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If you are ready for an underwater adventure in Sanford then head on over to Fun 2 Dive where you can get scuba or snorkeling lessons as well as manatee tours. Fun 2 Dive takes you out daily to snorkel with the Manatees a popular site for many Floridians.  There are only about 2000 manatees left in Florida so many will make the special trip to swim along with them and observe their seal like bodies and movements. You will be able to see the float along peacefully, eat or sometimes play. It is an underwater trip you will never forget.





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The Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Garden is a large zoo surrounded by tropical foliage. Located on twenty three acres of natural Florida beauty the Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Garden has several things to offer its guests. You can stroll along the paths and view animals such as elephants, a variety of birds, leopards, butterflies, spider monkeys and a king cobra. If you want a more up close experience with the animals then you can visit the Butterfly Sensory Garden where you can use all your senses to explore and see how they differ from insect senses. They also offer educational programs for school aged children, some that you can customize yourself.

A popular place to hang out while in Sanford Florida is the Sanford Riverwalk located in Downtown Sanford. It is a peaceful place to enjoy a walk or bike along Lake Monore. It is a place where you can do many outdoor activities, shop or simply sit in the shade and enjoy the Florida weather.

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 If you are going to Sanford to relax from the daily pressures of work then be sure to take a cruise on the Rivership Romance across the St. Johns River. The large ship will treat you to luxurious comforts and dining, not to mention a spectacular view. And as if a lazy stroll on the river in a beautifully historic boat was not enough they also offer onboard entertainment. Check their website for more details and the times of the cruises.

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Seminole Safari is a favorite of people living in Sanford Florida. It is not only a wild trip into the Florida wilderness that surrounds the Sanford area it is also an educational trip that shows the participants the beauty of back country Florida while educating them on the current state and history of the animals and the landscape that they will take a tour of.

Orlando Sanford Airport

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