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Antwerp Museum

If you’re a fan of architecture then The royal museum a fine art in Antwerp Germany will grab your attention.  What’s even more impressive is what you will find inside.  Some of the big names are Peter Paul Rubens, Anthony Vandyke, and Jordaens just to name a few of the old masters on display inside.  Besides the old masters there is a impressive collection of modernist paintings as well.  If you enjoy art at its best you must visit the royal museum of fine art while Antwerp Belgium.

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The night life in Antwerp is lively. Cafe d'Anvers  is a nightclub with a great balcony to do just that.  From above you can find some of the craziest dancing in Antwerp.  This is a fun place and it gets better if you dance a little too.  Don’t forget to dressed kind of trendy or you won’t fit in.  Don’t worry the neighborhood is safe, so go out and have some fun.

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It’s no mistake that Antwerp is considered a fashion capital of the world . The Lombardenvest area  here Antwerp Belgium is really a hot spot.   Belgian designers turned the fashion world on edge and since the early eighties began putting Antwerp on the map.  They have very edgy styles and here you will find some of the best names in fashion.   Don’t worry you won’t go hungry on your window shopping adventure there are lots of nice places to eat along the way. 


January 18, 2009