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Hertz CarRental will never ask you fora credit card. Hertz Rental Cars is known world wide as a great carrental agency with no hassles or worries. When you come to Antigua, use Hertz Car Rentals to get the best price for a new auto. Use thelink below to get a compact car or minivan for your vacation in Antigua Guatemala and start your vacation knowing you got the bestdeal available.


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Antigua Island

In the exotic island ofAntigua, we have listed some of the best attractions foryour perusal and information. Creole Cruises Antigua,Devil's Bridge, Museum of Antigua and Barbuda, Segway BeachTours, Long Bay, Antigua Rainforest Canopy Tour, HawksbillBay, Redcliffe Quay, Boggy Peak, Hell's Gate, Harmony Hall,Betty's Hope and the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. Byrenting a car or minivan from Rental Car Choices in Antigua,you will be able to spend more time enjoying all thesemagnificent sites.

Curtain Bluff Beach Antigua

Just imagine visiting, luxuriating, sunbathing andswimming on a different beach every day of the year. Restinginside the protected beauty of the Caribbean side, you willbe able to do that in Antigua, with its incredible 365 sundrenched beaches. Probably the best way to visit any or allof these fantastic beaches is to rent one of our reliablenew model cars from Alamo and Rental Car Choices. All ofthese beaches are open to the public, however, some of themare difficult to get to or hard to find. And to hire a taxiwould be expensive since they could take you the roundaboutway and pad the bill. Unfortunately. However, if you do rentone of our discounted cars at Rental Car Choices; getdirections also. And have a fantastic day!

Cathedral of St. John the Divine

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Grand Pineapple Beach Antigua
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  • Creole Cruises Antigua
    Sitting under the shade of the bimini, speeding overluminous teal waters, Caribbean breezes blowing across your faceas you enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Antigua coastline; yousee the beach ahead. Here you will disembark and slide into thesoothing warm waters of the Caribbean and luxuriate your bodyuntil the aroma of grilling lobster sifts into your mind and youremember the fabulous lunch you are going to have. Then sittingin the shade, you devour your food as if you hadn't eaten fordays, the fresh salt air caresses your face as you sip thepungent punch of rum and juices and you gaze serenely across thecoral covered waters of Antigua. Oh, to be alive, here.
  • The Museum of Antigua andBarbuda
    Set in St. John's, this remarkable museum is located in acolonial court house built in 1747, where the original marketwas. It is the oldest structure in use on the island today.Uncovered during the many archaeological digs here, theartifacts and relics found show the culture and every dayutensils the islanders or Arawaks used many centuries ago.Articles from the colonial era are also part of the collectionfound in the digs. Featured is a reproduction of an Arawak home,history of the island and models of sugar plantations.
  • Antigua Rainforest CanopyTour
    Are you ready for some unbelievable excitement? Then thisincredible tour is going to give you the ride of your life. Theincomparable eco-tour through the flourishing rainforest willgive you the most extraordinary moments of your travels. Highabove the forest, after getting all the safety information andequipment, you will start the best adrenaline rush ever. For thenext 2 to 3 hours you will be transported to another dimensionas you pass the Old Pump House and cross over the suspensionbridge wondrously checking out the gorge below. Now, you startriding the zip lines across the rooftops of the trees; 9different lines with a few being over 200 to 300 feet long andup to 350 feet in the air. Zipping back and forth across thetops of trees, going on short hikes and more suspension bridgesyou get to the middle spot and rest in two awesome tree houses.Here you can immerse yourself in the wonders of this fantasticforest. All the while thrilling to the amazing birds, plants andlife in the rainforest. Then almost magically you enter thethick lush forest with huge tropical trees, immense boulders, awaterfall and gorgeous rock pool. The Stairway to Heaven is thelast leg and once to the top you will relax with a cool drink ofyour favorite concoction and sit on the veranda remembering thewildest ride of your life. There is a gift shop and photos arereadily available to show you and your friends the time andfantastic fun you have just had.
  • Redcliffe Quay
    Surveying the harbor, one of the oldest areas of St. John's sitswith Georgian style structures painted bright colors of theCaribbean. A marina is occupying the site where once trading wasdone for coffee, sugar, rum and slaves; between the island,Africa and Europe. Some of the old warehouses have beenretroverted into shops and boutiques selling home made gifts,pottery, shoes, clothing, accessories and paintings. Quaintcafes and restaurants are interspersed among the palm trees andawnings creating an oasis of serentity amidst the hustle andbustle of the city.

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