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hot springs mountain tower

Hot Springs Mountain Tower is a well known landmark of Hot Springs.This popular attraction draws quite a crowd, a trip to Hot SpringsMountain Tower is perfect for the whole family. Located at the topof Hot Springs Mountain visitors board an elevator which takes youabout 216 feet in the air.  Once you have reached the top anobservation area offers views for over 140 miles. The panoramicviews are stunning it seems like you can see for miles in everydirection. Your views are of the breathtaking mountains, trees,lakes and Hot Springs skyline. The views are like nothing you haveever seen. This is a must see on your visit to Hot Springs.


Fordyce bathhouse arkansas

Fordyce Bathhouse Museum& Hot Springs National Park Visitor Center was rated in 1915 as thebest Bathhouse in Hot Springs. Today you can tour the FordyceBathhouse and see for yourself the beauty of the best Bathhouse ofit's time. In May 1989 the Fordyce Bathhouse opened  as thepark visitor center, the Bathhouse had gone out of business in 1962. After years of extensive restoration to restore the Bathhouse backto it's beauty as it was in the early years of business. The FordyceBathhouse is complete with beautiful stained glass ceilings, marblewalls and statues. Visitors can also tour the building, watch moviesabout the history of the park and art of taking baths and see themany exhibits.

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Hot Springs, Arkansas is a nice ride out from Little Rock airport. When you’re flying in to see the family or plan that special trip to the Ouachita National Forest, you’re going to need some wheels to get you out there. The best thing to do would be to rent a quality vehicle from Budget Rental Car to not only get you where you need to go, but get you there for less! There is no need to pay more for a rental car with Budget Rental Car discounts.

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While saving money in Hot Springs, Arkansas you can enjoy yourself in the quaint surroundings and beautiful landscapes of this wonderful town of about 39,000 people. You will find great places to relax, eat, and enjoy the wonderful scenery that is prevalent all over Arkansas. The best way to see it all is to hop in your quality rental car from Budget Rental Cars. Find the vehicle you need and save today!

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When you are vacationing in Hot Springs, Arkansas be sure tocheck out some of the great attractions and landmarks that thisgreat city has to offer:
  • Magic Springs & Crystal Falls
    Magic Springs is one of the best Amusement parks Arkansas has to offer. Featuring dozens of exciting rides and attractions sureto please every member of the family. Thrill seekers will enjoy the newX-Coaster and the Gauntlet sure to make you scream your head off, enjoy theclassic rides like: Arkansas Twister the classic wooden coaster, zip through thewoods on the runaway mine train called Big Bad John, experience a freefall onDr, Dean's Rocket Machine or take the plunge on Plummet Summit and Old #2Logging Company Log Flume.
    You may enjoy some to the top family rides like: Diamond Mine Coaster, RumRunner Pirate Ship, Twist n Shout, Carousel and the Magic Swings. Magic Springshas a special kids area featuring great rides for the little ones like the:Fearless Flyers, Bugga Booga Wheel, Looney Ballooney, Kit' n Kaboodle Expressand the Lil Leapin' Lizard.

  • Crystal Falls
    Crystal Falls is part of Magic Springs Amusement park.Crystal Falls is one of Arkansas' greatest water parks this is the perfect placeto spend your summers cooling off from the heat, this refreshing oasis offersplenty of water activities for the whole family. Come and play with your familyin the activity pools, ride the waves in Crystal Falls Wave Pool, speed andtwist down the thrilling water slides like the Rapid Falls Raceway, High SierraSlide Tower or Seven Falls just to name a few, or relax and drift along theKodiak Canyon Adventure River. For our little guests Crystal Falls offers achildren's area featuring Bear Club Bend, Crystal Lagoon Wading Pool and GrizzlyCreek Splash Zone.

  • Josephine Tussaud Wax Museum
    The Josephine Tussaud Wax Museum is a must see on your visitto Hot Springs. This unique attraction takes you on a journey through seven verydifferent worlds featuring over 30 magnificent settings. Visitor's will seeeverything from Royalty, Celebrities and Presidents to Historically accuratebattle grounds and a wonderful creation of Leonardo Da Vinci's "Last Supper." In2003 the museum added two new exhibits featuring the bravery of New York City'sfirefighters in the wake of 9-11 and featuring the late Princess Diana. In 2005the Museum added an exhibit featuring the Gambling Era of Hot Springs. Camerasare welcome, you won't believe how lifelike the figures are.

  • Mid-American Science Museum
    The Mid-American Science Museum is rated as a first ratetourist destination of Hot Springs. The Mid-American Science Museum is home toArkansas' largest hands-on science center offering over 100 fascinatingactivities which include: build your own bridge and test its strength, design aboat and test it for speed, create your own design of windmills and paper planesto see if they can survive the wind tunnels or construct a building and see ifit can withstand in the earthquake simulator and so much more. The ScienceMuseum offers so many interactive activities, it's the perfect place to spendyour day. Mid-American Science Museum is also home to the world's most powerfulconical Tesla Coil officially designated in 2007 by the Guinness World Records.Daily shows are available is see it's 1.5 million volts of electricity. Alsofeatured at the Science Museum is Underground Arkansas, here visitor's willadventure through a giant indoor cave filled with several chambers, bridges,tunnels and slides. If you choose you can experience the light, motion and soundof the Virtual Reality Simulator. Before you leave the Science Museum be sure tosee the Nature Trail and The aquarium.

  • Hot Springs National Park
    Hot Springs National Park offers a variety of things to seeand explore from natural areas, Historic Buildings and cultural landscapes.Visitor's of Hot Springs National Park might enjoy: Touring the Park VisitorCenter in the Historic Fordyce Bathhouse, hike some of the Park's 26 miles ofgroomed trails, camp at Gulpha Gorge Campground, picnic in the mountains or byGulpha Creek, Explore the history of the eight historical Bathhouses and theGrand Promenade which is located within Bathhouse Row National Historic LandmarkDistrict, you can take a bath at the Buckstaff Baths or enjoy a drive on thescenic mountain roads.

  • Maxwell Blade Theatre of Magic
    Maxwell Blade theatre of Magic offers award winning magic.The two hour Vegas Style production is like no other show you will see.Featuring up close large stage illusions with stunning female stage performers,exotic costumes, lots of lighting and sound. Maxwell Blade's magic and illusionsare fast paced adventure and mind boggling, keeping it's guests on the edge oftheir seats. From close up miracles to large scale feats, Maxwell Blade andcompany continue to amaze their audiences. Discover for yourself why thousandsof people from around the world continue to see Maxwell Blade's amazing magicshow.

June 14, 2014