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When you arrive at the Berlin Airport,the best way to travel around this beautiful city is to rent a carand add some flexibility to your vacation. We offer compact, midsize, full size, luxury cars, SUV or minivans at the Berlin CarRentals. Picking up your car rental at the airport or near theBerlin Airport, will always save you money, and give you the bestchoices that they have to offer. Our courteous staff will assist youin every way to make your Rental Car Choice the best for the areawith the greatest discount. Start your vacation worry free at Alamoin Berlin, Germany.


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We have gathered some great attractionsfor you to peruse at your convenience when you arrive at Berlin andhope that it makes your vacation more enjoyable: Berlin Fat TireBike Tours (actually a segway), Insider Tours, Pergamon Museum, KZSachsenhausen, Brandenburg Gate, Berlin Wall, Deutsches HistorischesMuseum, Brohan Museum, Jewish Museum, Gemaldegalerie (PictureGallery), Alte Nationalgalerie (Old National Gallery), Museum Hausam Checkpoint Charlie ( Berlin Wall Museum), Stasi Museum,Agyptisches Museum (Egpytian Museum), Berliner Dom (BerlinCathedral), Palast der Republik (Republic Palace), Friedrichstrasse,Friedrichserdersche Kirche (Friedrichserder Church), and over ahundred and fifty more places to visit that will enthrall you andcontinue to pique your curiosity about this incredible city that hasplayed a part in both World Wars, as well as many others in andaround Europe.

Budget Rental Car discounts inBerlin, Germany and surrounding areas

Berlin is a beautiful city in an amazing country with a lot to see. Find the most beautiful museums, castles, and so much more in Berlin. Whether you fly in for business, pleasure, family gathering, or any other reason, you are going to want to be able to move around on your own. Find great rates and vehicles at Budget rental Cars for a lot less than the rest. You can get into a really nice sedan or a van with plenty of room to spare. Whatever you do, use a Budget rental car coupon for the best deals.

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Berlin is also home to some amazing churches which are very old in age. They are spread about the city and require a lot of traveling around to see. If your locations of interest are far apart, get into a great vehicle at a great rate through Budget Rental Cars. Find great places to see all over Germany in your great rental car, truck, or van from Budget Rental Cars and save a great deal with coupons for Budget Rental Cars.

Budget Rental Cars in Berlin, Germany
Berlin Budget Rental Cars
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Budget Rentals in Berlin Germany
Budget Car Rentals in Berlin Germany

Budget Rental Cars in Berlin, Germany

Berlin Architecture

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Berlin Sights of the City

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Alamo and Rental Car Choices have some great suggestions for yourattention, while here in Berlin, since there are so very manychoices and places to visit and enjoy:

  • Charlottenburg Palace
    Dating back to the 17th century, this massive palace is thebiggest in Berlin and located in the Charlottenburg district of Berlin. At theend of the 17th century or 1699 to be exact this palace was built by FrederickIII as a summer palace for his wife Sophie Charlotte. This magnificent structurewas added to in the early 18th century, adding rococo styles of architecture tothe original baroque. The interior is very ornately decorated with a big gardenencompassed by a forest on the backside of the palace, with additionalbuildings; a pavilion, theater, belvedere and mausoleum. Although much wasdestroyed in the second World War due to Allied bombings, it has been fullyrestored to its original pristine condition. The garden was created in thebaroque style with many different styles located throughout melding intoincomparable assemblage. This majestic palace is filled with unique rooms,saloons and exquisite art. A French collection of paintings from the 18thcentury is the biggest outside of France and incomparable. A beautiful place tovisit and indulge your eyes.

  • St. Nicholas Church
    This Romanesque basilica was erected in 1230 and dedicated to the patronsaint of seafarers and merchants; St. Nicholas. The oldest sacred structure inBerlin, was renovated in 1470, then in the inside refurbished by F. W. Langhansin 1817 and once more in 1877-1880. Another unfortunate result of the Alliedbombings in WWII; much of the exterior and interior had to be rebuilt. It housesthe Chapel of the Virgin Mary dating from the 1452 era, with late medievalwall-paintings in the choir, Kotteritz Chapel, partly restored is a renaissancemasterpiece and Krautsche Monument, one of the most prominent monuments inBerlin from the 18th century. Some of the exhibits here include the oldestBerlin town seal (circa 1280), bear shaped drinking vessel of silver, sacredsculptures including the Spandau Madonna from 1290 and gold jewelry from the16th and 17th centuries.

  • Insider Tours
    This fantastic touring company has been highlighted on the History Channel,Lonely Planets, SBS, The Sunday Times and many others. There are actually 8different tours available with this company, but one of the most exciting is thefamous insider walk: Hidden Berlin and all Main Sites. Some of the specialfeatures of this great tour include; the Nazi legacy, which covers the rise andfall of the Third Reich; as you stand near the site of Hitler's Bunker and newexcavations. Many of the documents just released from Soviet archives gives youa better understanding of the suicide and last moments of this infamous butcher.Venture near the equally infamous Berlin Wall and find out why it was built andabout the reasons so many East Berliners tried to escape the confines of thattroubled city. With more Soviet documents about this interesting subject.Checkpoint Charlie, where so many events unraveled during the Cold War; and theactual hut has been transferred to the Allied Museum. Victory Column representsthe haughtiness and elite ness of the Prussian military. Brandenburg Gate wheremany of the world's greatest leaders have gone through; Bismarck, Napoleon, theKaisers, Nazis and Allies; and now the symbol of Berlin's re-unification.Potsdamer Platz where the biggest re-construction began to unite this greatcity. The Reichstag, formerly home to the Nazis and full of old bullet holesfrom the last WWII battle, the present Parliament sits; with Lord Foster's GlassDome atop the structure. Revolution '89 where the ruins of the Berlin Palace andthe GDR's Palace of the Repulik sit reminding all of the fall of the wall andthe Soviet Union; and the reuniting of Berlin and Germany. Hundreds of thousandsof Germans chanted, "We Are The People" and one of the greatest moments inhistory closed its chapter.

  • Pergamon Museum
    Sitting in the river of Spree in the middle of Berlin, Museum Island coversthe northern half of Spreeinsel Island and named because of the well knownmuseums that exist there and have been since King Frederick William IV ofPrussia wanted an area devoted to science and art in 1841. Numerous Prussiankings contributed to this fantastic collection of archeology and art, bringingincredible artifacts from all over the world. During the 1870s, a Germanarchaeologist Heinrich Schlieman uncovered treasures from the ancient city ofTroy in the country of Turkey and smuggled the incredible treasure back toBerlin. Here it remained until 1945, under the Berlin Zoo, when it was takenfrom the city and eventually turned up in a Moscow museum. Arrangement weremade, but to this day, the treasure still remains in Moscow as a recompense forthe destruction of Russian cities by the Nazis. The entire collection locatedthere now is in a state of confusion because of the great destruction by airraids during the second World War and the problems to get many of its artifactsback and organized. The oldest museum is called the Old Museum constructed in1830; the New Museum was completed in 1859 and the Old National Gallery finishedin 1876; with much of the art donated by Joachim Wagener. The Bode Museum wasfinished in 1904 and is home to the sculpture, antique and Byzantine art. Thelast museum completed in 1930 was the Pergamon containing many historicalstructures reconstructed from the original parts; such as the Pergamon Altar,and the Ishtar Gate of Babylon. The Pergamon altar was originally part of thecomplete altar at the Acropolis, where the base remains today. This altar wasdevoted to Zeus and referred to as Satan's throne in the Book of Revelationwritten by the apostle John on the isle of Patmos. The gate of ishtar was the8th gate into the city of Babylon built by King Nebuchadnezzar II in 575 B.C.Only the front side of the gate is housed in the museum, since the back was muchlarger; it is housed elsewhere.

  • The Gedachtniskirche or Memorial Church
    A commemoration to reconciliation and peace, this world renown church is arepresentation of the city's wish to rebuild in the wake of the world war. Thisassemblage of church ruins and modernized structures surrounding it symbolizesthe spectacle of yesterday and today. In the mid 1890s, this neo-Roman churchwas erected to bring glory to the first German Kaiser; only to be razed by bombsin an air raid in 1943. Originally the ruins were to be completed destroyed withplans for a new church in 1956. But the citizens of Berlin pitched such a fitthat plans were changed to integrate the ruins into the new structure. This wasdone in the late 1950s and is a marvel of man's ability to persevere through allobstacles. Constructed of honeycombed concrete, and glass bricks, the resultsare utterly amazing and beautiful beyond belief. Blue glass bricks have beenincorporated into the concrete remains to create an unbelievable blue aura thatcreates an atmosphere of calm and serenity. A must see for visitors to thisremarkable city that has been through the mill and stands tall now.

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