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 Hertz CarRental has been one of the leaders in the car rental business for quite a while, and have given yououtstanding quality and customer service from the beginning.  Rental CarChoices have teamed up with Hertz to bring you the very best in service andsavings.  Hertz Rental Car and Rental Car Choices will deliver you the bestcar for the best price and you will never need a credit card.  They just require you to be 21 years of age.  So the next time you are going onvacation, start with Hertz and Rental Car Choices and you will start off withthe knowledge you are in the hands of the best car rental service.


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The best way to see Curacao is by car, and the bestcar rental service is offered by Alamo at the Curacao Airport. When you rent atthe Curacao Airport, you will add flexibility to your vacation and often as not,save money and worries. Curacao Car Rentals will help you decide if you need acompact, mid-size, full size, luxury car, minivan or SUV, and get you the bestdiscount available. When you pick up your car at or near the Curacao Airport, wewill make sure that you have no worries or problems and you can start youvacation with a smile.


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Alamo andRental Car Choices have teamed up to help make your vacation more enjoyable bylisting some of the best attractions and landmarks in Curacao: Boca Tabla,Curacao Ostrich and Game Farm, Mikve Israel-Emanuel Synagogue, Kura HulandaMuseum, Curacao Sea Aquarium, Hato Caves, Curacao Underwater Marine Park,Christoffel National Park, Natural History Museum, Mushroom Cave, SuperiorProducer, Handelskade, Savonet Museum and Bolivar Museum. The easiest and bestway to visit many of these wonderful attractions is to use a new car rental fromthe great people at the Curacao Rental Cars.


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When you set your sights on Curacao you will be taken by storm at the beauty in color that lies in this wonderful paradise. The beautiful buildings are painted in a festive blend of bright colors which seem almost novelty yet fit the vibrant beaches and clear blue waters. The best way to experience the nightlife and the great shopping and dining as well as the natural attractions is to rent a cheap vehicle to cruise around in. When we say cheap, we donít mean run down; we simply mean the best at a great discounted rate. Find the best for less at Budget Rental Cars. Use a Budget coupon code to save yourself some good money on your next trip out.

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With so many companies to choose from out there, why not select the best. Budget guarantees great customer service and you get quality vehicles at low prices, so whatís not to like? The best part about selecting Budget Rental Cars in Curacao or any other major city in the world is that you can have added savings with your Budget car rental coupons and codes. Visit beautiful Curacao today and save on your rental car with coupons for Budget.

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Alamo Rental Cars and Rental Car Choices have teamed up to show you some of thegreat attractions and landmarks available to you in the Curacao area and hopethey will be of some help:
  • Hato Caves
    In the days of slave trading, these caves became homes to some of theescaped slaves; who lived in them for many months at a time. The Arawak Indiansused them during their existence here, because of the many wonderful drawingsand petroglyphs that are on the cave walls everywhere. These are estimated to beover 1500 years old and are an exciting addition to the tours. Experiencedguides are here to take you through the caves and explain the many highlightsand stories that have come into existence because of the incredible shapes ofthe stalagmites and stalactites. Depending on the lighting, some of these havebeen called Sea Tortoise, Giant of Jack and the Beanstalk and Pirate's Head. Agreat time to see the caves and enjoy the coolness they bring.

  • Christoffel Park
    This awesome park is located on the west side of the island in theirnational park, established in 1978. Mt. Christoffel rises 1239 feet above theisland is the main peak. The park is home to many auspicious plants, trees andanimals. Dozens of species of trees and plants thrive in the environment createdon this island in the Caribbean. An orchid forest adorns the park, with birds ofmany colors and beauty; lizards and various sea life; especially the sea turtlesthat come to nest here in the many crags. And the view from the mountain topisn't too shabby either, showing you the panoramic views of the island and thesea around it.

  • Curacao Sea Aquarium
    This is one of the best visited attractions on the island, where you canspend many wonderful hours exploring the many fantastic exhibits located here.On the south side of the island, a marina, hotel, a huge beach and the aquariumform a marvelous complex next to the Underwater Park. This is a fabulousopportunity for the children in your family to get closer to the marine life.They will learn about the various species of fish, the names, what they eat, andall the information they ever wanted to know. If you have never dived, they willteach you enough to go down and experience the thrill of a lifetime feedingsharks, stingrays, sea turtles and Caribbean fish, all by hand. If you havenever had the chance to come face to face with these beautiful sea creatures,this is your opportunity.

  • Curacao Museum
    Housed in a building from the mid 1800s, the biggest museum in Curacao,holds contemporary foreign and local as well as traditional artists. Antiquemahogany furniture from the 18th and 19th centuries beautifully crafted, maps ofthe area and Caribbean from the centuries past and Indian art all adorn thisgreat museum.

  • Maritime Museum
    Sitting within the confines of a 1729 mansion, refurbishing was accomplishedin the maritime style, completely done with wood and brass, a gangplank, shipsrailings and portholes give this museum a very special touch. Multimediadisplays with video presentations bring it all to life wit antique miniatures,maps, and ship models from the 17th, with some exhibits dating back to the 15thcentury. How the Spanish ruled is covered, as well as the conquest of the islandby the Dutch and the creation of the Dutch West India Company. Willemstad isdepicted from its naval base origins to the maritime trading center to theincredible 20th century growth. A ferry is part of the museum for tours of theharbor and carrying cruise ship passengers back and forth. A cafe and gift shopis available.

  • Dolphin Academy
    This exceptional venue will thrill people of all ages as they offer manydifferent types of programs where you can interact with the dolphins. You canobserve others kissing, training, swimming, diving, touching or caressing thesetruly lovable creatures. They encourage you to learn, and become a part of thedolphin experience in any way that you chose and will help you achieve thatreality. They have presentations on a daily basis, so you can become accustomedto seeing all the interaction and play that people have with the dolphins. Agreat place to visit and enjoy.

May 6, 2009