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Many visitors prefer to rent a car when they travelto Copenhagen, Denmark. By renting a car in Copenhagen, you will be moreflexible on your vacation, and could be less expensive than other modes oftravel. You can pick up your rental car at or near the Copenhagen Airport andhave a choice of rentals available. You can chose a compact, mid-size, fullsize, luxury car, minivan or SUV at the Copenhagen Car Rental and be on your waywithout problems or worries of any kind.


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Make yourtrip to Copenhagen more memorable by visiting some of the landmarks andattractions we have listed for you: Amalienborg, Borsen, Den Lille Havfrue,Faelledparken, Frederikskirken, Glytoteket, Kongens Have/Rosenborg Slotshave,Louis Tussauds Voksmuseum, Nationalmuseet, Rosenborg Slot, Stroget, Vor FrelsersKirke, Vor Frue Kirke, National Art Museum, Round Tower, HirschsprungCollection, Copenhagen City Museum, Copenhagen Zoo, Viking Ship Museum, MolleaenRiver, Geological Museum and H.C. Andersen Tour. The best way to enjoy the cityis with a reliable and worry free auto from the Copenhagen Car Rental orCopenhagen Minivan Rental.


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Denmark is full of exciting things to do from tourist hotspots to local shopping, dining, museums, and so much more! Get your fill of the action by driving around in your very own rental car from Budget Rental Cars. Save a boat load of cash with coupons for Budget and have a great time doing it! Get yourself a vehicle to pack the kids and family into and take a ride to the Bakkehus Museum to see the rich blend of culture that happened in the 1800ís due to the Rahbeks. Take the time to see the sights and spend less on a rental car from Budget Rental Cars.

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With discount coupon codes for Budget youíll save money renting a vehicle that will get you around to see the many sights of Copenhagen. The people and places you meet and see will truly inspire you so donít miss any of them. The best part is you can save all kinds of money on your rental with coupon codes for Budget. Arrive at the airport and get you a pull of a great rental car with tons of options. You will be glad you chose a company with the most with low prices and great discounts.

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Alamo Rental Cars and Rental Car Choices have teamed up to offer some of thewonderful attractions and tours available in Copenhagen for your interests:
  • Borsen
    Otherwise known as the stock exchange, this is one of the oldest and mostmagnificent structures in the city, erected by Christian IV in 1620; who wantedthe city to become a major financial center similar to Amsterdam. Built abovethe water, with filled-in foundations, since water was around the structure on 3sides; it has endured many fires that have damaged the city over the years.Created to hold meetings between the Danes and foreign merchants, it was home tonumerous shops and the bottom floor used to sell anything and everything.Beautifully adorned with dormer windows, the most interesting architecturalsignature is the spire; that has the entwined tails of four dragons and threecrowns set on top that represent the three Nordic countries of Sweden, Denmarkand Norway.

  • Botanisk Have
    Created in 1874, the Botanical Gardens are a serene place set in the middleof Copenhagen with the beauty of nature surrounding you. Rare trees, medicinalplants, rock gardens and wild Danish plants from heath and moor adorn thewonderful area creating a sense of well being and calmness, sometimes necessaryin the hectic times of commerce and life. Palm House is filled with incrediblygorgeous orchids, cacti and palm trees, with the Botanical Museum andobservatory within the nature park.

  • Amalienborg
    Created to celebrate the 300th anniversary of Oldenborg House, Frederik V,built these four palaces around a square. The four are; Christian VII's palaceMoltkes, Christian IX's palace Schackske, Christian VIII's palace Levetzaus andFrederik VIII's palace Brockdorfske. The best of the four is Moltkes. It becamethe royal family's home in 1794 when Christiansborg burned and has been the mainpalace ever since. The most prominent feature of the square is the statue ofFrederik V sitting astride a horse, and all these creations give a marvelousimpression.

  • Charlottenborg
    The palace was formerly the home of Ulrik Gyldenlove, but was purchased in1700 by the dowager Queen Charlotte Amalie. It has since become the Royal DanishAcademy of Art plus containing a wonderful library dedicated to art. Hererecognized and new artists show their works and the palace is famous for theseexhibitions.

  • H. C. Andersen Tour
    Living the majority of his life in Copenhagen, the Danish fairytale writerHans Christian Andersen lived near the harbor and walked the streets of Nyhavn,his home was here at #20, the Royal Theater where he worked and Tivoli Gardenswhich fascinated him so much so that he became inspired to write. It was herethat he wrote his first fairy tales in 1835, moving down to #67 in 1845; andlater he returned to the area at #18 in 1873 and died in 1875, at the age of 70.A bronze statue of the Little Mermaid, which he wrote in 1837, was erected nearthe harbor in 1913, and is one of the most favorite destination of visitingpeople and photographed more than any other statue in the world.

  • Bakkehus Museum
    Kamma and Knud Lyne Rahbek lived here in the early 1800s creating anenvironment conducive to the meeting of the great culturists of that era. Thisunique museum has somehow continued to carry the ambience and mood of themeetings and the people who ventured here. It is now home to many great literaryand cultural histories regarding this era.

May 6, 2009