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Traveling to Acapulco may need yourenting a car. When you rent a car at the Acapulco Airport, you willbe adding some flexibility to your vacation, and quite possibly savesome money doing it. You can pick up your car at or near theAcapulco Airport which will have the best choices for rental cars.You will have the choice to pick up your rental car at or near theAcapulco Airport and start saving money right away. We will help youpick the best car for you, whether it be a minivan, compact, midsize, full size, luxury or SUV at the Acapulco Car Rentals.


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To make your vacation to Acapulco more enjoyable, try visiting someof these great attractions: Isla La Roqueta, Playa Angosta, PlayaCaleta and Playa Caletilla, Playa Condesa, Revolcadero Beach, Casade la Cultura, Casa de Mascaras, CiCi Parque Acuatico, El Fuerte deSan Diego and Museo Historico de Acapulco, La Quesbrada CliffDivers, Mercado Municipal, Palma Sola, Parque Papagayo and Zocalo.The best way to visit these fantastic places without hassles orproblems visiting Acapulco is using a new model from Acapulco CarRentals; offering minivans to luxury cars.


Budget Rental Car discounts inAcapulco, Mexico and surrounding areas

When visiting Acapulco, Mexico expect to visit a pristine beach paradise complete with good times and amazing experiences. In Acapulco you will be free to roam around and enjoy yourself but to truly enjoy yourself, make your way to Budget Rental Cars and save money on a great mode of transportation for you and your loved ones. At Budget Rental Cars, you will be treated with the utmost respect and the staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the area. Save money with your Budget rental car coupon codes.

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A great deal can be had in Mexico, but an even BETTER deal can be had in Mexico when booking your next rental with a Budget Rental Car discount code. Find a great selection of vehicles for a great price when visiting this tropical paradise. See the countryside, get immersed in pure culture and bear witness to beautiful lands only fathomable in an unrealistic situation. You will love the time you have in Acapulco and you will surely love the great deals you get with Budget Rental Car savings.

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With so many choices of things to do and places to see while inAcapulco, the great folks at Alamo and Rental Car Choices offer somegreat suggestions for your attention:

  • Acapulco City Tour
    Since you have to come to enjoy the many beautiful sights,sounds and smells that the legends of Hollywood once enjoyed on this gorgeouscity on the west coast of Mexico; a tour is the best way to catch an idea ofeverything. For 3 and a half hours you will visit all the famous spots of thismarvelous city with an incredible history, unbelievable nightlife, exquisitescenery and the most amazing cliff divers in the world.

  • Coyuca Lagoon Tour
    Imagine yourself in a beautiful fresh water lagoon, thoughtto be one of the most prominent attractions in Acapulco, enjoying the gorgeousblue skies above and the crystal blue water surrounding you. The lagoon is alivewith palm trees swaying in the gentle breezes of the ocean, native plants andwater hyacinths everywhere. Indulge yourself with a boat ride through the thickjungle and sit down to a mouth watering eye bulging buffet lunch. This greattour lasts 7 hours, so bring plenty of lotion and water.

  • Acapulco by Night
    is another fantastic way to enjoy the city, especially atnight when the lights blaze up the city with excitement and fever. Sit down to adelicious dinner at the famous Mezzanotte restaurant, looking out over thereflective waters of the bay below. Once filled and fabulous, enjoy some greatmargaritas as you watch the courageous cliff divers of La Quebrada fall into thedark waters below. What a glorious evening and only takes 4 hours out of yourbusy schedule. Do the day tour and then the night and you will be sleeping likea baby all night long. 

  • Sun and Fun Elite Cruise
    For a really luxurious time, take the Sun and Fun EliteCruise; for 4 hours about a terrific 55 foot Carver yacht. Cruise by La Quebradato watch the high cliff divers and their great show. Then head to a specialhidden cove to swim and snorkel with a thoroughly sterilized gift snorkel andsit down to a wonderful lunch buffet, complete with salad, pasta salad, hotdogs, hamburgers, fish fillets and barbeque chicken. Wash it all down with yourchoice of 5 drinks total with: purified water, sodas, juices, beers or tequilasunrises. Then cruise on back to Acapulco Bay with some vibrant music while yourelax in the sun or a chair or just lounge wherever you land. A truly greattime.

  • Snorkeling Trip
    If you really love the ocean and all the incredible creatures thriving in thewaters below, then you will thrill with the snorkeling trip they have to offer.Leave Acapulco and cruise the bluest ocean waters you've ever seen and arrive atone of the beautiful beaches along the island of La Roqueta. There are numerousareas to snorkel, as well as sitting on a majestic beach in the sun soaking upall the salt air and just enjoying yourself. The snorkeling trip lasts for 4hours and you will certainly get waterlogged looking at all the marvelous fish,coral and other creatures floating around watching you watch them.

  • Encounter with Ancient Times
    For the truly adventurous traveler, this all day affair withtake you through the state of Guerrero going to Xochicalco and Vista Hermosa.Traveling under the mountains of Acapulco, you will journey through a 2 milelong tunnel and after check out the changes in climate, landscape andvegetation. Passing through the state capital of Chilpancingo, you have to goacross the highest bridge in Latin America. Then, upon entering the state ofMorelos, you take a small detour leading to the archeological site of Xochicalco(place of flowers), one of the richest and most thrilling sites in all Mexico.Made during the 800-900 A.D. era, it is the oldest known fortress in MiddleAmerica and a religious haven. Once done here, you drive to San Jose de VistaHermosa to enjoy a well deserved lunch. This 450 year old plantation was thehome of Hernan Cortes and eventually became a sugar mill. There are manybeautiful and magnificent gardens to enjoy before heading back to Acapulco.

April 30, 2009