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The City Council wants Glasgow to flourish as a multi-cultural,international city where people are valued equally and where theychoose to live, learn, work and play. Glasgow is the largest city in the United Kingdom as well as the third most populous. Glasgow sits on the River Clyde which is located on the west central lowlands. This city was known as the second city of the British Empire mostly during the Victorian era. Glasgow today is known to be in the top twenty for a financial center. Glasgow is also known as one of the most liveliest and decorated cities in Europe.  The city was reborn and redecorated into a cosmopolitan city with a Victorian background. The art and culture are very important here in Glasgow where the museums and galleries are abundant, most with free admission. Glasgow is the home of the very first Museum of Religion along with 20 other museums included in the city. 

When traveling through Glasgow and Scotland, renting a car is most people choice. Renting a car in Glasgow can add flexibility to your traveling expenses and result in saving costs for other traveling expenses. The Glasgow International Airport and near the airport is where most people pick up their car rentals due to the fact that this is where the widest variety of cars are to choose from. We also offer pick up for at or near the airport from all major rental companies. If you need a luxury rental car, mid-size, full-size, compact, or van rental, we have all choices. Let us help you with your next car rental in Glasgow.

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Thrifty Car Rental - Glasgow
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The Hunterian Art Gallery and Museum in GlasgowThe Hunterian Art Gallery and Museum was first opened in 1807 and is the oldest public museum in Scotland. This is a very spacious open space and has a special roof that lets plenty of natural light inside. There are many galleries inside the museum that has displays of the University of Glasgow student art, out of these displays there are 16th and 17th century paintings, British and French paintings from 1700-1840, Scottish Colourists, and the Whistler Collection. Also in this museum are displays of Roman coins and Dinosaur fossils.

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The Trades Hall of GlasgowThe Trades Hall of Glasgow is located in the Merchant City which is the heart of Glasgow. This Trades Hall is the most important historic buildings in Glasgow. Included in this historic site is the Robert Adam building which can be toured with an audio guide, as well as learn about Glasgow's rise from a medieval village to a cosmopolitan city. The Trade Hall is also available for events such as weddings, dinners, conferences, and meetings. Each room in the Trade Hall is a trip to the past with the paintings and displays, as you learn about how the people lived, worked, and amused themselves.

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Pollocks House in GasglowThe Pollock Country Park is known as one of the largest parks in Glasgow that first began as a private estate of the Maxwell family. Today it is a park that sits on 361 acres of land and is the most popular attraction area. One of the most popular attraction on the park site is the 18th century Pollock House and its Burrell collection. There are many nature trails that can be guided if you desire or unguided as well. This park is accessible by car or even by foot, if coming in a car the park is accessible by Pollockshaw Road and if coming by foot it is accessible by Haggs Road.

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Glasgow Cathedral The Glasgow Cathedral is the oldest church from medieval times in Scotland and was founded by St. Mungo in 543 AD. Just by the first glance at this church, people know this is a church from the medieval era and has played an important role in history. The church has been rebuilt many times but there are some sections of the church that remain from the 12th century. Many visitors say outside of the church in the Old Churchyard, there is a haunting medieval ambience. On the interior of the church you don't want to miss the carvings and paintings, or even the crypt of St. Mungo in the lower church.

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