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Ryman Auditorium in Nashville

Ryman Auditorium is the home of  the famous Grand Ole Opry inNashville. For the past thirty years the Ryan Auditorium began asthe Union Gospel Tabernacle church. Built  and funded by ariverboat captain named Captain Ryman during 1885-1889. After hisdeath, the Union Gospel Tabernacle was renamed the Ryman Auditoriumsuggested by Rv. Jones. The Ryman Auditorium is recognized today asone of the best concert halls in the South, featuring an almostperfect acoustics, the auditorium is used by several performers formany occasions. Through the times it still remains the mother churchof Country Music featuring the well -worn stage representing thehistoric footprinrts of all the famous Country music stars of theforties, fifties, sixties and seventies. The Auditorium is opendaily, tours are available.


Country music hall of fame and museum in Nashville

The Country Music Hallof Fame and Museum is a must see on your visit to the music city ofNashville. The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum has been hometo Country Music since 1967. Located on the west bank of theCumberland River, and close to the historic Ryman Auditorium. TheMuseum is home to two centuries of country  music historyfeaturing historic video clips, recorded music, several exhibits,live performances and public programs, a museum store, livesatellite radio broadcasts and dining choices.

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Nashville Tennessee is a beautiful location to visit whenever you get the chance. The best part about Nashville is that there is so much to do and immerse yourself into that it takes so much time to really see it all! If you’re traveling on foot or by way of public transportation, you may miss a lot more! To save yourself some time, and gain more out of your experience in Nashville, get yourself into a quality rental from Budget Rental Cars. You’ll save money with great deals and discounts for Budget.

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Hit the Nashville Zoo, the home of President Andrew Jackson, the Tennessee State Capitol Building, and a lot of the music hotspots of Nashville. After all, Nashville is the home of country music and a major player in the country music scene to this day. The best way to get around town effectively is to book yourself a quality rental car. The best way to save plenty of money on the car you need is with Budget Rental Car coupons and discounts.

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hermitage of President Andrew Jackson in Nashville

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When you are vacationing in Nashville, Tennessee be sure tocheck out some of the great attractions and landmarks that thisgreat city has to offer:
  • The Hermitage, Home of President Andrew Jackson
    The Home of President Andrew Jackson can be toured, thislovely Nashville estate has been well preserved as a museum and an historichome. The property was purchased in 1804 by Andrew Jackson which includes themansion, several outbuildings and the log farmhouse (this modest log farmhousewas expensively decorated). The log farmhouse was home to Andrew Jackson and hiswife Rachel for the first sixteen years of their land ownership. Here visitorscan learn how Andrew Jackson thrived in farming including the help from slaves,who eventually numbered as many as 150 in addition to balancing both militaryand political careers. Visitors will have the opportunity to follow the story ofAndrew Jackson's life by examining the buildings that were built as his wealthgrew, including the mansion which was completed in 1820. Andrew Jackson was anavid horseman, he quickly added stables for his racing and stud hobby. Anotherhighlight of your tour is the gardens, here is where Andrew Jackson showed hislove for his wife Rachel, by designing a garden just for her. This garden isalso the final resting place of President Andrew Jackson and his wife RachelJackson. Today visitors can enjoy the same flower species that Rachel originallyplanted.

  • Nashville Zoo at Grassmere
    The Nashville Zoo has moved to Grassmere in 1996 and planson expanding the park on the remaining grounds of Grassmere. Upon completion theNashville  Zoo will be the largest zoo in the country. The Nashville Zoofeatures several exciting exhibits, the Zoo also hosts several fantastic community events and has created avariety of children's programs. One of the special features at the Zoo is theJungle Gym playground- which is the largest community built playground in theUnited States and includes over 66,000 square feet for exploring, climbing,crawling and swinging. The Nashville Zoo is home to several exotic animals fromaround the globe, these beautiful animals can be enjoyed in their naturalhabitats. Some of the new featured exhibits are: Alligator Cove, African WildDog, Giraffe Savannah and many more.  Weather you are interested in birds,fish, reptiles, amphibians or mammals you are sure to see them at the NashvilleZoo. Be sure to visit the new aviary exhibit, here you will be surrounded bymore than fifty Australian parrots. The Grassmere Historic House and Farm stillstand today offering it's visitors a glimpse into farm life during the 1800's.   

  • The Tennessee State Capitol Building
    The Tennessee State Capitol Building is located indowntown Nashville, visitors can tour the State Capitol Building at their own pacethis is a self-guided tour. The Tennessee State Capitol Building was completedin 1859, this majestic building is located on a high hill in downtown Nashvilleand was one of the most magnificent public buildings of it's time anywhere inthe United States. The Capitol Building, is still in use by State Governmentfeaturing historic murals, portraits, numerous works of arts, massivechandeliers, the House and Senate chambers & library and the Governor's Office.Also located on the grounds of the State Capitol Building is the tomb ofPresident and Mrs. James K. Polk and several famous statues that include:President Andrew's Equestrian Old Hickory, Jackson hero of the Battle of NewOrleans, President Andrew Johnson, Sam Davis, World War I hero Sgt. Alvin York,and Senator Edward W. Carmack. The State Capitol building was designedby William Strickland who moved here from Philadelphia to supervise theconstruction. William Strickland died before construction was completed, as perhis wishes he was buried in the walls of the Capitol Building. Visitors can viewhis tomb which is located in the northeast corner near the north entrance.

  • Cheekwood Botanical Gardens
    The Cheekwood Botanical Gardens property was once theelegant home of the Cheek family built in the late 1920's and the founders ofMaxwell Coffee. The fifty five acre site includes the original Cheek gardensdesigned with fountains, pools, statues, extensive box plantings, along with aspectacular view of the rolling hills of Tennessee. Cheekwood Botanical Gardensopened to the public in 1960, and has welcomed over 175,000 visitors who allenjoy  these magnicifient gardens. Several specialized gardens havedeveloped since that time. Visitors will enjoy discovering the many gardens: aherb garden, Japanese garden, color garden, seasonal garden, two perennialgardens and an award winning wildflower garden. Each of the gardens represents aparticular group of plants or garden style. Also featured at the CheekwoodBotanical Gardens is the Botanic Hall, is the center of horticultural activitiesincluding art and horticultural exhibits, flower shows, annual Holiday FestCelebrations and offers an exceptional library.

  • Cooter's Place and Garage
    Cooter's Place and Garage is a must see for all  Dukesof Hazzard fans. Cooter's Place has brought Hazzard County to Nashville. TheDukes of Hazzard Museum is open seven days a week featuring some greatmemorabilia from the set of the very popular Dukes of Hazzard television show.Other featured items include: props, costumes, Cooter's Tow Truck, The GeneralLee, Rosco's Police Car, Daisy's Jeep and much more. Inside Cooter's Placevisitor's can enjoy some Hazzard County Music on the jukebox along with somepopular music of Cooter's famous Garage Band who have been playing for manyyears. Be Sure to visit the General Store at Cooter's Place before you leave youcan pick up some Dukes of Hazzard souvenirs and collectibles.

  • General Jackson Showboat
    General Jackson Showboat cruise is a great way to spend yourafternoon during your visit to Nashville. The General Jackson is a paddle-wheelstyle boat, taking you back to 19th century Nashville. As you cruise downthe Cumberland River guest's can enjoy a delicious lunch, fabulous views fromthe shoreline and on board entertainment which include dancing, singing and awonderful swing band. This is a great way to relax and take in some of the localsite of Nashville. A ride on the General Jackson Showboat is great fun for thewhole family.

June 16, 2014