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Brussels Grand Place

Traveling to Brussels may necessitate you renting anauto. By renting one at the Brussels Airport, you can add great flexibility toyour vacation and big savings. If you pick up your car at or near the BrusselsAirport, you will be able to start your vacation without worries or problems.The great folks at the Brussels Car Rentals will help you decide if you willneed a compact, mid-size, full size, luxury car, SUV or minivan so you can starthappy. They offer great discounts all there the year, wherever you go and thecustomer service is very friendly.


Brussels Belgium

We want tomake your vacation to Brussels unforgettable, so we have listed a few of thewonderful places to visit: Brussels Bike Tour, Grand-Place, Musees Royaux desBeaux Arts (Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium), Palais Royal (Royal Palace),Museum of Ancient Art (Musee d'Art Ancien), Sablon, St. Nicolas Church, Churchof Notre-Dame au Sablon, Falstaff, Brewery Museum, Parc du Cnitquantenaire(Cinquantenaire Park), Museum des Sciences Naturelles, St. Jean Baptiste auBeguinage and Palace of Charles of Lorraine. The best idea when visiting thesewonderful attractions without worries or problems, is to rent a new car modelfrom Brussels Car Rentals, offering luxury cars to SUVs.


Budget Rental Car discounts inBrussels, Belgium and surrounding areas

Brussels, Belgium is a great place to visit for an amazing time in Europe. Everything from architecture to the country landscape will take hold of you. You will be amazed at the richness of the culture and beauty of it all. With a plethora of national landmarks, parks, museums and so much more you have plenty to see in this great city. Find it all fast in your quality rental car from Budget. Save money on your rental when you book with discount codes for Budget. You can never save too much money on vacation, so do it right with Budget Rental Cars.

Budget Rental Car Discounts in Brussels

Find everything you need with the help of one of Budgetís many courteous agents who stop at nothing to treat you with total respect. You have so much to see in Brussels that it would be a shame if you didnít get to it all in time. This is why you should be booking yourself a rental car, and you should do it with Budget car rental codes if you want to save money and get the best for your dollar. The world awaits your visit, so travel smart and in style with a Budget rental car.

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Brussels architecture

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Brussels statue

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The friendly people at Alamo and Rental Car Choices offer some great ideas foryour perusal while vacationing in Brussels:
  • Brouwerijmuseum/Musee de la Brasserie
    If you are interested in the evolution of beer brewing, then the basement ofthe Brewer's House on Grand Place will certainly be of extreme attention. Builtin the 15th century, this incredible house is still occupied by the originalowners' family. It is the headquarter of the Confederation of Belgian Brewers(CBB).

  • Markt/Grand Place
    Undoubtedly one of the most awesome squares in Europe, the esplanade isencompassed by high gabled structures from the Flemish Renaissance era withstatues and ornate carvings. Every day, its business is commerce, with beautifulflower markets, bird markets on Sundays and nightly lit with golden hues oflights all around. Summer and spring nights offer a wonderful light show thatdelights all the visitors and locals.

  • Manneken Pis
    As important to the countries they sit in, like the Eiffel Tower in Franceand the Statue of Liberty in the U.S.; this small statue is very dear to thepeople of Brussels and Belgium. First cast of bronze in 1619, it was destroyed,recast in 1630, again destroyed. For some unfathomable reason the French andEnglish have tried destroying this small statue meaning so much to these people.Over the centuries, the fragments were brought together and reformed to thedelights of the Belgians. The locals come often as the costumes worn by thestatue change and create a comical sight of the small weeing image.

  • Museum van Cacao en Chocolade
    Here in the country of Belgium, the average citizen eats about 16 pounds ofchocolate each year, so it is only natural that this city has a delicious museumof chocolate. Sitting in the area of the Grand Place, the museum will teach youabout the art of chocolate and the making thereof. Through the weekdemonstrations are given by a master of chocolate with the visitor benefitingfrom the samples of these marvelous tastes. That way you will know exactly whatyou are buying when you chose to take some of the samples home.

  • Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium
    Considered to be the finest museum system in Belgium, four separate museumsare included. Two of the four are housed in the main building; the Museum ofModern Art and Museum of Ancient Art, while the other two, Museum ConstatinMeunier and Antoine Wiertz Museum; located elsewhere in the city. These lattertwo are smaller and devoted to the Belgian artists. Home to over 20,000paintings, sculptures and drawings, dating from the 15th century to the presentera, this collection contains a large amount of Flemish paintings. Bruegel,Rogier van der Weyden, Anthony van Dyck, Jacob Jordaens and Robert Campin; with20 originals by Rubens. Hanging here is the famed "The Death of Marat" byJacques-Louis David. As part of the program, exhibitions are rotated throughoutthe year.

  • Royal Natural Science Institute of Belgium Museum
    Around 250 years ago, Karel van Lotharingen, governor of the Netherlandsstarted a "cabinet of curiosities, with rich patrons continuing to add and buildup the exhibits of the numerous of artifacts of that time. When he died, thecity of Brussels took over the exhibits and collections and put them all in theNatural History Museum in 1846. It has continued to grow exponentially over theyears and today contains over 37 million incredible specimens. Adding to thecollection's growth, researchers have helped to explain the many awesome piecesin house. At one time, a zoo was located behind the museum, and the elephantthat was there was stuffed when it died and now is in the museum. When thefortress of Antwerp was being dug, whales were discovered and placed in themuseum. Iguanodons are shown, with skeletons, the oldest Russian mineralscollection is here, Ishango bones, Messel fossilized remains, a stuffedthylacine, now extinct is also part of this fabulous collection. Log books,manuscripts and sketches of the Belgica's trip to the South Pole in 1897, wereadded. Two gorillas from the Congolese National Parks circa 1930 reside here,and recently a stuffed tiger and giant tortoise have also been added. Petrifiedwood from the forest of Hoegaarden have been sent here from the high-speedrailway system's work. Here is the biggest dinosaur gallery in Europe, thegallery of evolution, with areas of men and mammoths, biodiversity gallery,minerals, and many temporary exhibits fill this unbelievable institution.

April 30, 2009