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Nice, FranceNice,France is located on the French Riviera in what is called the Provence-Alpes-Coted'Azur. It has a sunny climate and attracts visitors from all over the world.Nice, France has many things to do such as the beautiful beaches, lovely seasidepromenade, interesting museums, famous landmarks, and many other touristattractions. Nice is also know for it being a major transportation hub in Europewith the low cost airlines to the Nice  Cote d'Azur Airport from London,Paris. One of the most popular attractions is the day excursion to the citystate of Monte Carlo, Monaco or the seaside town of Antibes.


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When traveling through France most people decide to rent acar. Renting a car in Nice will expand yourvacation and make it more enjoyable with the flexibility and save some costs forother traveling expenses. The Nice airport is where most people pick up theirrental cars due to they have a wider variety of vehicles. Rental Car Choices gives you options to choose your rental carfrom all the rental car companies. Whether you need a compact car, luxury car,SUV, minivan, or full-size, we have them all.Let us help you choose yourrental car for your vacation in Nice, France.

Things to do in Nice, France

Cathedrale Orthodox Russe St.Nicolas in NiceThe Cathedrale Orthodox RusseSt-Nicolas a Nice is known as a Russian jewel located on the Cote d'Azur and isa turn-of-the-century cathedral which is Tsar Nicolas II's tribute to aTsarevitch that was said to die of tuberculosis in 1865. This building is madeup of brick and marble and is known for a superior example of sacredarchitecture. This cathedral is mostly known for its woodwork, religious icons,and ornate beauty. It has a recognizable feature that is seen throughout thewhole city which is its gilded onion domes.


La Promenade des Anglais in Nice, FranceThe La Promenade des Anglais was built in 1820 and has become one of Nice's most famous landmarks. This walkway is a magnificent attraction, it is ideal for athletic pursuits or a leisurely stroll that has a great view of the sea on one side and the mountainside on the other. This is a must see for vacationers in Nice and is probably the best way to experience some of the city's most beautiful scenery.


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Thrifty Rental Car hascheap car rental reservations for Nice, France. Thrifty is one of the mosttrusted and most used rental car companies in the world.  We give anexclusive discounted rate for online rental car reservations.

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The Monastere de Cimiez in Nice, FranceThe Monastere de Cimiez gives a fascinating look at the Franciscan order from the 13th century and onward. This museum is located in a living monastery which dates back to a time when the church was a repository of scholarship and art. The museum is home to a great deal of historicla works, the monastery juxtaposes the austerity of a monk's life. The monk's life is shown with the artwork of the church itself. The Brea brothers have made a very impressive gilt and wooden altarpiece that is now known as a notable. The location of this attraction is on a hilltop where Matisse is buried and it offers a great view of the city.

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Hertz and RentalCar Choices are partnered up together to provide the best rental carrates. One of the most recognizable and respected names in Nice, France carrentals internationally and here. Just click on the logo above to see theavailability and rates for what you need. The cheapest rates will automaticallycome up so then you can make your reservation. With Hertz there is no creditcard needed to make the reservation either.

The Parc Phoenix in Nice, FranceThe Parc Phoenix is one of Europe's largest greenhouse and it has a striking glass edifice that is the most popular attraction in this park that sits on seventeen plus acres of land. The greenhouse part sits on about 2 acres of land and holds many different kinds of plants and botanical habitats. The greenhouse sits at about 82 feet tall and has a butterfly house, delicate orchids, and water gardens that bring out different scents and colors. There is also a hidden sound system that makes the experience more enjoyable along with the benches in each environment so the visitors can sit and relax. These gardens are a must see due to the natural beauty.

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Avishas 1,700 locations all throughout the world that are providing business andleisure customers with a wide range of services. We are the second largestrental car company in the world that is for general- use. Avis is alsorecognized as one of the world's top name brand for customer loyalty. Make sureyou choose Avis for you rental car choice in Nice, France.

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The Palais Lascaris in Nice FranceThe Palais Lascaris  is a 17th century Baroque palace that was restored by the city in the 1940's. The palace now serves as the Heritage Centre and it has exhibitions about Nice's history and culture. The trompe l'oeil paintings, plasterwork, and an imposing facade which are all some original features to the building have all survived the ear's wealth and prestige. Its the large collection of decorative arts and furnishings that document the time as well as a restored and outfitted pharmacy that are to the standards of 1738.

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Place Massena in Nice FrancePlace Massena is known as the town's beating heart. This is a square where locals and visitors meet and mingle. Its a square of shopping and cafe's all along the northern side. The elegant and the most stunning buildings and arcades are painted in a deep red. On the east part are pedestrians that are treated to a mountain vista. There is also a fountain in the square that represents the nine planets of the solar system. This, the visitors find very fascinating and fun to look at.

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