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Blaine Kerns Mardi Gras World New Orleans

Blaine Kern's Mardi Gras World is a must on your list of things tosee when you are in New Orleans. You will want to have your cameraas you get a look behind the magic of Mardi Gras. Visitor's aregiven the opportunity to see thousands of spectacular sculpturedprops and giant breathtaking figures on display year round. Tours are available giving you an introduction by a knowledgeableguide followed by a short film about the history of Mardi Gras andthe company. Visitor's will also see the prop area where props areawaiting repair you may catch a glimpse of artists, painter's orsculptors working on the props right in front of you. Next you willexperience the float artist warehouse, here the floats are built anddecorated. You will have the chance to see some of the most awesomefloats ever built.


The French Quarters in New Orleans

New Orleans FrenchQuarter is a popular tourist destination. The French Quarter offersmore than partying on Bourbon Street. The French Quarter features:several tasty restaurants, some of the best hotels, fabulous musicclubs featuring some of the best New Orleans music and jazz the cityhas to offer, shopping from boutiques to galleries, many of thecities top attractions can be found around each corner on the FrenchQuarter. Royal street offers art galleries, world famousrestaurants, historic hotels and plenty fantastic architecture.

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New Orleans, Louisiana, also known as The Big Easy is a great place to visit and enjoy a great time on vacation. As a visitor, you will get to experience the rich culture and history that New Orleans has in store for you. Find plenty of opportunity to learn a bunch and also have an amazing time among all the other people enjoying the bright lights and the easy atmosphere of this fine city. The food is always cooking, the music playing, the drinks and conversation flowing, but most of all, the rental cars from Budget are always priced right. With coupon codes for Budget Rental Cars you can save even more money!

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Find plenty to do in the area and enjoy your stay. With so much to do in a concentrated area, the fun is always right around the corner; however, to truly get the full experience of New Orleans and its surrounding areas make your way to a Budget Rental Car office and get into a great vehicle for a lot less money than anywhere else. The coupon codes for Budget Rental Cars will save you money on already low prices. The great customer service and quality vehicles you can choose from are more than enough to make the experience worthwhile, so give them a shot today!

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When you are vacationing in New Orleans, Louisiana be sure tocheck out some of the great attractions and landmarks that thisgreat city has to offer:
  • City Park in New Orleans
    City Park in New Orleans is located in the heart of the citythis 1300 acre park has something for everyone. A natural bayou runs through thepark, visitor's will be amazed by the massive live oak trees in the Park. TheCity Park surrounds the New Orleans Museum of Art, Storyland, the BotanicalGardens and the Bestoff Sculpture Garden. Kids of all ages will enjoy a visit toCarousel Gardens Amusement Park. Carousel Gardens Amusement Park opened in 1906featuring popular rides such as: Bumper Cars, Mini-Planes, Scrambler,Tilt-A-Whirl, Umbrella Cars, 40-foot Fun Slide, Lady Bug Roller Coaster,Miniature Train Ride which tours the park and more. Carousel Gardens is home toa  antique Carousel, one of only 100 antique wooden carousels in thecountry and the last one in Louisiana. This famous carousel is listed on theNational Register of Historic Places and it's renovations gained nationalattention and recognition from the National Historic Preservation Society.

  • Audubon Institute Parks and Attractions
    The Audubon Institute Parks and Attractions is located inUptown New Orleans. The Audubon Institute offers several world class familyattractions. The Audubon Park and Zoo are a must see on your visit to NewOrleans. Audubon Park offers several outdoor activities such as a fantasticfirst class golf course, running course, live oak trees and a tranquil lagoon.The Audubon Zoo features an exotic mix of animals from around the globe, lushgardens and plenty of resting spots found throughout the Zoo grounds, naturalhabitats, plenty of hands on animal encounters and the mystical Louisiana swamp.The Audubon Institute Park is the crown jewel of this densely populated area ofNew Orleans. Other featured attractions at the Audubon is the Insectarium foundon Canal Street in the historic U.S. Custom House showcasing the largestcollection of insects. Your visit to the Insectarium will educate you with upclose and personal experiences with insects. Insects have been around from theprehistoric times and have played valuable roles such as pollinating flowers andcrops, decomposing waste and they add beauty, color and mystery to our world.See through the eyes of an insect with  the Life Underground exhibit whereyou are shrunk to insect size. The Insectarium offers plenty to see and do youmay enjoy an animated film at the immersion theater or walk through the Japanesebutterfly garden. The Audubon Aquarium is just a short walk along theMississippi River. This top rated Aquarium is home to several deep sea creaturesthat include sharks, stingrays, penguins and much more. Visitors will see newanimals and old favorites that include the beloved sea otters Emma and Buck. TheAudubon Aquarium features a breathtaking Caribbean Reef, lush green AmazonRainforest and more.  

  • Haunted History/Ghost Tour
    The New Orleans Haunted History and Ghost Tour  is apopular attraction located between Bourbon and Royal Street at the Rev. Zombie'sVoodoo Shop. This exciting tour will take you to see some of the historicallyhaunted landmarks of the French Quarter. If you choose to do some walking you can visit the St. Louis Cemetery and see the tomb of Marie Laveau, who was alegendary voodoo priestess. Once you have completed your thrilling tour and youare wanting more excitement you can try the Garden District, Vampire, HauntedGarden District, Voodoo Cemetery or Spellbound. They all offer a great time withplenty of thrills.
    New Orleans Cemeteries- Believe it or not, for the past one hundred yearsthe above ground cemeteries are a must see for all first time visitors of NewOrleans. This sounds some what odd but New Orleans is called the "Citiesof the Dead," featuring hauntingly beautiful architecture, tree linesstreets providing you a unique experience. Cemeteries of interest: St. RochCemetery, St. Louis #3 Cemetery and Lafayette Cemetery.

  • Musee Conti Wax Museum
    The Musee Conti Historical Museum is a must see on yourvisit to New Orleans. The Musee Conti Wax Museum is exciting, fun andeducational. This attraction is one of the best kept secrets in New Orleans theWax Museum was founded in 1963. The Wax displays a fascinating story of NewOrleans from the founding to the present day. Visitors can experience over 300years of History featuring 154 life size figures displayed in historicallyaccurate settings.  there is also a Haunted Dungeon full of thrills andchills. the Musee Conti Wax Museum offers guided tours, visitors wont bedisappointed with your wax experience.

  • Steamboat Natchez Riverboat Cruise
    Steamboat Natchez Riverboat Cruise is a great way to see NewOrleans, sample New Orleans cuisine and listen to some great jazz music whileyou cruise along the Mississippi. This is a real steamboat you will hear thebeautiful music of the calliope which is a musical instrument powered by steamthat is on top of the steamboat. There are different cruise options availablefrom daytime cruises to or a dinner and jazz cruise. As you stroll through theFrench Quarter just follow the sounds to the river. This would be a great way tospend the afternoon or enjoy a romantic dinner with New Orleans Jazz.

  • Jackson Square
    Jackson Square is a popular starting point for first timevisitors to New Orleans. Jackson Square dates back to 1718 forming the center ofthe French Quarter. Making this an ideal place to begin your adventure of thislively and exciting part of New Orleans. Located  close to Jackson Squareis the Mississippi River and the St. Louis Cathedral.  The Square is hometo artists, street performers, jazz musicians and fortunetellers. Jackson Squareis exploding with activity, you wont want to miss out on a visit to JacksonSquare.

June 15, 2014