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Rental Car Choices has partnered with Hertz Car Rentals which is pleased to offer it first rate service in Bariloche, Argentina. Hertz offers several location in Bariloche which allow for easy rental pick up and returns. Click on the pictues to see the fantastic rates Hertz Car Rentals offer. Hertz most inexpensive rate will automatically be figured. Hurry don't miss out in the best offers for car and van rentals in Bariloche, Argentina..

Hotel Bariloche

The Hotel Correntoso in Villa la Angostura has beautiful sunsets. This is not just a gorgous place to stay but also a great place to eat.  The rooms are first class and the staff is friendly. This hotel is a great place to get away from it all. With rustic landscapes and excellent amenities, it is hard to imagine a nicer place to stay in Bariloche Argentina. 

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National Car Rental has many of European rental agencies. You can rely on National to have a car or van when you need it most. Any time you rent in Bariloche and surrounding areas be sure to use National for great deals.

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Club Bariloche

If you want to enjoy  life in Bariloche like real Argentineans thenyou have to learn to  eat late, drink late, and go out late.  Rocket, Cerebro  is a great place to do just that.  Of course dancing is an option but then again you wouldn’t fit in here since everybody’s doing it.  A visit to Bariloche wouldn’t be complete without getting just a little crazy.  Or if if you are into the Irish pub scene, Bariloche has some of that to offer as well. So night lifers go out have fun, proceed with caution

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Bariloche is a great place to go skiing.  Some feel that it is just as good as skiing in the Alps.  Of course snowboarders will enjoy this destination as well.  There is nothing like winding down the mountain on a beautiful day and then realizing you’re far away from home and Argentina.  If you’re serious about winter sports and you happen to be in Argentina and it would be a mistake not to visit Bariloche Argentina .

Argentina’s national park system is impressive. One if its biggest and best parks in Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi, the “Yosemite” of Argentina.  While hiking  here expect to see things like the pudu (small deer), or a giant wood pecker.  Bird watchers will also enjoy seeing birds like the austral parrots.  Submerse yourself in Argentina’s unique wildlife and plumage. Get lost wandering under the giant trees (not too lost).  But last but not least remember to do it all quietly and you will be much more like to catch some of Argentina’s elusive and intriguing wildlife.

January 15, 2009