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Monterrey, MexicoMexico is not only about a vacation to the beach. If that's all you think it is then you haven't heard about Monterrey. The culture in Monterrey is very rich and the people there are all about their shopping. This is also the city for handmade leather goods and fine restaurants. Monterrey is known as the "City of Mountains" with stunning scenery and amazing mountains. This is a vacation destination for the whole family complete with water parks, horseback riding, and many other activities as well. Monterrey is also the ideal place for a wedding with the magnificent mountain views or a romantic honeymoon.


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Choosing a rental car in Monterrey would make your vacation more flexible and add a little savings for other traveling expenses. Most people pick up their rental cars at or even near the airport due to the fact that they have more of a selection of rental cars to choose from. We also offer pick up at or near the Monterrey airport from all of the major rental car companies. Whether you need a luxury car, compact car, full-size, mid-size, or van rental, we have it!

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Thrifty Car Rental

Cheap Car RentalReservations in Monterrey with Thrifty Car Rental. We are one of the most trusted and recognized rental car companies and we offer exclusive thrifty discounts on online reservations.

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Cathedral Metropolitana de Nuestra Senora de Monterrey


Cathedral Metropolitana de Nuestra Senora de Monterrey is located in the most popular part of downtown called the macroplaza. This is an ancient cathdral that stands as the oldest building in the city. The archictecture of the buildings style has a combinations of different things as the actual construction of the building was between 1770 to 1889. On the exterior of the building are extravagant ornamentation and as for the interior, it is covered with beautiful murals and paintings. Visitors can take a guided tour of the cathedral and learn about the catacombs that lie beneath.

Hertz Car Rental

RentalCar Choices has partnered with Hertz Car Rental,we are one of the most reliable and recognized names in Monterrey internationally and here in Mexico. Clicking on the logo above shows the available rates online to make your reservation right away. Hertz does not ask for any credit card information when making a reservation. Make sure Hertz is your next choice for renting a car in Monterrey.

Centro Cultural Alfa in MonterreyThe Centro Cultural Alfa is a planetarium that give visitors a chance to gaze at the stars and relax after a long day of shopping and/or sightseeing. The planetarium also has a very high-tech Omnimax System and a 24-square meter screen. This is not just a planetarium but a museum all in all and the museum expands over five floors and includes many different subjects. The subject range from information about Grupo Alfa which is the company that started this center, to prehistoric national art. It doesn't stop there, this facility also has an aviary with over 200 birds of 15 different species.

Avis Rental Car

Avisoperates the world's second largest general-use car rental business. Avis offers business and leisure customers a wide variety of services with 1,700 different locations all over the world. We are one of the most respected rental car companies and one of the top brands for customer loyalty. Make sure you choose Avis for your next rental car in Monterrey.

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The Cola de Caballo in Monterrey


The Cola de Caballo is a breathtaking waterfall that is located just 40 kilometers southeast of Monterrey. Visitors will make this short trip to the waterfall just to view its natural beauty. This is one of the short things to do while on vacation in Monterrey but is definitely something to do in your free time. it is a very relaxing attraction and gives you time to just enjoy the beauty of Mexico. The name of this waterfall means "Horse Tail Falls" due to the shape of the falls looks like the sway of a horses tail . The water falls 25 meters down and comes from the Sierra Madre oriental Mountains.

Dollar Rent A Car

Dollar Rental Car -Monterrey Airport
Dollar Rental Car -Monterrey Main office

Macroplaza in MonterreyThe Macroplaza is located in downtown and is also known as the Gran Plaza. The Macroplaza is also known as the center of this city. This plaza spans for almost 100 acres and includes fountains, gardens, statues, many historic buildings. In those historic buildings is including the Metropolitan Cathedral which is dated back to the 1700's, the Palacio Federal, and the large Neptune Fountain. There are also many shops in the area including the Zona Roas, abuts the central area which gives it a diversion to this area.

Budget Car Rental

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Sesame Parade at the Sesame Plaza Park in MonterreyThe Sesame Plaza Park in Monterrey first began to be built in 1990 and was the first theme park to be built in Mexico. On October 12, 1995 is when the theme park began operation with a diversion of mechanical, an aquatic attractions and shows that are all full of color in a place where imagination is taking place. This theme park has over a million visitors each year to visit the Sesame Street personage and have a fun time. Many children and their families have celebrated birthdays here and created memories. Monterrey is one of the four places in Mexico that has this park so its very popular.

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