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James A Garfield Monument Cleveland

Garfield Monument islocated in Cleveland's Lake View Cemetery. James A. Garfield was the20th President of the United States he was an Ohio Native, born inwhat is now Moreland Hills. President James A. Garfield wasassassinated in 1881, at a train station in Washington. He hung onfor a couple of months and soon died just six months after takingoffice in the White House. Visitor's can visit President James A.Garfield's 180- foot tall castle shaped tomb sits on a hill,overlooking the grounds of the cemetery. The outside of the Monumenthas five panels depicting scenes from President James A. Garfield'slife.  The interior of the main floor is decorated withelaborate mosaic tiles, beautiful marble columns and colorful leadedglass windows. Also located on the main level of the Monument is alarger than life statue of President James A. Garfield. The lowerlevel houses the flag-draped coffin with President James A. Garfield along with his beloved wife Lucretia. Adjacent the two coffins aretwo urns containing the remains of the Garfield's daughter-Molly andher husband. The Garfield Monument is open daily, and is worth avisit while you are in Cleveland.


USS Cod Submarine Memorial Cleveland

The USS Cod SubmarineMemorial is a National Historic Landmark of Cleveland, located onLake Erie. This popular Historic Landmark is open to visitor'sduring the summer months of May thru September. All visitor's of theUSS Cod Submarine are invited to board this historical vesselthrough the original hatchways which have not been modified sincewar time. The USS Cod is a World War II submarine full of excitinghistory of battles and rescues. During 1945 the USS Cod submarinewas responsible for the first submarine to submarine rescue. The USS Cod Submarine is one of the finest restored submarines ondisplay and is the only U.S. submarine using the original hatchwaysnot having stairways or doors cut into the hull for public access.Today the USS Cod Submarine Museum is maintained  and operated as a memorial to more than 3900 submariners who lost their livesduring the 100 year history of United States Navy Submarine Force.Visitor's of all ages will enjoy exploring this historicalSubmarine.

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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland

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When you are vacationing in Cleveland, Ohio be sure tocheck out some of the great attractions and landmarks that thisgreat city has to offer:
  • Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum
    On your visit to Cleveland you wont want to miss a visit tothe Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame andMuseum opened their doors to the public in 1995, they have welcomed over sevenmillion visitors. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame offers a home for celebrationand study of rock and roll music. The Rock Hall hosts a full calendar ofexciting events and performers along with several amazing exhibits full ofpreserved artifacts. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum is the ultimateplace to learn about rock and roll and how it impacts our lives today. The Rockand Roll Hall of Fame and Museum is like no other museum you have been tofeaturing a wide open style of architecture, eye popping displays and sing alongsoundtracks playing popular rock and roll hits. This is sure to keep you rockinwhile you explore the Rock Hall. The Rock Hall welcomes more than 100 artistsand musicians yearly who put on shows, take part in panel discussions and meetwith fans. The Rock Hall offers it's visitor's plenty to see for the entire day,special highlights of the Rock Hall include: six unique rotating exhibits,eighteen permanent exhibits highlighting the history behind the birth of rockand roll, including today's popular artists, interactive listening exhibitsfeaturing 500 songs that structured Rock and Roll, a state of the artmulti-media gallery showing over an hour worth of films in five differenttheaters, including the Hall of Fame which combines film footage, musicinterviews, photography and animation displayed on three giant screens tellingthe story of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees. This spacious 150,000square feet building offers seven floors of exhibitions space keeping youentertained for several hours. This is a fantastic museum you wont want to missout on the opportunity to visit this one of a kind, unique museum.

  • A Christmas Story House
    If you are thinking of Ralphie and his crazy family you are thinking correctthis is the famous house from the popular 1983 movie "A Christmas Story". Themain set for this hilarious Christmas movie is located in Cleveland's Tremontneighborhood.  This famous house is newly restored and is a popular touA Christmas Story House in Clevelandristattraction and museum that opened in November 2006. In 2005 A Christmas StoryHouse was purchased by a movie fan named Brian Jones, who won the famous housein an eBay auction and soon restored the house to its original 1983 moviecondition. A Christmas Story House is open year round for touring, locateddirectly across the street from the house is the official A Christmas StoryHouse Museum featuring original costumes, props and other memorabilia from themovie. Visitor's will enjoy seeing hundreds of rare behind the scenes photos,Randy's snowsuit, the family car and the chalkboard from Miss Shields'classroom. Next visitor's will have the opportunity to explore the ChristmasStory House seeing the famous leg lamp. If  you are hoping to pick up somemovie memorabilia, one of a kind gifts or the popular leg lamp you can visit themuseum gift shop before you leave. If you are a fan of this traditional, holidaymovie you will appreciate and enjoy all of the movie memorabilia in addition achance to tour the Christmas Story House you wont be disappointed.

  • Great Lakes Science Center
    The Great Lakes Science Center is located at Cleveland's North Coast Harbor. TheScience Center is open year round except Christmas and Thanksgiving, in front ofthe Science Center is an ice skating rink that is open from December thru March.The Great Lakes Science Center opened in 1996, and has 65,000 square feet ofexhibit space. The Science Center is home to over 400 interactive hands onexhibits offering something for everyone of all ages. Adjacent to the GreatLakes Science center is the OMNIMAX theater this state-of-the-art theater comesto life with surround sound and multi screens that reach 79 feet tall and holds320 people. Here visitor's can explore the Serengeti in Africa, see the wondersof Ancient Greece or experience the thrill on a NASCAR track. The OMINMAXtheater educates its visitor's about geography, environment and the human bodyyou wont want to miss out on this fantastic theater. The Great Lakes ScienceCenter features several hands on learning displays where you will learn about:Science,  Technology, Space and Environment with special highlights on theGreat Lakes. One of the popular exhibits at the Science Center is the Bridge ofFire with a static generator that generates 200,000 volts of electric current,causing your hair to stand on end even  if you have super short hair. ThePolymer Funhouse is designed just for kids seven years and under, here kids canrun, explore and jump around in a safe play area. There are several hands onexciting activities and exhibits providing hours of fun and education in a safearea. Kids will also enjoy Port Polymer this is an outdoor play area overlookingNorth Coastal Harbor. Port Polymer is open seasonally weather permitting ofcourse, here kids can enjoy playing with several hands on water activities andexhibits that include a water wheel and balancing buckets. All the kids willhave a blast exploring the paddle wheel steamship made from recycled polymerbased materials. Between the Polymer Funhouse inside and Port Polymer outdoorsyour little ones will stay entertained for hours. If all these exhibits haveworked up an appetite you will find plenty of dining options at the Great LakesScience Center  if the weather is nice you can enjoy your meal out on thepatio. The Science Center Store carries unique and educational items from books,games, puzzles and more. A visit to the Great Lakes Science Center is a must onyour visit to Cleveland you wont be disappointed.

  • Cleveland Botanical Garden
    On your visit to Cleveland be sure to visit Cleveland'sBotanical Gardens. These beautiful award winning gardens sit on ten acres oflush grounds. Featuring an extensive collection of native plants as well asplants from around the world. Here at the Botanical Gardens visitor's canexplore ten different gardens there is even a kids garden full of adventureskids can even hide in a magical tree house and see up close fish, frogs andturtles found in their own pond in the kids garden. Each garden is unique anddifferent so you will want to visit all of them. The oldest and most poCleveland Botanical Gardenspulargarden is the Mary Ann Sears- Swetland Rose Garden which was dedicated in 1971.Originally created as a traditional, formal garden of hybrid tea roses the RoseGarden has transformed to reflect today's trends in rose gardening. As visitor'sexplore the beauty of the many different roses and shrub bushes visitor's canexperience the wonderful aroma from all these bright colored roses. During earlyspring you will see other plants begin to open in the Rose Garden before theroses begin their first bloom in June. This romantic garden is accented by asparkling pool and fountain. 
    The Hershey's Children's Garden is one of a kind and the first public children'sgarden in Ohio. This is a child's paradise complete with a cave to explore,dwarf forests, worm bins, tree house and an herb garden sure to attract littlenoses. Kids will have so much fun exploring here they won't want to leave. Thekids will also enjoy chasing each other thru mazes, seeing butterfly shelters,fruit and berry gardens and big red farm house pumps. When the weather is warmthere are several fun activities planned for the kids.
    The Eleanor Armstrong Smith Glasshouse features two of the worlds most exoticecosystems from the sun baked desert of Madagascar and the misty rainforest ofCosta Rica. The Eleanor Armstrong Smith Glasshouse features authenticrecreations of these two fascinating ecosystems.
    Woodland Garden offers visitor's a great place to cool off from the sunny hotdays here you will enjoy several of the native plants that love the shade coverfrom the Woodland Garden. As you stroll along the walkways you may see beautifulsongbirds and butterflies flying about so you wont be the only visitor's whoenjoy spending time among the gardens impressive collection of shrubs, trees andwildflowers.
    Western Reserve  Herb Society Herb Garden is one of the finest herb gardensanywhere and is ranked by the Herb Society of America asone of the top ten herbgardens in the country. Visitor's of the Herb Garden will be educated on howCleveland Botanical Gardens Clevelandherbs have been used throughout history. This wonderful Herb Garden is home to3,500 growing plants in one garden offering a variety of colors, textures andscents. The centerpiece of the Western Reserve Herb Garden is the English Knot,one of the largest English Knots in the world.
    Other featured Gardens: C.K. Patrick Perennial Border- this garden changesweekly from April through November offering plenty of great ideas andinformation for the perennials plants on display giving all you home gardenersgreat ideas. The Elizabeth and Nona Evans Restorative Gardens- will delight yoursenses through a variety of sounds from water trickling down garden walls andponds, sights and scents from beautiful flowers. there are plenty of plants foryou to touch. Campsey-Stauffer Gateway Garden- This large public area is at theentrance to Cleveland Botanical Garden it welcomes all visitor's and the peoplewho live and work in the area this portion of the Gardens is free to the publicfilled with hundreds of colorful spring bulbs, shrubs, perennials, floweringtrees and many more. Katherine Phillip Geis Terrace- is the gateway to thegardens offering visitor's a great place to meet family, mingle with friends orrelax  as you are surrounded by the beauty of ponds, fountains, flowers andfish. The Paula and David Swetland Topiary Garden- This garden is full ofevergreen shrubs and trees among the topiary structures. And the JapaneseGarden- Is a spiritual garden reflecting a tea garden style featuring abeautiful stone lantern from Japan and stone paths.

  • Progressive Field
    Progressive Field is located close to downtown Cleveland,Progressive Field is a world-class facility designed  for baseball.Progressive Field is home to the Cleveland Indians and is a popular landmark ofCleveland this should be a must see for all baseball fans on your visit toCleveland. Progressive Field is a fan friendly stadium featuring a multi-milliondollar scoreboard display system including one of the largest video screens ofany other stadiums and one of the first full color display boards in MajorLeague Baseball. Progressive Field offers visitor's tours lasting approximatelyone hour, tours depart from the Progressive Field Team Shop rain or shine. Onyour tour visitor's will have the opportunity to see: The Dugout, Club Lounge,Bullpen, Batting Cages, Press Box, Party Suites, Visitors Clubhouse and HeritagePark- The new Indians Hall of Fame that opened in 2007 features exhibitshonoring the history of the Cleveland Indians. Be sure to have your camera youwont want to miss out on these great photo opportunities.

  • Chalet Toboggan ChutesChalet Toboggan Chutes in Cleveland
    The Chalet Toboggan Chutes are located in Cleveland'sMetro Park this is a must on your visit to Cleveland during the winter. TheToboggan Chutes are open Thursday through Sunday from late December to the endof March. These two sleek chutes are the only public ice chutes in Ohio, thesechutes are much safer than tobogganing there are no trees to run into or ravinesto avoid. All visitors must be at least 42" tall to ride and you must wearmittens or gloves, these chutes are 700 feet long with a vertical drop of 70feet featuring plenty of thrilling dips. If you need  to warm up or youhave non riders visitor's can head to the chalet located next to the tobogganchutes here you will find a wood-burning fireplace, snack bar, restrooms, videogames and a large screen television. This is great winter fun for the wholefamily.

February 04, 2014