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Montreal Canada is known as an easy accessible city and an international place of choice. This city can be easy accessed by water, air, or land. Downtown Montreal is just a short 20 minutes from the airport. Montreal is a safe and clean city where visitors can travel by foot during the day or even at night. Another popular way to get around the city is from the many bus stops or even biking, with 350 kilometers of bicycle path that goes to many of the tourists attractions. Montreal is also multicultural and has over 80 ethnic communities, and has an outstanding reputation for great gourmet dinning. Montreal is the largest city in the province and the second largest in Canada itself.

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Biodome of MontrealThe Biodome of Montreal is the only one like it in the whole world. It focuses on four distinct ecosystems that is held in the former Olympic Game Velodrome. It was created to represent the four most beautiful habitats from North, Central, and South America. Inside these mini habitats visitors will find mammals, birds, and plant life. Visitors of all ages will love this attraction especially the children. The four different habitats are the Tropical Forest, Laurentian Forest, St. Lawrence Marine Ecosystem, and Arctic and Antarctic.

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Hertz Rental Car is partnered up with Rental Car Choices, we are one of the most trusted and recognizable rental car companies in Montreal rental cars internationally and here in Canada. If you click on the logo above, the available rates will appear and you can make your reservation right away. Hertz does not ask for any credit card information when making a reservation.


Centre d'histoire de MontrealCentre d'histoire de Montreal is a museum that takes pride in preserving the city's past and then making it seem so real to the visitors. The exhibits here at the museum feature the architecture, history, and culture of the city by showcasing it all on murals, displays, and technology. The exhibits that are permanent show the city's history and culture from the past 100 years. The temporary exhibits feature certain things in the past and have more details to each of them. This is a museum for all ages so the whole family can enjoy this attraction.


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The second largest general use rental car company business isAvis. We provide business and leisure customers with the best service in 1,700 different locations. Avis is known as one of the top brand names for customer loyalty. Make sure you choose Avis for your next rental car in Montreal.

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Elephant at the Granby Zoo in MontrealLe Zoo de Granby et Parc aquatique Amazoo Yoplait is about an hour southeast of Montreal and is also known as the Granby Zoo for short. This zoo is a great day trip for the family especially if you have kids. Some of the animals here at the zoo are Gorillas, Chinchillas, Poison Dart Frogs, Stick insects, Amur Leopards, Capybaras, Colobus monkeys, Fishing Cats, llamas, Porcupines, Kangaroos, Snow Leopards, meerkats, and many birds and reptiles. There are special exhibits here that showcase sharks and lorikeets as well. There is a small park for kids that holds rides for their entertainment. Also on the property is a water park that features a lazy river, the biggest wave pool in Quebec, and a childrens water playground. The water park is featured as an Amazon Rainforest village.

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Jardin Botanique de MontrealThe Jardin Botanique is also known as the Montreal Botanical Garden, this garden was first founded in 1931 by Brother Marie Victorin. He was both a reiligous and scientific man who was inspired by nature. These botanical gardens are second largest in the world with 30 beautiful outdoor gardens and 10 exhibition greenhouses. Each of these displays showcase a different climate, country, and/or flowering style. These gardens also have a section for insects called the insectarium. The most popular stop in the gardens for visitors is the six-acre Montreal-Shanghai Dream lake Garden.

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Musee des Beaux Arts de MontrealMusee des Beaux Arts de Montreal also known as the Arts Museum of Montreal. This museum is the oldest museum in Canada and holds some of the finest paintings in the country. The permanent artwork comes from the Canadian artists and those created by European masters. This museum also features artifacts from native Canadians and a collection of period furnishings. There are drawings, carvings, engravings, silverware, and works from ancient Asia, Egypt, Greece, and South America. There is also an on sight restaurant incase you need some nourishments. 

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