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Rental Car Choices is priviledged to work with Avis rental cars, Avis is a well respected name around the globe. Avis offers several convenient locations which make pick up and drop off easy. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure or whether you need a car or van, Avis is a great choice. Click on the links aboveto check for the best deals anywhere.  Your rate will automatically be calculated. Take advantage of our great offersand make a reservation withAvis today.

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National Car Rental has thousands of worldwide locations in the US, Canada, Europe, Latin America, Caribbean, Asian Pacific, Africa and Australia. They are sure to have a car when you need itneed it most. Any time you rent in the Adelaide area be sure to use Rental Car Choices for great deals.

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Adelaide Museum

If you enjoy fine art then you will certainly enjoy The Art Gallery of South Australia.  Many agree that it has the most beautiful interior of any of Australia’s art museums.  As the collection keeps growing the building has gotten larger.  Inside you will find  it divided into three major areas of European, Asian, and Australian art.  There are also thousands of old master prints and a special viewing room.  There is much to see, and the collection is always changing.  No doubt you will find your visit to the art gallery of South Adelaide a memorable experience.  There will always be something new to see when you return.

Adelaide sea

Imagine swimming with dolphins or sea lions.  You can enjoy scuba diving and swimming with these wonderful sea creatures at Kangaroo Island.  It’s about a 30 minute boat ride from Adelaide.  All equipment is provided and there are qualified personnel.  This tour is about six to 6 and a half hours and will include incredible views of South Australia’s coastline.

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Budget Rental Car discounts can save you money all over the world when looking for a quality vehicle for that special vacation you have your mind set upon. Make your way over to any of the Budget car rental locations in Adelaide for a great deal on your rental car needs. Find quality vehicles for a lot less when you select the company that cares about customer service and satisfaction. Save your money on the rental car, truck, van or SUV you need to get around and feel better about your choice.

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Adelaide is a great place to visit filled with fun and exciting people, places, and experiences. The quality of your trip really depends on you. It depends on whether you are willing to spend some time looking for the right place to stay, whether you are booking your tickets for attractions prior to your visit (as to not miss out on anything), and of course if you are getting your rental car for the best price from the best company.

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National Wine Center of Australia

Do you love wine?  If so, you must visit the national wine center of Australia.  The building is a wonderful example of contemporary architecture.  Inside you will find out everything you need to know about Australia’s is unique wine.  This is a great place to buy wine, or possibly even enjoy a fine meal.  There are interactive displays and even holograms of Australia’s famous wine makers.  This is a great place to visit be sure to check it out while visiting Adelaide.

Port River Kayaking Tours

Adelaide is a beautiful Southern Australian Town.  Something enjoyable to do there is kayaking.  Port River Kayaking Tours offers a great way to experience kayaking in this small city.  There are many interesting things to see, for instance it is not uncommon to see dolphins or maybe even a family of dolphins.  Also you can check out the ship graveyards or the mangrove forests.  There is a guide and life vest provided so that people of all ages can feel safe and have fun.

January 14, 2009