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Manchester, United KingdomManchester is the second largest city in the United Kingdom and was granted city status in 1853. Manchester itself lies at the center of the wider Greater Manchester Urban Area. Today, Manchester is the center of arts, the media, higher education and commerce. Manchester is known to be a very large city and major city in Great Britain. Manchester was born of the Industrial Revolution and took the lead in the world's textile manufacture and production in the late 18th century. Originally Manchester was an old town which has been in habited since Roman times. The arts and culture in Manchester is very diverse, with many different theaters to choose from. During the day visitors can explore the landmark museums and at night catch a show at one of the many theaters.


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Many people choose to rent a car when they travel throughEngland.Renting a car in Manchester can add flexibility to your vacation, and can often result in a cost savingsover other types of travel. Most travelers pick up their cars at or near theManchester airport and typically has the widest selection of rental carchoices. We offer cars for pick up at or near the Manchester airport fromall of the major rental car companies.  Whether you need a compact, midsize, full size, luxury car, SUV or a minivan, let us help you with your Manchester car rental. 

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Thrifty Rental Car in Manchester has cheap rental car rates. Thrifty is one of the most recognized and trusted car rental companies in the world. Thrifty gives an exclusive discount rate for your online reservations.

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Heaton Hall in ManchesterThe Heaton Hall is a restored 18th century home with many rooms to explore and sits on about 650 acres of green parkland. Some of the rooms that are included in the home are the circular Pompeian Room and a Music Room that is complete with the most popular instruments of the that time period. The exhibits in this home change regularly and mostly focus on the several artists work that relates to a single topic. One of the past topics was dogs and the displays included photographs, computer-generated art, and portraits that all referred back to the saying "man's best friend".  This attraction is operated by the City Art Galleries in Manchester and it holds many lectures and frequent talks.   

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Rental Car Choices has partnered with Hertz Car Rental.They are known as one of the most trusted and recognizable names in Manchester car rentals internationally as well as here in England. Click on the logo above to find the available rates. The cheapest rates we have will automatically be calculated as well as make your reservation right away. At Hertz there is no credit card needed to make your reservation.


Manchester MuseumThe Manchester Museum was first built in 1912 and still today some of the exhibits are still displayed in the same format as they were nearly a century ago. Some of the most popular displays for the visitors have been the Egyptology display, the aquarium, the exhibition of reconstructed skeletons, and the display of common characteristics between primates ad early Homo sapiens. A couple other galleries that are said to be well worth visiting are the Oriental Gallery and the Mediterranean Gallery. The collections here at the Manchester Museum are focused on Botany, Live Animals, and Egyptology. There is also a Resource Centre located on the 3rd floor that is now open for anyone wanting to do research on objects in the Museum's collection.

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Avis is the second largest general use rental car company to operate. We provide business and leisure customers with wide variety of services at more than 1,700 different locations all over the world. We are also recognized as one of the top brand names in customer loyalty. Make sure you choose Avis Rental Car for your next Manchester rental car.

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The Lowry in ManchesterThe Lowry in Manchester is a glass factory located on the banks of the Salford Quays and it offers many galleries with plenty of space and natural light. This gallery is most popular for its collection of workd by L.S. Lowry who is a popular British artist who created ghostly figures and enigmatic drawings. There are also other displays in the gallery of installations by other regional and international contemporary artists. This artwork gives visitors the chance to experience art firsthand by stepping into a padded Perception Room and taking part in a digital mural that responds to sound and movement. Also inside The Lowry are two theatres called the Lyric Theatre which seats 1700 people and the Quays Theatre that seats 466 people.

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Boggart Hole Clough in ManchesterThe Boggart Hole Clough is known as a retreat from the bustle of the city. Here visitors are surrounded by natural beauty as well as athletic facilities. Some of the athletic activities to do at this park are tennis, basketball, boating, and many other leisure areas. The park also holds many sponsor events such as mountain bike rides and bonfire and fireworks shows. In the are of the Boggart Hole Clough are many parks including Blackley Park, Crumpsall Park, Nuthrust park, Picadilly Garden, Queen's Park, and St. John's Gardens. This is a great attraction for the whole family to enjoy and relax.


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