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Hertz has been one of the the leaders in rental car business since for some time now, giving you great savings and customer service. Hertz Car Rental and RentalCar Choices have gotten together to bring you the very best in services andquality in the car rental business. With a name like Alamo, you can expect thebest in rental car services and never need a credit card; but must be at least21 years old. So on your next vacation, start with Alamo and you will have ahassle free discounted new model car without any worries.


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When you come to Cape Town you will need a rentalcar to enjoy all the sights and attractions in Cape Town, South Africa. The bestway to make your vacation flexible is to rent a car at the Cape Town Airport. Weare here to help you chose the best make and model to tour the many places youwill visit in Cape Town. Whether a compact, mid-size, full size or luxury car,SUV or minivan, when picking up your car at or near the Cape Town airport youwill get the best choice for the best price. We are dedicated to making yourvacation here the best it can be, without worries or problems.


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We, at Alamoand Rental Car Choices make every effort to make your vacation to Cape Town,South Africa the best one you have ever had, so we have found some wonderfulattractions that may be of interest to you: Table Mountain, Cape Convoy Tours,Gold of Africa Museum, Abseil Africa, Boulders Beach, World of Birds, PremierClasse Train, White Shark Ecoventures, South African National Gallery, SteamboatVicky, Koopmans-De Wet House, South African Cultural History Museum, SouthAfrica Museum and Planetarium, Skydive Cape Town, World of Birds and Cape CapersTours. The very best way to enjoy these fantastic attractions is to get a newcar rental from the Cape Town Car Rentals and not worry about problems orinterruptions.


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If fun in the sun, great surf, and a relaxing time in the beauty of Africa sounds like a great time to you then you should look into visiting Cape Town, South Africa. From the beautiful scenery created by mother nature to the finest dining, golf, and museums you will find just about anything in Cape Town. You could rely on someone else to get you where you need to go when you get there, but why not just drive yourself in a quality rental car from Budget? With Budget car rental coupons and discounts you can save a great deal of money on your next vacation.

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No matter where you are in the world you can find a Budget Rental Car company office. Most major cities have a Budget and you can find a great number of coupon discounts for many locations. Have a great time in Cape Town, South Africa visiting Table Mountain, Gold of Africa Museum, Abseil Africa, Boulders Beach, Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve, Castle of Good Hope and many more attractions in Cape Town. You can never save too much money when going on vacation or traveling for business so start saving money with Budget car rental coupons and discounts.

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Rental Car Choices and Alamo Rental Cars have teamed up to inform you of a few great area attractions in Cape Town that may be of interest to you:
  • Table Mountain
    Imagine the hand of God coming down to earth and carving out an incrediblemountain, flattening the top, and putting animals and plants there that arefound no other place on this world. You would end up having to go to Cape Town,South Africa to see that imagination become reality, and in fact, this mountainis more majestic than even your imagination. From the highest point at MaclearsBeacon, you can see unbelievable views of the city and the oceans beyond.Looking out into the oceans, it is hard to believe that there are actually twooceans meeting in front of the mountain and the city below. Here the cool watersof the Atlantic meet the warmer ones of the Indian Ocean. Home to 1470 speciesof plants, with over 250 varieties of daisies, with endemic plants such as therare Silver Tree and the wild orchid Disa Uniflora. Porcupines and baboonsthrive here, the fuzzy rodent Rock Dassies, similar to fat rabbits without earslive here; their closest relation being the elephant. The Ghost frog thatresides here can be found in no other spot on the earth. The more favorite wayto get to the top of the mountain is by cable car, offering the most awesomepanoramic views anywhere. An eating establishment and gift shop sits on the top,so you can enjoy the view with a snack, meal or cup of tea. This is amagnificent place and it offers up to 350 different paths along themountainside. The peak to the east is Devil's Peak and there is a great storyinvolved, but you would have to go there to find out about it.

  • Gold of Africa Museum
    This spectacular museum invites you to take part in the mysterious relationsbetween the African lands and the bane of mankind; gold. The many visual andartistic exhibits will move you through the history of this mystical continentand its part in the search for gold through the eons. Home to more than 350articles of west Africa gold, more pieces have come from the antiquatedcivilizations of southern Africa. This collection hopes to conserve the Africangoldsmithing craft and to motivate today's designing. Often short termcollections come from India, Egypt, Mali and Brazil to broaden and enhance thecharisma this precious metal has had on every culture on the earth.

  • Abseil Africa
    In the need for speed, thrills, incredible adrenaline rushes, heart poundingadventures that will have you wondering if you will ever be done? Take this tourand you will, rappelling from a crag off Table Mountain, down to the bottom over3000 feet below. Hike the mountain sides and over extreme river gorges coming tobeautiful rock pools, where you can kloof or jump any where from 10 to 70 feetoff the craggy rocks into the cool pools below. Hike along Platteklip Gorge andthrill to the incredible natural landscapes and scenes; all the while keepingyour heart pumping at an alarming rate.

  • Boulders Beach
    Protected by large granite boulders, these inlets are a very popular placebecause of the African penguins that have made this their home since 1982. Fromonly 2 pairs of penguins this colony has grown to over 3000 today and arecomfortable around people so it is easy to get a up close and personal view ofthis wonderful creatures. This beach is part of the Table Mountain National Parkand is a great place to relax and watch these penguins at play.

  • Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve
    Part of the Cape Peninsula Park, this reserve is internationally known forits incredible biodiversity with unique land formations, different flora andfauna. Myths and legends have grown from this area over the centuries because ofthe many references made to it by the early explorers. Bartholomew Dias calledit the cape of storms in 1488, King John II of Portugal gave it the name of Capeof Good Hope, Sir Francis Drake said it was "the fairest cape in the wholecircumference of the earth" in 1580. During the 17th century, a Dutch ship wastrying to go around the Cape in high winds and was lost; all was lost, the crewand ship, without any signs of them and today the Flying Dutchman is a legend.

  • Castle of Good Hope
    A star shaped fort near the coastline of Table Bay, built in 1679 to protectthe city from British invasion. A gated entry way replaced the dilapidatedentrance facing the sea in 1682 and a bell tower built in 1684 to house theoldest bell in South Africa, cast in Amsterdam in 1679. Inside the castle,workshops, living quarters, church, bakery, shops and cells were erected for thesoldiers as well as the town's people should danger arise. Inside, a wall waserected in order to protect the citizens if an attack should occur, where theKat Balcony is with sculptures by Anton Anreith; and announcements made to theslaves, soldiers and burghers of the town. This balcony led to an exhibit ofpaintings and furniture by William Fehr. Declared a national monument in 1936,and houses the Military Museum.

May 6, 2009