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When you arrive in Aruba, the best wayto start your vacation is to pick up your rental car from Alamo andRental Car Choices, so you can get to some of the best and favoritespots on the island without hassles or paying expensive taxi fares.To reach the Natural Pool and other great areas, you will have agreat choice from Alamo, be it a compact car, minivan, mid size,full size, luxury car or SUV. You will save time and money bybooking it ahead and Alamo will never ask for a credit card. All youneed is to be 21 years old and you are on your way to the bestvacation you ever had in Aruba.


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We want to make your vacation to Aruba the best one you ever had, sowe have several attractions that might interest you: the NaturalPool, Rancho Daimari, Private Diving, The Antilla, Arashi Beach,Numismatic Museum, Fort Zoutman, Aruba Ostrich Farm, PelicanAdventures, Hooisberg, Atlantis Adventures, Rancho Notorious,Guadirikiri Caves, Stonehenge of Aruba, Malmok Reef, ArchaeologicalMuseum of Aruba, Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins, California Lighthouse,Ayo and Casibari Rock Formations and the Arikok National Park.Visiting all these great sites will be much easier for you if yourent a car from Alamo Car Rentals and Rental Car Choices who canoffer you the best choice for the best price from luxury cars toSUVs.


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Aruba is packed with so much to do including great beach experiences, golf, shopping, and some of the best dining in the world. Find what you’re looking for when visiting Aruba and get there fast in a quality car from Budget Rental Cars. You can save tons of money with your Budget car rental using discounts and coupon codes. Savor your trip to this wonderful and exotic place and get the most out of it with great deals and discounts you’ll find through your Budget car rental.

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Find the key hotspots in Aruba with your cheap rental car from Budget Rental Cars including the Archaeological Museum of Aruba, the Arikok National Museum, Fort Zoutman Museum, The Numismatic Museum of Aruba, Ayo and Casibari Rock Formations, the Bubali Bird Sanctuary and so many more points of interest. The best part about it is you can access all these great locations in a timely fashion with your discount car rental from Budget. Use some of that money you save to create more wonderful memories during your trip or bring back some souvenirs.

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Alamo and Rental Car Choices have teamed up to get you thebest of everything in Aruba, so we have some ideas for you to peruseand inform:
  • Archaeological Museum of Aruba
    Home to many of the marvelous discoveries made on the island, the museumshowcases skulls and bones, shell and stone tools, burial urns, pottery andother Amerindian relics. The archaeology artifacts found on the island are acontinuing source of study and interest, with many items to view and much of thehistory of this gorgeous island. Some of the stone tools have been date back tothe time of Christ's birth, the pottery, burial artifacts and sling stones arefrom the era 500 A.D.

  • Arikok National Park
    Comprising of almost one fifth of the island, this wonderful park includes 3beautiful geological formations, limestone formation from the coast, a quartzdiorite formation and the Aruba lava formation. Strangely or not, these uniqueconfigurations have had an effect on the development of the people and naturalphenomenon. Two fascinating species of birds and snakes exist only on this smallisland in the Caribbean. The two snakes are cascabel (poisonous like rattler)and the cat-eyed Baker's or Aruban. The shoco or Aruban burrowing owl andprikichi or Aruban parakeet. Another species is the Aruban whiptail lizard. Therock outcroppings are the reasons these species exist so well here and supportplant life. Arawak paintings have been discovered here and are the oldest everfound. This park is full of great hiking trails with varied country from hillsto gold mines to plantation ruins.

  • Fort Zoutman Museum and Willem III Tower
    The Historical museum of Aruba sits within the oldeststructure in Aruba, formerly a Dutch fortress. Now it home to the many artifactsdating from prehistoric times through today with many of the items left overfrom the Dutch fort. In the 18th century when pirates began to raid the islandfor horses and anything else of value, the Dutch decided to erect a fort in1796; which today is the oldest example of Dutch architecture. The Tower wasadded in 1878 and named after the Dutch king. As time went by, it has been analoe garden, tax office, jail, junk room and courthouse

  • The Numismatic Museum of Aruba
    Started in 1981, this originally was the private collectionof the owner, J. Mario Odor; who passed away in 2001; after amassing 35,000coins from over 400 countries. Within the collection itself is another 115different types of coinage; primitive, medals, chips, proofs, food coupons,strange, wooden, counter stamped, dollars, crowns, chop coins, leprosiums,overstruck, mini, gold, ration, FAO, commemoratives and errors. German andJapanese occupation notes, Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, Egypt, ancientGreece, Chinese dynasties, and India. Also lining the walls are swords andspears of some of the great emperors, dictators and kings.

  • Ayo and Casibari Rock Formations
    Most of the island of Aruba is formed from coral rock and other crustaceoustypes similar to these, however there are some strange boulders at the Ayo rockformation that attract rock hounds from all over. These same rocks would protectthe Arawak people from the terrible storms that hit the island many years ago.Nearby are the Casibari Rock Formations that give a spectacular view of theisland and many petroglyphs have been drawn on them and are preserved because ofthe government's intervention and protection. How these formations came to behere and the type of rocks in them is a mystery questioned by many even today.

  • Bubali Bird Sanctuary
    In this amazing place, exotic birds of incredible colors,sizes and species thrive, live and hunt. Some of the wonderful types are:pied-billed Grebe, egrets, different types of herons, groove billed Ani,Neotropic Cormorant, Purple Gallinule, Caribbean Coot, common Moorhen, Caribbeanparakeets, black-faced grassquits, bare-eyed pigeons, mangrove yellow warblers,tropical mockingbirds, blue-tailed Emeralds and srcub flycatchers. NorthernWaterthrushes are numerous, Prothonotary Warbler and Magnolia Warblers have beenseen and photographed here in the wild and it is exciting and amazing to seemany of these marvelous birds during whatever they chose to do in this naturalhabitat that is just for them.

May 1, 2009