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Pikes Peak Cog Train denver

Pikes Peak is located in Colorado Springs this stunning mountain is the most visited mountain in North America. Pikes Peak forms a breathtaking backdrop for Colorado Springs and the Garden of the Gods. Pikes Peak is at an altitude of 14,110 feet above sea level, there are 54 Colorado peaks and Pikes Peak is the 31st highest peak. Pikes Peak Summit House welcomes over a half million visitors yearly, you can reach the summit house by traveling the 19 mile Pikes Peak Highway, Barr Trail or Pikes Peak Cog Railway. All three of these choices offer breath taking, stunning, awesome views like you have never experienced before. Be sure you have your camera you wont want to miss out on these spectacular photo shots. Pikes Peak hosts three notable events held on the mountain each year. The Pikes Peak Marathon- a 26 mile round trip foot race up Barr Trail and back down this is held every August. The second event is Pikes Peak Hill Climb- held on Sunday July20th vehicles race on the very curvy roads some portions are paved and other parts are gravel. This event is very exciting visitors can camp within Pikes Peak the night before so you can get the best spectating spot. The third event is AdAmAn Club New Years Fireworks display held on December 31 at midnight.

Loveland Ski area in Denver

Loveland Ski Area is the closest Ski Resort to Denver, located53 miles outside of Denver just before the Eisenhower Tunnel. Loveland Ski Resort is enjoyed by tourists as well as the locals of Denver. The Loveland Ski Resort has 1,365skiable acres, Loveland is the tenth largest ski resort in Colorado. Starting in late September Loveland begins making snow by mid to late October Loveland officially opens for skiing. Loveland wont disappoint its skiers there is a minimum base of 18 inches along with full coverage on the 1,000 vertical foot drop on opening day. Once the weather delivers fresh snow the manmade snow provides a perfect base and reduces ice patches. Loveland is usually open before most of the other popular ski resorts. Loveland Ski Resort is a fantastic destination for everyone looking to experience the fresh Rocky Mountain snow. Loveland offers ski runs for all levels of skiing weather you are a beginner or an advanced skier. Loveland features a variety of programs for children and adults teaching you the basics for snowboarding and skiing or if you are looking to improve your technique they can help you. Loveland offers something for the whole family this a must for all you skiers and snowboarders.

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When you are vacationing in Denver, Colorado be sure tocheck out some of the great attractions and landmarks that thisgreat city has to offer:
  • Denver Mint
    The Denver Mint is a short drive from downtown Denver. The Denver Mint opened in 1863 and has been making our money ever since then. Back in those days gold miners would bring in their golden nuggets to sell them directly to the mint. Coins today contain no gold or silver and the Denver Mint produces over 32-million coins per year. Have you ever wondered how do all those coins get made, on your tour you will discover this unique process. Upon your visit to the Denver Mint you will need to leave all of your belongings behind except your identification and money. The Denver Mint has a strict list of prohibited items and you will need to pass through a metal detector before you are granted access to the mint. The rules are strict if you need to carry medication with you, the tour guide will carry it for you. In additions to seeing how the United States coins are made your tour guide will take you to seethe stamping presses- which can produce up to 530 coins per minute. The Denver Mint is one of three gold depositories in the United States along with Fort Knox and West Point. Your guided tour includes a rare view of six gold bars. The Denver Mint is perfect for the whole family, explaining the history of how all those coins are made. Just think the next time you have coins jingling in your pockets or you are holding one in your hand you can say "I have been to the Denver Mint and watched them make coins."

  • Red Rocks Amphitheater
    Red Rocks Ampitheater in DenverRed Rocks Amphitheater is located near Morrison, Colorado is open daily from early morning until late night Red Rocks Amphitheater closes early for performances. If your are hiking on the trails they close a half hour before sunset. Visit the Visitors Center which is open year round before you go exploring the Amphitheater or the hiking trails. A popular hiking trail is The Trading Post Loop it is 1.4 miles long, winding through valleys and natural meadows and passing unique rock formations. Many of the trails are rough with step grades and drop-offs hiking boots are strongly recommended. Remember you are in the Mile High City these hiking trails are over 6,000 feet above sea level and may be challenging. If you are planning to hike The trading Post Loop allow at least two hours. If you are visiting Red Rocks Amphitheater during the months of May through September you have to attend a concert this will be the highlight of your visit to Denver. Imagine sitting in the open air Amphitheater with the best acoustics you have ever heard and top it off with spectacular views of the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Red Rocks Amphitheater was built in 1941, and is centered around two 300-foot tall rocks both taller than Niagara Falls creating the perfect acoustics. Performers of the Amphitheater offer a variety of musical styles from classical, hard rock to country and western.

  • Denver Zoo
    The Denver Zoo is one of the most popular zoos in the United States. If you are visiting the Denver area with children the Denver Zoo is a must the Denver Zoo is located five minutes from downtown Denver. The Denver Zoo offers its visitors more than 4,000 different animals representing over 700 species giving its visitors a rare look at exotic animals such as: king cobras, coral reef fish, vampire bats, armor leopards, black rhinos, zebras,Denver Zoo in Denverelephant, gorillas and many more. There is also several fun activities, games and exhibits just for kids educating them about animals and what zoo keepers do at the Denver Zoo. Kids will also enjoy the Carousel featuring 48 exotic hand carved animals and two chariots this is the largest Carousel of its kind in the nation. Next hop aboard the Zoo Train found in Pachyderm Park it will take you around the park. The Denver Zoo's Pioneer Train was the first natural gas-powered train in any zoo in the United States. Special exhibits include: Bear Mountain which is also a National Historic Landmark Bear Mountain was the first naturalistic habitat of its kind in North America. The construction consisted of giant plaster casts of rocks this was designed to simulate the animals natural Habitat. In 1987 Bear Mountain was renovated and is home to grizzly bears, curious coati and Asiatic black bears. Predator Ridge is a large, more naturalistic environment and has several educational exhibits complete with beautiful landscaping. Predator Ridge is the home to 14 African species of mammals, birds and reptiles totaling over 50 animals which include: spotted hyenas, lions, African wild dogs, crowned cranes, African porcupines and many more. Also at Predator Ridge is the Lion exhibit featuring two prides of lions. Other special exhibits include: Bird World- featuring over 200 species of rare and endangered birds, Pachyderm Habitats- offers both indoor and outdoor exhibits and is home to tapirs, elephants, rhinos and hippos visitors will enjoy seeing hippo babies, Primate Panorama- features monkeys and apes in their natural environment with plenty of huge trees and wire mesh tents so the animal scan swing and play. Tropical Discovery- here visitors can enjoy walking along the winding paths leading deep into the jungle, passing beautiful waterfalls and caves. Travel along the tropical riverbank to the mangrove swamp, here you will see spectacular coral reefs full of marine life from tropical fish to exotic turtles. The Denver Zoo is extraordinary it is well worth a visit when you are in the Denver area.

  • Black Hawk
    Black Hawk is home to several fabulous Casinos. Gambling became legalized in 1991, in addition to Black Hawk visitors can find gambling and Casinos in Central City and Cripple Creek. Black Hawk is a very popular gambling destination for the local residents of Denver as well as tourists. Black Hawk is famous for their exciting gambling saloons and newer Vegas style and themed casinos. Black Hawk is not recommended for children or anyone under the age of 21 this town can really party and at times get a little wild. If you have children you might try Central City which is only one mile from Black Hawk you can walk up the hill or take the shuttle that runs between the towns. The town of Black Hawk is full of history, Black Hawk was once a booming gold mine town in Colorado and Black Hawk has two sections of town the New Black Hawk: where the majority of casinos are, and the Old Downtown featuring several historical buildings and houses several of the buildings have been restored and have limited stakes gambling inside. The gaming industry has grown so much in the last twelve years that the Division of Gaming has more than one office, there is nearly 40 casinos in the state of Colorado including two Indian casinos and gaming places. All three gaming towns are all located in National Historic districts, many would agree that Black Hawk has strayed the furthest from the preservation guidelines. These huge casinos have taken over they are blasting mountains and replacing them with more casinos. Gamblers wont be disappointed on their visit to Black Hawk you will find something for every one. The Lodge Casino & Hotel along with the Mountain High Casino are the larger casinos in Black Hawk.

  • Coors Brewery
    Coors Brewery is located in Golden, Colorado is a short drive from Downtown Denver. Coors Brewery is the largest single brewery. Established in 1873 by Adolph Coors, Coors is the third largest brewing company featured brands include: Coors Light, Coors, Zima, Killians Red and Keystone. The Coors Brewery self-paced tour welcomes visitors of all ages, on your tour you will learn the brewing process of this popular Rocky Mountain Beer. For those visitors who are 21 and over you will have the opportunity to sample some of the featured products in the hospitality bar. If you have younger visitors or non-drinkers soft drinks are available in the hospitality bar. Before you leave the Brewery stop by the gift shop and get your Coors merchandise.

  • Buffalo Bills Grave and Museum
    Buffalo Bills grave in DenverBuffalo Bills Grave and Museum is located in Golden, Colorado roughly thirty minutes from Downtown Denver. William F. Cody also known as Buffalo Bill was the founder of the Buffalo Bill's Wild West Shows. Buffalo Bill loved the view from Colorado's Lookout Mountain he requested to be buried there with the best view of the Great Plains and the famous Rocky Mountains. During the life of William Cody he was a cowboy who worked on a wagon train. Heal so was a buffalo hunter, gold miner, Army scout and a Pony Express rider. His popular Wild West Show defined the Old West for much of the world. William Cody was laid to rest in 1917, four years past in 1921 William Cody's foster son Johnny Baker started displaying Buffalo Bill memorabilia here. His collection is the crown jewel of the museum's holdings that include Sitting Bull's bow and arrows, western art collection, Indian artifacts and Buffalo Bill's show outfits and posters. Buffalo Bills Grave and Museum is open year round, this would be a great place to visit for a half day trip.

June 23, 2014