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Welcome to the official online tourist office for Dublin. Hereyou'll find Dublin hotels, and other accommodation in our Dublinaccommodation section, all of which are of the highest standard andall are approved by Failte Ireland. Dublin is not only the capital of Ireland but also the largest city in Ireland. Dublin is located to the midpoint of Irelands east coast, which is conveniently at the mouth of the River Liffey and the center of Dublin Region. Dublin was first founded as Viking settlement but has been the primary city since medieval times. this city is mostly known for its contemporary cultural  center and is very historical.


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Thrifty Car Rental - Dublin

The Abbey Theatre in DublinThe Abbey Theatre is an active theater that often puts on plays that elaborate and catapulted writers including O'Casey and Behan to prominence. Some of theatergoers caused a riot due to the controversial works presented here. This is a very historic building with a plain exterior but the interior is a little bit different with the ornate foyer and stairwell that has pictures of former actors and playwrights. There is also many historic features and information displayed on the interior for visitors to enjoy.  This theater was first founded in 1904 by Yeats and lady Gregory.

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Glasnevin Cemetery in DublinGlasnevin Cemetery has the graves of many men and women who made the road to Irish history. This cemetery was first founded in the year 1832 and sits on 124 acres of land. Irish presidents along with writers such as Gerald Manley Hopkins and Christy Brown all rest here. All of these people have some how made a difference on Irish life and this includes the men and women who were ordinary citizens. Michael Carey of Francis Street in Dublin was the very first person to be buried here. In total there are over one million men and women who lay to rest in this cemetery.

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Irish Museum of Modern Art in DublinThe Irish Museum of Modern Art holds a great collection of impressive artwork that ranges from the 14th to the 20th century. Some of these amazing artworks come from Degas, El Greco, Monet, and Picasso all have displays of art. There is also artwork from international and Irish art from the late 1900's. The museum has an entire room devoted just to British/Irish painter Jack B. Yeats. Every so often the museum also has a musical or theatrical performance held on the grounds for even more entertainment.

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Guinness Brewery/ Hop Store in DublinThe Guinness Brewery and Hop Store is an exhibit that focuses mainly on Ireland's most famous export called Guinness Stout. Beer lover's along with non-drinkers will both love this exhibit due to the fact that they have so much history that is linked with Dublin's. The advertising gallery comes from the arts of John Gilroy. The other part of the museum focuses on how the beer is made and how the beer become the most famous brew in the world. There are tasting opportunities in the Bar where visitors get a free pint of beer for their pleasure.

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