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Reunion Tower in Dallas

Reunion Tower is one ofthe most recognized landmarks of Dallas, located in downtown Dallas.Reunion Tower is a 560 foot observation tower and is the 15thtallest building in Dallas and part of the Hyatt Regency HotelComplex. Visitors can take a short elevator ride up 55 stories tothe top of Reunion Tower there is a public observation deck offeringspectacular 360 degree views of downtown Dallas. In the evening theskyline is sparkling from the lighted dome and flashing light showof Reunion Tower. Also located in Reunion Tower is a wonderfulrestaurant along with a rotating cocktail lounge. The views fromhere are spectacular, this is a must see on your visit to Dallas.

Old Red Courthouse in Dallas

The Old Red Courthousein Downtown Dallas was built in 1890, and is listed on the NationalRegister of Historic Places as a landmark for the city of Dallas anda recorded Historical Landmark for the state of Texas. The Old RedCourthouse is a beautiful building constructed of rough cut redblocks of Pecos sandstone and trimmed in Arkansas blue-gray graniteblocks. The window frames are made of tank cypress- where the woodis used from old brewery tank and some of the windows have stainedglass over them. In 2001 restoration of The Old Red Courthouse beganand was completed in 2007, today the Old Red Courthouse is open tothe public as a museum displaying the history of Dallas.

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Pioneer Plaza in Dallas

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When you are vacationing in Dallas, Texas be sure tocheck out some of the great attractions and landmarks that thisgreat city has to offer:
  • Frontiers of Flight Museum
    Frontiers of Flight Museum is located near Love Field thismuseum is packed full of flying history you won't want to miss out on a visit tothe Frontiers of Flight Museum on your trip to the Dallas area. Visitor's cantour this fantastic museum here you will see and learn about the changingaviators and planes from the past to the present. Understanding the sacrificesof the fliers of World War II and progressing to the jet and rocket age oftoday. The Dallas Fort Worth area is known today as the Aviation Capital of theWorld, here at the Frontiers of Flight Museum visitor's will have theopportunity to see, hear and touch some rare artifacts all creating a piece ofhistory. On display is a World War I Sopwith Pup biplane along with hundreds ofother models you will also  see uniforms, decorations, propellers andengines making your journey through flight a memorable one.
    The Lighter Than Air collFrontiers of flight museum in Dallasection is one of the most unique collections at theFrontiers of Flight Museum. Showcasing the great silver giants from that erasurprisingly still keep us amazed today. The LZ-129 Hindenburg measures 803.8feet long almost the same size as the Queen Mary. The Hindenburg carried 50passengers plus 50-60 crew members and freight across the Atlantic. Be sure tosee the extensive collection of artifacts from the Hindenburg as you explore themuseum.
    A special exhibit near and dear to the state of Texas is the RAF No.1 BritishFlying Training School in Terrell, Texas here 2,000 British fighter pilots weretrained. Dallas Love Field was the base for the 5th Ferrying Wing that includedthe 601st Women's Army Service Pilots these brave women flew all types ofaircraft.
    Next you will learn after World War II ended the P-51 Mustang's maximum speedwas 450 miles per hour and fifteen years later the SR-71 Blackbird was cruisingat 2,100 miles per hour. Here you will see displays showing you the progressionalong with artifacts that include an early jet engine and a rocket poweredejection seat along with the progression stages for commercial airlines as well.
    Last on your tour you will see the challenges of space featuring one of the mostcomplicated aircraft ever assembled the Space Shuttle Orbiter. The Space Shuttleweight is equal to more than twelve Boeing 747 jumbo jets. As it thrusts intoorbit 100 miles above the earth it is traveling at speeds of 17,000 miles perhour. Can you imagine it was less than 80 years since the Wright brothers firstflew their biplane 120 feet and 7 miles per hour.
    The Frontiers of Flight Museum offers a variety of educational programs andactivities along with featured events throughout the year. The museum is full of wonderful history you won't be disappointed with a visit to the Frontiers ofFlight Museum.

  • World Aquarium
    The World Aquarium is the perfect place for the whole family, the World Aquariumis home to some of the most dangerous and exotic underwater life from around theworld featuring huge saltwater exhibits you will see a variety of marine lifeincluding hammerhead sharks to Lionfish. As you stroll through the Aquarium youwill see marine life from all over the world including four continents and threeoceans. Imagine if you are in Fiji you might see the Pink Skunk Clownfish or thegiant Squamosa clams. Featured in the Bahamas is theWorld Aquarium in Dallas Porcupine Puffer Fish it isamazing to see how they blow themselves up.
    A must see at the World Aquarium is the predator exhibit providing you an upclose look at some of the most powerful jaws full of large, sharp teeth. Thebest time to visit is during feeding time, this is an exciting and thrillingexhibit you won't want to miss it.
    Visitor's will enjoy seeing the Black Footed Penguins this is an outdoor lagoonshaped exhibit you can watch the Black Footed Penguins interact with each otherand swim around the lagoon.
    You will want to visit the South American Rainforest filled with unique plantsand animals. Here visitor's will discover colorful toucans, monkeys, otters,manatees and crocodiles.
    If you enjoy birds be sure to visit the Mundo Maya area is an eight-storyexhibit filled with birds ranging in size  from hummingbirds to storks.This beautiful exhibit is full of birds flying freely, bright colored flowersplaced throughout the exhibit, bird feeders hung in certain areas so you can seethe birds feeding and if you look close enough you might see woodpeckers.
    The World Aquarium offers plenty of exciting exhibits to keep the whole familybusy for the entire day you will enjoy this fantastic Aquarium.

  • The Sixth Floor Museum At Dealey Plaza
    The Museum is housed on the sixth and seventh floors of the former TexasSchool Book Depository. Today the building is known as the Dallas CountyAdministration Building located in the West End Historic District of downtownDallas. The Sixth Floor Museum has welcomed more than six million visitors fromaround the world  since opening in 1989, all seeking understanding and informationabout the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963. TheSixth Floor Museum houses a permanent exhibit  featuring an extensivecollection  with over 400 photographs and forty-five minutes of documentaryfilms and artifacts used to chronicle  the assassination along with theaftermath felt by the Nation. The Sixth Floor Museum has a growing collection of35,000 items, and has one of the largest video and audio documentation of theassassination of President John F. Kennedy. For a better understanding of thetrue impact of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy visitor's shouldexperience the audio guided tour of the Sixth Floor. The audio guide providesyou complete information on all the exhibits, photos and artifacts you will seeand directions to guide you through the museum. The audio guide gives you shortexcerpts of historic radio broadcasts hearing the voices of witnesses, policeofficers and reporters in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.
    After your tour of the Sixth Floor Museum visitor's can take a short walk overto the actual John F. Kennedy Monument. The Monument is a short distance and isworth the trip.

  • Dallas Arboretum And Botanical Garden
    On your visit to Dallas you will want to see the DallasArboretum and Botanical Gardens its minutes away from downtown Dallas. Herevisitor's will enjoy seeing hundreds of bright, beautiful flowers everywhere youturn surrounded bDallas Arboretum y beautiful green lawns and elegant historic homes. TheArboretum consists of  twenty-five acres of ornamental gardens andforty-one acres of natural woodlands offering a variety of seasonal colors.Visitor's will be amazed by the beauty of all the spectacular flowers and thespectacular DeGolyer House.
    The famous historic DeGolyer House is located on the grounds of the Arboretum,this beautiful Spanish Colonial style mansion was built in 1940 by Everett DeGolyer a Texas oil man. This huge mansion is 21,000 square feet and hasthirteen rooms, seven baths and decorated with 16th and 17th century antiquesand artwork. This beautiful house is surrounded by Old English Garden, rollinggreen manicured lawns, pathways and woodlands on White Rock Lake.
    As visitor's explore the Arboretum you will discover several featured gardens,statues, giant bronze sculptures of toads spouting water this is fun for thekids during the summer. The bronze statues are located in Toad Corners. If youlooking for the perfect spot for a picnic lunch head over to Pecan Grove, hereyou will find plenty of shade for several large pecan trees.
    Some of the featured gardens include: The Palmer Fern Dell- features amini-garden with over 90 varieties of ferns along with azaleas, witch hazel,camellias and mature trees alongside a tranquil brook. During the summer monthsa super fine mist system is created from the garden, making this a popular placeto cool off.
    The DeGolyerDallas Arboretum Gardens- the 4.5 acres of the DeGoyler Gardens are sunken, and leadto the Arboretum Gazebo this is a popular spot for romantic weddings andmagnolia allee along with a spectacular walkway to amazing magnolia trees.
    Jonsson Color Garden- rests beautifully on 6.5 acres and is home to more than2,000 varieties of azaleas. During the spring the garden bursts with color fromthe blooming daffodils, dogwood and tulips, during the fall the garden is lushwith chrysanthemums.
    Lay Ornamental Garden- features a two acre Texas cottage garden in honor of Amelia Lay Hodges husband Herman Lay. Here you will see  hundreds ofperennials and water falling over the native limestone walls as you strollthrough the gardens see if you can find bronze wildlife figures hiddenthroughout.
    A Woman's Garden- was a gift to the Arboretum from the Women's Council, this 1.8formal garden is made up of several small garden rooms. The main focus in theWoman's Garden is the reflecting pool offering a water on water view overlookinga the beautiful White Rock Lake.
    The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden is well worth the visit.

  • Pioneer Plaza
    Pioneer Plaza is a must see if this is your first visit to Dallas, PioneerPlaza is located by the Dallas Convention Center. Pioneer Plaza honors it'snative Texas Cowboy past by honoring the trails that brought settlers to Dallas.Pioneer Plaza is nestled among native landscape complete with a flowing streamand waterfall. A permanent display featuring a full scale re-creation of acattle drive all done in bronze statues, of longhorns being driven by threecowboys riding horses. These fabulous sculptures are the largest bronzesculptures of their kind in the world, each sculpture was created by RobertSummers of Glen Rose, Texas. Pioneer Plaza is one of the most visited landmarksin downtown Dallas, Pioneer Cemetery connects to Pioneer Plaza. In PioneerCemetery there is a large Civil War Memorial featuring Stonewall Jackson,Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee.   

  • White Rock LakeWhite Rock Lake in Dallas
    White Rock Lake is the perfect place to spend the afternoonenjoying a picnic lunch or just relaxin
    g. At White Rock Lakevisitor's can enjoy fishing, sailing and horseback riding. WhiteRock Lake offers over nine miles of waterfront trails perfectfor riding bikes or taking a walk, the complete loop around thelake takes about three hours. For all you nature lovers whoenjoy bird watching you have come to the right place, the lakeattracts a wide variety of birds especially green parrots foundat the south end of the lake. White Rock Lake is a scenic areaworth exploring weather you are participating in outdooractivities or enjoying a leisure drive be sure to bring yourcamera along on your adventure.

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