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Curtis Orchard and Pumpkin Patch in Champaign

Curtis Orchard andPumpkin Patch is a must see on your visit to Champaign, Illinois.Farmer George Curtis purchased this land in 1892. Three generationsand 85 years later George's great-grandson Paul Curtis traded cornand beans for apples. Paul Curtis and his wife Joyce planted thefirst apple trees in 1977 not long after the growth of the appletrees the couple had a growing business on their hands. After muchhard work from Paul and Joyce along with the help from theirchildren grew the orchard from 700 trees in 1977 to over 5,000 treestoday. Keeping the business in the family Paul and Joyce's daughterDebbie and her husband Randy Graham joined the business in 1983.Today Debbie and Randy are co-owners of the Orchard along with theirfive children who play important roles at the Orchard.  Thereare several activities throughout the year: apple picking begins assoon as they open for the season until the first frost (August thruNovember), On the weekends starting August 16th thru October kidscan enjoy fun activities that include: wagon rides, corn maze, ponyrides and more, from Mid September thru October pumpkin pickingbegins and usually lasts for six weeks visitor's will find plenty ofpumpkins, gourds and squash in the patch.  While on your visitto Curtis Orchard be sure to enjoy some  fresh pies and cobblerin November perfect for Thanksgiving.

Carl Zeiss M1015 star projector Staerkel Planetarium IL

The William M. StaerkelPlanetarium offers something for thewhole family this is a must see for all science lovers and stargazers. The Planetarium is located on the west side of the ParklandCampus recognized by its distinctive triangular Cultural Centeropen-aired arch connecting the Parkland Theatre and the StaekelPlanetarium. The William Staerkel Planetarium opened in October,1987 and is the second largest planetarium in Illinois. All visitorsto the Planetarium will be amazed as you sit beneath a 50 footaluminum  dome featuring a Carl Zeiss M1015 Star Projectorwhich is the first of its kind installed in the western hemisphere.The Zeiss projects over 7600 stars, five visible planets, the sunand moon onto the large dome. These motions represent the Earth'srotation and revolution. Other featured shows are: Prairie Skies-featuring a live narrated tour of tonight's sky find constellationsand planets. The Planets- This spectacular tour features our ownplanetary system and see the formation of our solar system. In MyBackyard-Explore the night sky from your backyard throughstorytelling, poetry and songs this is perfect for children. Thereare many more exciting shows great for the whole family.

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Champaign, Illinois is a great place to visit. There is so much to do in that part of Illinois including looking at the stars at the William M. Staerkel Planetarium or even picking apples at the Curtis Orchard and Pumpkin Patch. Now, to get from one place to the other you’re going to need a reliable rental car. You should take a look at the quality vehicles offered at Budget Rental Cars. With already low prices, the Budget Rental Car coupons and codes will save you even more money!

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The customer service alone is valuable enough to base your decision on. The agents at Budget are willing to answer all your questions and provide you with unparalleled care. They are very knowledgeable in the general area and may even suggest some sights for you to see while in Champaign. If you’re from Champaign and are just visiting, welcome back! If you need a vehicle, we’d be happy to help!

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William M. Staerkel Planetarium in Champaign

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When you are vacationing in Champaign, Illinois be sure tocheck out some of the great attractions and landmarks that thisgreat city has to offer:
  • The Spurlock Museum
    The Spurlock Museum is located on the campus of theUniversity of Illinois. The Spurlock Museum offers five fantastic galleries allhousing exhibits representing different people, cultures and geographic areasfrom around the world.  These include: Ancient Egypt, Ancient Mesopotamiaand Africa. Ancient Greece and Rome, Southeast Asia, East Asia and Oceania.Europe, American Indian Cultures of North and South America. Located in theCampbell Gallery are special exhibits offering unique programs, tours andspecial events. Located on ground level of the Museum you will find WorkmanGallery of Ancient Mediterranean Cultures, Laubin Gallery of American IndianCultures, Central Core Gallery, Campbell Gallery and Zahn Learnin Center. On theupper level you can see: The Workman Gallery of Asian Cultures, Faletti Galleryof African Cultures and the Leavitt Gallery of Middle Eastern Cultures. Now thruMay, 2009 the Spurlock Museum special exhibit is Children Just Like Me givingthe children who visit the Museum a chance to learn about diversity of Worldcultures by meeting young people like themselves who live in different countriesaround the globe. Featuring hands-on exhibits teaching the children regardlessof where they live how much they all have in common. The Spurlock Museum offerssomething for people of all ages, you will enjoy a visit to this fantasticMuseum.

  • Prairie Farm
    Prairie Farm is a great place to share family fun. Located on Kirby Ave inChampaign, Illinois Prairie Farm is open from Memorial Day thru Labor Day.Prairie Farm is re-created from a turn of the century farm replica complete withbarns, farmhouse, pastures, flower gardens and ponds. Special residents ofPrairie Farm include your traditional farm favorites such as: cows, chickens,sheep, pigs, horses, goats and geese. There is no admission to Prairie Farm, butdonations are appreciated to help feed all of these fantastic animals. Visitor'scan make special arrangements for Farm tours and birthday parties. During thesummer months visitors can enjoy horse drawn trolley rides offered duringweekdays. Besides birthday parties other special events at Prairie Farmincludes: Sundays On The Farm, Flashlight Scavenger Hunts and even a PettingArea- where all visitors are encouraged to wear closed-toe shoes like boots ortennis shoes. You wouldn't want one of the curious animals to nibble on yourtoes. Prairie Farm also offers some educational classes and programs thatinclude: Zoo Keepers, Little Oinkers, Pee Wee Farmers, All About Horses,Farmhands and Barnyard Fun Camp. There is plenty of fun activities at PrairieFarm to keep the whole family busy. On your next visit to Champaign be sure tostop at Prairie Farm.

  • Krannert Art Museum And Kinkead Pavilion
    The Krannert Art Museum is located on the campus of the University ofIllinois at Urbana-Champaign opened its doors in 1961, establishing a permanenthome for the University's existing collection of fine art. In 1988 a new wingwas dedicated, the Kinkead Pavilion almost doubling the buildings size to 48,000square feet making the Krannert Art Museum the second largest art museum in thestate of Illinois. A Huge part of the Museum's permanent collection featuringover 9,000 works of art is displayed in ten galleries ranging from ancientEgyptian art to Contemporary photographs. In addition to the impressivepermanent art collection the Museum displays 12 to 15 changing exhibits eachyear, bringing works of art from other museums and collections nationally andinternationally to the community.  The Krannert Art Museum strives toeducate the public about a range of art work from all periods, providing aninstructional laboratory for its students and instructors this process drivesthe Museum's collection vision. Also the Krannert Art Museum welcomes a widevariety of guests including the faculty, staff and students of the University ofIllinois, the residents of Urbana and Champaign communities along with thepeople of Central Illinois and local schools. The Krannert Art Museum welcomesover 132,000 visitors annually. The Krannert Art Museum offers fun filled eventsfor children and the entire family with hands on art projects, demonstrations,music, dance and storytelling. The Krannert Art Museum and Kinkead Pavilionoffer plenty to see and do you wont be disappointed when you visit the Museumand the Pavilion.

  • Orpheum Children's Science Museum
    The Orpheum Children's Science Museum is a must if you arevisiting Champaign with children. The Orpheum Children's Museum is located onthe north end of downtown Champaign. There is plenty to see and explore at theOrpheum Children's Science Museum there are several exciting exhibits bothinside and outside of  the OCSM. Experience hands on exhibits outside inthe Dino-Dig area here young visitors are given a pair of safety goggles andsome digging tools for a chance to uncover Dinosaur fossils. Grab your tools andstart digging, there are replicas of a full size Deinonychus and a youngTyrannosaurs Rex in the Dino-Dig area. Children will have a blast using theWhisper Dishes these giant sound devices send silent messages across thecourtyard perfect for sending a message to a family member or your friends.Other fun and interactive exhibits include: a 10-foot water flume, rock grotto,tornado exhibit and many more. Be sure and stop by the Critter Corner and seethe growing critter family here you will have the opportunity to see: a cornsnake, box turtles, three Australian  Bearded Dragons, even a rose hairedTarantula and a Madagascan hissing Cockroach.

    The indoor exhibits offer plenty of hands-on exhibits the newest addition toOCSM is Castle Workalot set back in the Medieval world with castles, kings,queens and knights along with simple machines. Here our little guests will havefun exploring, creating and playing with simple machines and building structuresin a real castle. Other exciting areas include the: Miniature Castle- iscomplete with a drawbridge, moat and a dragon's lair. As the royal engineer youcan move water with the use of gears, levers, wheels and pulleys. On your visithere you can re-create yourself as a castle character and take rule of thiscastle. Give the Carpenter's Workshop a try- where you can build a strong andsturdy bridge that reach the royal steps. Pulley Pull- put your muscles to thetest and try lifting different weights made from flour bags and see how pulleysmake lifting much easier. The Royal Dining and Kitchen- Offers plenty of simplemachines waiting for you to explore that are used in everyday castle life. Suchas the hearth used for cooking meals on and experiment with pulleys, levers andgears used in everyday tasks. Don't miss the Blacksmith Shop- here you willdiscover even the smallest of carpenters can build with several types of toolsand take part in many different trades and jobs that are important to life in acastle.

    A couple of other exhibits you will enjoy is Waterworks- here you can measuresand while you play in the sand area, learn about ground water pollution and howrivers flow or relax and read from our educational books. Get your hands wetwith a visit to the S.S. Ackermann Tugboat exhibit. Set on the Mississippi Rivertake a trip and explore the Mississippi River with your own tugboat.

  • Champaign County Historical Museum
    Champaign County Historical Museum in Champaign is housed inone of the region's oldest standing commercial buildings formerly known as thehistoric Cattle Bank. The Champaign County Historical Museum is  dedicatedto preserving the history of Champaign County.  One of the permanentexhibits featured at the Museum is a beautiful collection of  over fiftyhandmade quilts many dating back from the mid to late nineteenth century. Thesequilts show popular quilting patterns and techniques making this a one of a kindcollection. Along with a working 1919 Cretor popcorn wagon formerly owned byHenry Sansone. This famous Popcorn Wagon has popped corn for three generationsof local residents of Champaign. The Popcorn Truck is still used today by theMuseum for special events or The Popcorn Truck will make surprise appearancesfor downtown events. Also featured at the Champaign County Historical Museum arespecial exhibits that change seasonally. 

  • Early American Museum
    The Early American Museum is located in Mahomet, IllinoisThis two level facility is near Lake of the Woods Park. If you are interested inthe history of Central Illinois you have come to the right place. Featured atthe Early American Museum is a large exhibit called Life on the Prairie- datingthe activity of Native Americans and early Europeans for this region. There is areplica of a traditional Blacksmith's shop and an original John Deere Buggy. Forour younger visitor's be sure to visit the Discovery Room where kids canexperience first hand early prairie life, use a blacksmith's tool and drillthrough a bar of iron, explore the wigwam and see what horsepower does or campout in the Civil War tent and put your fingers to the test and try the telegraphkeys.

June 28, 2014