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Rental car choices and Hertz has joined together to bring you the best savings in rentalcars. Hertz is one of the leading company in car rental businessand still until this day continues to provide the best customer service andquality that has given them their reputation today. These two, Hertz and Rental Car Choices will deliver to you with no hassle, low cost, and aquality rental car that you expect from Hertz. Here with Hertz you do notneed a credit card to book your rental and the age to rent a car is 21. Make sure Hertz is your next rental car choice when you vacation.

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Renting a car in Naples,Florida is easier and makes your vacation more flexible as well assaves on the cost of your travel expenses. Most travelers will pickup there rental cars at the nearest airport in Naples. The airportsusually have the widest variety of rental cars to choose from.Whether you need a compact car, luxury car, mid-size, full-size,SUV, or minivan. Alamo will have the right rental car for you andyour traveling needs. Alamo wants to make sure you have a greatvacation.


City of Naples, Florida

Make your visit toNaples memorable by visiting the many attractions that areavailable. Some of those attractions include the BarefootBeach Preserve Park, Caribbean Gardens: The Zoo in Naples, Clam PassCounty Park, Collier County Museum, Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary,Delnor Wiggins Pass State Park, Lowdermilk Park, Naples MunicipalBeach and Pier, Palm Cottage, The Conservancy of Southwest Florida,and many more. Naples is known as the crown jewel of SouthwestFlorida which is nestled on the sun beaches of the Gulf of Mexico.


Budget rental car discounts inNaples, Florida and surrounding areas

If saving money is a high priority for you and the family this vacation season, make your bookings for rental cars through Budget Rental Cars. The quality of vehicle plus the quality of experience is enough to get you going in the right direction. Budget rental car coupons will help you save on that great vehicle that will take you to the beach, out shopping, and even to dinner and local area hotspots. Find what you’re looking for this season at Budget Car Rentals.

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Naples, Florida is home to some total fun and hot sun. There is so much to do in the area that you would be hard pressed to see it all if not for a great rental car, truck, SUV, or van. It would be best to book while using one of the many discount codes that Budget has to offer to truly take advantage of the excellent vehicles and customer service available for less. Get the best and don’t pay over the top for it at Budget Rental Cars.

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Boat Dock in Naples, FL

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There are many different things to do and see when vacationing inNaples, FL. Here are a few suggestions while in Naples, broughtto you by Alamo and Rental Car Choices:

The Caribbean Gardens: The Zoo in Naples is for families to get aclose up look at animals ranging from alligators to zebras that arelocated inside a historic botanical garden and nationally accreditedzoo. The cruises that are guided go through islands of monkeys,lemurs, and apes. There are two shows at the zoo called PlanetPredator and Serpents: Fangs and Fiction. Both of these shows havelive animals and stunning wildlife videos. Some other things to seeat this zoo are some of the rarest tigers in American and Africa'stop four predators, as well as the alligator bay feeding, meet thekeeper series, and three play areas for the children.

The Collier CountyMuseum is located in Olde Naples and is most definitely the place togo to find out about the history of Florida's southwest corner. Theexhibitions in this museum feature paleontology, botany, geology,and many other disciplines. These exhibitions range from theSeminoles to Ponce de Leon to the frontier families. The museum isfree admission but welcomes donations and is open every day of theweek except for Sundays. It spans the generations so people canlearn more about our history.

Corkscrew SwampSanctuary is just about 15 miles north of Olde Naples. Thisattraction is known as a cypress forest and is maintained by theAudubon Society. This cypress forest is a sanctuary for many kindsof endangered animals which include owls, alligators, hawks, andmany different kinds of songbirds. When first entering this forest,visitors walk on a 2.25 mile raised boardwalk which take themthrough a pine land, a wet prairie, a cypress forest, and a marsh.It is about a 2-3 hour tour.

Lowdermilk Park isa park that is located on Southwest Florida's beach headquarters.Here at this park there are many activities such as volleyball andwater sports. This park is known as one of Naples's best partyspots. There are picnic tables, concessions, sand volleyball courts,restrooms and outdoor showers available for visitors. There are alsomany free chairs available for the beach goers who need awheelchair. This park is opened year-round so feel free to exploreand have a nice bar-b-q or picnic.

May 1, 2014