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Lyon, FranceLyon is located to the east-central part of France. Lyon is a major center of business right in the middle of Paris and Marseille. This city is the second largest French urban area with the first being Paris. Lyon is mostly known for its historical and architectural landmarks and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Lyon was first known as the "silk capital of the world" but is now known as the culinary capital of France. Another name for Lyon is the "city of lights" due to its history that began on Fourviere Hill which was when the city was under the Romans. The tradition still occurs today where over 100 cites across the city light up at night to show the splendor of Lyon's architecture.

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Many people choose to rent a car when they travel throughFrance.Renting a car in Lyon can add flexibility to your vacation, and can often result in a cost savingsover other types of travel. Most travelers pick up their cars at or near theLyon airport and typically has the widest selection of rental carchoices. We offer cars for pick up at or near the Lyon airport fromall of the major rental car companies.  Whether you need a compact, midsize, full size, luxury car, SUV or a minivan, let us help you with your Lyon car rentals.

The National Orchestra of LyonThe Auditorium and National Orchestra of Lyon holds many different musical concerts every year. They range from jazz, classical, or even pop, you may even hear the renowned National Orchestra of Lyon. This orchestra has 81 keys and 6,337 pipes and the Auditorium's organ is known to be the most magnificent in France. The National Orchestra of Lyon is starting to become known internationally with performances for over 150,000 people in its 120 concerts every year. The orchestra is made up of more than 100 of France's best musicians and it very much well worth seeing.

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One of the most trusted and widely recognized names in the rental car companies in the world. Thrifty Rental Car has an exclusive discounted rate for your online reservation. We have cheap car rental reservations in Lyon, France.

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Sculpture from Musee Gallo-Romaine in Lyon, FranceThe Musee Gallo-Romaine has an extensive collection of artifacts coming from the Southeast Gaul and dates back from the 17th century BC to the end of the Gallo-Roman era. The features of the museum are architecture, sculpture, epitaphs, bronzes, ceramics, precious metals, glass, coins, and mosaics. The most noticeable in the museum is the Claudian tablet which is an inscription on bronze from 48 AD and it has parts of a speech that was made before the Roman Senate by the Emperor Claudius.

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Hertz Rental Car is one of the most recognized and respected names in Lyon rental cars internationally and in France. Rental Car Choices and Alamo have partnered up to ensure the cheapest online rates. Click the logo above to check the availability and online rates to make a reservation right away. Alamo does not ask for a credit card to make a reservation.


Miribel-Jonage Park in Lyon, FranceMiribel - Jonage Park is known to be a magnificent park and has something for the whole family with a vast amount of natural park area. This park offers a chance to wander through the park and observe the wildlife. Visitors are most likely to see otters, foxes, or even deer on a quiet stroll through the park. There is also more active things to do such as golf, horseback riding, trails, archery, and rock-climbing. The park sits around a beautiful lake which gives it a more relaxed scene.

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Avishas 1,700 different locations all over the world providing business and leisure customers with a wide variety of services to help them rent a car in Lyon. We are the second largest rental car company as well as one of the most recognized in the world. make sure to choose Avis for your next car rental in Lyon, France.

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Ancien Palais de Justice in Lyon, FranceThe Ancien Palais de Justice is a very old impressive Palais de Justice that was built on the banks of the Soane River Some time between the year 1835 and 1845. The architect, L.P. Baltard was the one who gave it the Greco-Roman temple style.  The building has 24 fluted columns, Corinthian capitals and a monumental staircase. The palace was placed around the "la saled des pas perdus" which is a place where the accused and their lawyers waited to go before the judge.


Palaise du Commerce in Lyon, FrancePalais du Commerce was first opened in 1862 and is a tribute to the economy and wealth of the rulers of its day. The decorations are beautiful but despite the beauty, the decorations remind the viewer of why it was built which was business. There is a clock in the Palais that is framed by the two faces of Commerce and Industry and the "salle de la bourse" accents the necessity of the continuous business. On the ceiling inside the Palais there is an allegory of international trade. Even until today the Palais remains the chamber of commerce and industry.

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Jardin Archeologique St. Jean in Lyon, FranceJardin Archeologque Saint Jean was built between the year 1973 and 1977 and is an Episcopalian church. Within the few churches here in Lyon, the novices were mostly taught the St. Etienne baptistery. The baptismal tank and the remains of Roman monuments can still be seen today which is how most of the history of the area can be studied, through these amazing preservations of the past. Most of the houses in Lyon are from the Renaissance or Gothic periods but there is one house located at Saint Jean called the Manecanterie. It is one of the oldest parts of the church buildings that was excavated at the Jardin Archeologique St. jean. The cathedral choristers lived here in the 14th and 15th centuries.

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