceCenter has four floors of exciting hands on exhibits perfect fordiscovering the world of Science. Visitor's will enjoy the huge IMAXDome Theater featuring a five story tall screen surrounded by tonsof high- intensity speakers. In the IMAX Dome  visitor's canwatch breathtaking films in surround sound to really experience theeffects of the film. Also at the Mc Wane Science Center visitors canparticipate in  science demonstrations performed daily bytrained science instructor's. While you are exploring this fabulousScience Center  be sure to see the amazing collections ofdinosaurs and the enormous aquarium filled with brilliant coloredfish and other marine animals. The Mc Wayne Science Center isperfect for the whole family offering a huge selection of hands- onexhibits throughout all four floors giving its visitor's plenty tosee and explore for the entire day. Take a break from exploring andvisit the cafe at Mc Wayne Science Center offering a variety of fooditems to choose from. Before you leave the Science Center stop inthe gift store here you will find educational products, gifts,souvenirs, science experiments and much more.

Arlington Antebellum Home and Garden in Birmingham

Arlington AntebellumHome and Gardens were built between 1845 and 1850 this historic homewas built before the founding of Birmingham in 1871. Thisspectacular mansion is fully restored and houses an exquisitecollection of antiques and several decorative pieces of art. TheArlington Antebellum Home and Gardens should not be passed up whenyou are visiting Birmingham. The Arlington Antebellum Home isfurnished with some of the finest collection of 19th centuryfurniture, beautiful hand woven cloths and other linens, stunningsilver collection and  breathtaking paintings. The grounds ofthe Arlington Antebellum mansion are groomed to perfectionshowcasing beautiful plants, brilliant colored flowers and manicuredshrubs and bushes. The breathtaking gardens would make the perfectsetting for a romantic wedding. This fabulous mansion also has alovely tea room, visitor's can tour the Arlington Antebellum Homeand Gardens.

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When arriving in Birmingham, Alabama youíll find a Budget right around the corner at the Birmingham Airport. Look through the fine selection of rental cars, trucks, vans, and SUVís and pick one that suits your needs. The representatives will be happy to answer your questions. Visit some of the finest and most beautiful locations in Birmingham like the Ruffner Mountain Nature Center. This amazing area boasts plenty of sightseeing opportunities for you and the family. After youíre done, hop in your Budget rental car and head out for a night on the town!

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Vulcan's Birthday Memorial in Birmingham

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When you are vacationing in Birmingham, Alabama be sure tocheck out some of the great attractions and landmarks that thisgreat city has to offer:
  • Ruffner Mountain Nature Center
    The Ruffner Mountain Nature Center is a short drive fromdowntown Birmingham. A visit to the Ruffner Mountain Nature Center is afantastic way to discover some of the native wildlife along with spectacularviews of scenic Alabama. This would be a great way to begin you visit to theBirmingham area visitor's of Ruffner Mountain Nature Center can explore over1,011 forested acres featuring an urban nature center and certified wildlifehabitat with educational programs, plenty of weekend activities and over 11miles for footpaths perfect for hiking and bird watching. The Ruffner MountainNature Center offers some of the best bird watching locations in the SouthernUnited States, this will be a wonderful treat for all you bird lovers. RuffnerMountain was once an active site of industrial iron ore mines from the 1880'sthru the 1950's. These mines produced plenty to fill the industrial needs of thecountry, and  helped the city of Birmingham grow into the boomingmetropolis of today. Located on Ruffner Mountain are the original mining sitescomplete with mining equipment these mountains at one time were documented byscientists, historians and researchers. Also offering curiosity to tourists andlocal residents of Birmingham. Due to the lack of human activity RuffnerMountain has been taken over by nature offering a thriving, healthy ecosystemRuffner Mountain offers protection and refuge for area wildlife. RuffnerMountain Nature Center is a perfect outdoor getaway offering you plenty ofoutdoor activities from biking, hiking, exploring, viewing animals in aprotected environment to a relaxing family picnic.

  • Southern Museum of Flight
    Southern Museum of Flight is located near the Birmingham International Airport.The Southern Museum of Flight is packed full of decades of winged history andaircraft you won't want to miss an opportunity to visit this fantastiSouthern Museum of Flight in Birminghamc Museum ofFlight. Some featured highlights of the Southern Museum of Flight includeseveral historic airplanes such as: the Huff Daland Puffer which was the firstcrop sprayer in the world, the first Delta Airlines Plane, a F4 jet fighter, the1910 Curtis Pusher along with artifacts from the Red Baron. There are many moreplanes and famous people to discover as you explore this spacious Museum. TheSouthern Museum of Flight recently added a new display area dedicated to theTuskegee Airmen who were World War II black fighter pilots. Who are alldisplayed along an entire wall also Included in the display is the Vultee, AT6,Link Trainer, Cornell along with figures of both air and ground crew completewith the sounds from that time period.  Don't miss the famous B25 that was recovered from deep below the waters of Lake Murray. The SouthernMuseum of Flight honors the famous women along with many other air pioneers. TheSouthern Museum of Flight also offers Science and History programs for childrenof all ages, guided tours & programs along with special activities for the wholefamily such as: a chance to fly a radio control airplane or fly an aircraft on aflight simulator and many more family activities. Kids can even celebrate theirbirthday at the Southern Museum of Flight in their own decorated roomoverlooking the Aircraft Hanger. The birthday group will enjoy building specialcrafts, taking tours of the Museum and exhibits halls. To complete your birthdaycelebration enjoy a giant airplane shaped cookie and drinks. Upon leaving theMuseum be sure to check out the Air Park, visitor's can enjoy an up close lookat some of these famous, historical planes and helicopters what a perfect way towrap up your visit to the Southern Museum of Flight.

  • Vulcan's Birthday Bash
    Vulcan's Birthday Bash is a yearly event where the local residents andvisitor's of Birmingham help celebrate in the yearly traditional birthday bash.Everyone  regardless of age loves birthday parties and celebrations. TheVulcan Park Foundation hosts a huge birthday party on the first Sunday of everyJune at  Vulcan Park. The statue of Vulcan is a popular landmark ofBirmingham, Vulcan was a Roman god of fire and the forge. This symbolic centuryold cast iron statue of Vulcan is considered a symbol of Birmingham,representing industrial source of raw materials which include the making ofcoal, iron-ore and limestone. This birthday bash is celebrated with liveentertainment, balloons, music and a variety of fabulous food. Topped off withcake and  funny clowns this event is full of excitement enjoyed by theyoung and old, if you are visiting the Birmingham area during this fantasticbirthday celebration you won't want to miss it.

  • Birmingham Zoo
    On your visit to Birmingham be sure to visit the BirminghamZoo it is one of Alabama's top tourist attractions, welcoming over 500,000visitors annually. The Birmingham Zoo sits on 122 acres and is home to more than750 different animals over 250 species including kangaroos, sea lions, evenendangered species from six continents. The Birmingham Zoo has plenty ofexciting exhibits, be sure to stop by and see the: Gentle Giants- this is anindoor/outdoor facility where you can visit the huge rhinos and hippos up closeyou may hBirmingham Zooave the opportunity to rub the horn of a rhino or you might catch ahippopotamus enjoying a dip. The African Savannah- is where some of the mostwildest animals call home. Featured animals include: lions, giraffes, ostriches,zebras and kudu. Monkey Exhibit- featuring several different primates full ofpersonality from 400 pound gorillas to small pocket sized tamarins along withmany more active primates. You can hear distinct calls of gibbons and look forthe lemurs who are found only on the island of Madagascar. Sea Lions- theseintelligent marine animals love to show off  you can attend the sea lionshow offered twice a day at the pool watch out for the splash zone.  FineFeathered Birds- more than 300 birds nest here you will also see ostriches,flamingos, vultures, endangered white naped cranes and many more featheredfriends. Visitors can  feed the bright colored lorikeets and watch brownpelicans catch fish in their beaks. The Snakes- be brave and face some of themost beautiful and deadly animals in the world. Featuring the world's largestlizard, the Komodo dragon to the gigantic boas and pythons sure to make yourskin crawl. Also featured at the Birmingham Zoo is an exhibit showing wildanimals that are native to Alabama like: bald eagles, opossum, skunks andbobcats. Look underwater and see the playful otters or come eye to eye with avenomous snake. The newest exhibit to the Birmingham Zoo is Kangaroo Kountry-with new animals from the Land Down Under this exhibit is home to red and greykangaroos, wallabies and a variety of reptiles, birds and amphibians all nativeto Australia. Visitor's can take a walk through the outback along the publicwalk-way winding through the bush giving you an up close look at these amazinganimals. The kangaroos will relax in the sun and hop to their feeding stationsright nest to you.

  • Alabama Sports Hall of Fame and Museum
    The Alabama Sports Hall of Fame and Museum is located inBirmingham, this is a must visit for all you sports fans. The Alabama SportsHall of Fame and Museum was established in August 14,1967 thanks to theLegislative Act 225. The Alabama Sports Hall of Fame and Museum is a huge statetreasure, dedicated to preserving and celebrating Alabama's exceptional sportsheritage. For the past thirty-five years the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame andMuseum has been incentive for other Sports Museums across the country. This veryspacious 33,000 square foot building  elegantly displays over 5,000 sportsartifacts. Other items of interests are: ESPN's list of the top 100 athletes ofthe century also featured in the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame is the five out ofthe top fifteen: Willie Mays, Joe Louis, Carl Lewis, Jesse Owens and Hank Aaron.The Alabama Sports Hall of Fame and Museum is open daily, you wont want to missa visit to one of the best sports museum's around.

  • Peanut The Peanut Depot in BirminghamDepot
    The PeanutDepot is located in the heart of Birmingham, on historic Morris Avenue. ThePeanut Depot welcomes visitor's, this unique building offers its guest a glimpseinto Alabama life during the turn of the 20th Century. Peanut Depot has servedpeanut lovers across the United States since 1907. The Peanut Depot believes indelivering the best tasting peanuts to all of its customers. Using antiqueroasters, plenty of time during  the cooking process and not using oils orpreservatives, the Peanut Depot has been processing some of the best peanuts forover 100 years. The Peanut Depot offers a variety of peanut flavors for all youpeanut lovers such as: raw, Cajun, salted and fresh roasted all packaged inclear plastic bags to insure freshness. Visitor's can browse the Peanut DepotStore and purchase some of these world famous peanuts.

June 30, 2014