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Phipps Conservatory and Gardens in Pittsburgh

Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens is a must see on yourvisit to Pittsburgh. As a gift to the city during 1893 by steelbaron Henry Phipps.  The Phipps Conservatory  andBotanical Gardens is recognized  as one of the nation's largestand oldest Victorian glass houses.  Inside the silver domes ofglass you will discover thirteen enclosed garden rooms explodingwith thousands of exotic plants and flowers. The 2.5 grounds thatsurround the Phipps Conservatory are decorated by lush gardens,tranquil ponds and sparkling fountains. The Phipps Conservatory andBotanical Gardens have a variety of permanent and seasonal exhibitsalso featured is the Palm Court displaying a garden railroad, OrchidRoom, Desert Room, outdoor lily ponds and rose garden, Children's Discovery Garden and a spectacular collection of bonsai. In the Children's Discovery Gardens they  can test their greenthumbs through exploring the world of plants, flowers  andworms.  Be sure to visit the butterfly garden and flower shows.


Mt. Washington Incline in Pittsburgh

Most visitors ofPittsburgh end up on Mt. Washington for the spectacular views of downtown Pittsburgh, surrounding countryside,  landmarkskyscrapers and the mighty Ohio River. The views from here atnighttime are stunning featuring the twinkling lights of the cityand more than fifteen bridges. The best way to get to the top of Mt.Washington is on one of the Inclines, once used for carryingpassengers and freight one was even designed to carry vehiclesbetween the coal mines and the neighborhoods of Mount Washington andthe city of Pittsburgh and railyard at Station Square. Two of theoldest inclines are still in use today the restored Monongahela aka:Mon Incline was built in 1870 carries residents and tourists betweenMount Washington and Station Square Shopping Complex. The secondincline is a mile down the road called the Duquesne Incline from1877 featuring its original wooden cable car. The top station is amust see for visitors, displaying photographs of Pittsburgh historyalong with other souvenirs  and an outdoor observation deck.

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While you are in Pittsburgh or any surrounding areas stop by and check out the Senator John Heinz Pittsburgh Regional History Center and maybe even the Carnegie Museum of Art & Natural History. You may need a vehicle to get around the massive city and all the other great areas of interest. Selecting a company with a great price that takes great care of their customers should be the most important goal when renting a vehicle to get around a new city. If you want the best for less, chose Budget Rental Car Company.

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The Fountain at Point State Park Pittsburgh

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When you are vacationing in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania be sure tocheck out some of the great attractions and landmarks that thisgreat city has to offer:
  • Senator John Heinz Pittsburgh Regional HistoryCenter
    The Senator John Heinz Pittsburgh Regional History Center islocated a few blocks East of Downtown Pittsburgh in the bustling Strip District.This former ice house has been reborn as a seven-story museum featuringinteractive exhibits bringing more than 250 years of Western Pennsylvaniahistory to life. Here you can discover how immigrants shaped the region, climbaboard a 1940's Pittsburgh Trolley or uncover the Underground Railroad. For allyou sports fans, two floors have been dedicated to the Western PennsylvaniaSports Museum. featured on the second floor is the permanent exhibit of Pointsin Time: Building a Life in Western Pennsylvania featuring life-sizedreconstructions of three different homes including a 1790's log cabin. Eachrepresenting a different period of Western Pennsylvania history.

  • Mattress Factory
    Mattress Factory is a museum housing contemporary art featured in room sizedenvironments. The Mattress Factory is located in the historic Mexican WarStreets of Pittsburgh's North Side. The Mattress Factory opened in 1977 and isone of a few museums of its kind anywhere. The art exhibits have been created onsite from various artists across the country and from around the world. TheMuseum's galleries are located in two buildings housing a permanent and growingcollection featuring the works of art from: Yayoi Kusama, Rolf Julius, JamesTurrell and Winifred Lutz. There are exhibits that change throughout the year.Since the Museum's opening in 1977, The Mattress Factory has supported overthree hundred various artists through their world -renowned residency program.Yearly artists come to Pittsburgh and live here at the museum, and create newart work. During their stay they are supported completely by the museum. The exhibits are accompanied with educational programs including hands on artprojects, lectures, workshops and tours. The Mattress Factory encourages allvisitors to discover a connection between art, creativity and everyday lives.   

  • Point State Park
    Point State Park is at the tip of the Golden Triangle of Pittsburgh. ThePoint State Park represents and preserves the historic heritage during theFrench and Indian War from (1754-1763). This area today is a popular touristattraction and The Park is a National Historic Landmark. Visitors to Point StatePark will enjoy walking along paved walkways along the riverfront offeringwonderful views of Pittsburgh featuring several bridges, scenic hillsides alongwith natural landscaping, busy waterways and a 150- foot tall spectacularfountain creating a unique park located at the Forks of the Ohio. There areseveral trails throughout Point State Park offering plenty of space for biking,jogging, walking or inline skating. A must see at Point State Park is theenormous water fountain taking over 29 years to plan and construct. The fountainis open daily and you wont want to miss out on the opportunity to see it. Whilethe fountain is running there is over 800,000 gallons of water in the system, ittakes three 250hp pumps to run this huge fountain. It takes two pumps to forcethe water to a height of 150 feet high, in addition to the three 250hp pumpsthere are three 75hp peacock tail pumps each generating 1,000 gallons of waterper minute creating a special fan design symbolizing the three rivers. Thecircular basin of the fountain is 200 feet in diameter, in the evening thefountain is illuminated by some lighting under the water in addition to the 24white and gold quartz-iodine lights located in the hub. Water in the fountain isrecirculated. Point State Park is the meeting place of rivers, The MonogahelaRiver and  The Allegheny River join together at Point State Park and meetthe Ohio River. A trip to Point State Park is fun for the whole family enjoy awalk along the paved trails followed by a delicious picnic lunch.

  • The National Aviary
    The National Aviary is located on the historic North Side ofPittsburgh, on the former site of the Old Western Penitentiary which operatedfrom 1826-1880 and housed Confederate Army war prisoners. Today is the home ofThe National Aviary featuring over 600 exotic birds in their natural habitats the Aviary also has several endangered species. Highlights of The NationalAviary include: rotating bird display showcasing different birds each time youvisit, a daily bird show offering education and entertainment and you wont wantto miss feeding times this is very popular with the kids. The Aviary featuresseveral free flight exhibits showing visitors a up close view of  the birdworld. There are birds representing nearly every continent, along with exhibitsfeaturing the rainforest and wetlands. Visitors of The National Aviary willenjoy the amazing hummingbirds the size of thumb or the stunning, giant ten footwingspan of the Andean Condors

  • Carnegie Museums of Art & Natural History
    Carnegie Museum of Art & Natural History complex is locatedin the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh. This large complex is made up of: theCarnegie Museum of the Art, the Carnegie Museum of Natural History and the Hallof Sculpture and Architecture. Additional connected buildings include theCarnegie Free Library and Pittsburgh's very own Carnegie Music Hall. TheL-shaped four story complex made from beautiful sandstone draws people of allages, artists, scientists and researchers. Admission includes both museumsoffering a variety of things to explore, including several hands-on activitiesfor children. The Carnegie Museum of Natural History is one of the six largestnatural history museums in the nation, featuring over 20 million specimens fromall areas of natural history and anthropology. A must see is the Hall ofDinosaurs, Native American gallery featuring a full sized stuffed buffalo, theHamilton Hall of Minerals and Gems offering a huge collection of gems andminerals. The Carnegie has an impressive collection of dinosaur fossils, youwill find more publicly displayed dinosaur skeletons here than anywhere else inthe world. Including the famed skeletons of Tyrannosaurus Rex.
    The Carnegie Museum of Art was established in 1895 from the personal collectionof Andrew Carnegie. Special features include19th Century American Art,masterpieces of French Impressionist and a large collection of paintings,sculptures and prints from old masters Monet, Van Gogh, Picasso and Renoir.

  • The StripDistrict
    The Strip District is a mile long stretch along theAllegheny River, northeast of Downtown Pittsburgh. This is one of Pittsburgh'spopular destination's for great food and nightlife. Along The Strip you will seereclaimed warehouses and industrial spaces creating the perfect atmosphere andarchitecture of a busy marketplace and some of  the city's trendiestnightclubs and restaurants. During the daytime The Strip is a bustling marketdistrict featuring fresh fish, poultry, meats, produce, fresh flowers, ethnicfoods and knick knacks of all kinds including Stealers merchandise for areasonable price. A must stop is at Wholey's Seafood they offer the largestfresh selection of seafood and produce. Other favorites on The Strip areBenkovitz Seafoods, Mike Feinberg Company and Sunsen's Italian Grocery. EverySaturday The Strip is full of locals enjoying a cup of coffee and strollingthrough the farmer's market and street fair. Vendors, shops and exotic grocerystores offer something for everyone.

June 21, 2014