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Jacksonville, Florida is one of the greatest towns in all of Florida.  You are in a great spot for the tri-state area. Florida, Alabama and Georgia are located very near to this town.  You will surely have the time of your life visiting this great Floridian town. Florida is not like all the other southern states. In fact, it was actually for a long time considered to be "Spanish" territory.  So as you can tell unlike the rest of the southern colonies who belonged to Britain, Florida belonged to Spain.  So the history and way of living here is very different from all the other southern crop states.  You will see how Floridians relied on fish for a long time instead of crops as their main income.

Jacksonville is very close to the ocean and you will be able to drive very easily to the coast and enjoy a day or two in the ocean. Take the whole family on a vacation that they'll never forget.  You will surely get your moneys worth by staying at a beach side hotel that offers all the things you could ever want for a very cheap and unbeatable price.  The beaches in North Florida are beautiful and will always leave you wanting more.  The sight is breath taking.  You will see a sun sight that is simply to die for.  I know every time my family and I come to the beach there we have the time of a century.  We sun bathe, surf and skim board.   We bond as a family and get to do things we can't do at home such as spend time with one another for once.

Rental Car

The best thing to do while in town is to get a rental car.  You will be able to drive around where ever you want to go without having to wait for a taxi or city bus to take you.  The gas you will save is outstanding as well.  Be sure to book ahead of time using Dollar so you can save a bundle and have great customer support to back up the savings.  I'd recommend getting a nice luxury car so you can fit the whole family in it and be very comfortable for your commutes. The advantages for getting a rental car are far outweighed by the low price you are going to pay for one.  So be wise and get a car the whole family will love.

The Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens is one of the greatest attractions in Jacksonville.  They have some of the most amazing animals that you can see on display as well as some great plants and different species. I love spending time bonding with all the animals and trying to experience what life is for them. My kids and wife also love animals so it's a place where we can really enjoy a good time and bond at the same time.  I think it's important for the kids to have an education about all walks of life such as all the types of animals and how we play our part in the "circle of life" so to speak.

While in Jacksonville be sure to enjoy some of the great nightlife events that happen on a daily basis.  You will surely be having the time of your life and not regret getting out of town at all.  You and your spouse can enjoy some karaoke at a local bar and grill as well as get some great food.  You will surely love the Jacksonville bars that you will be able to visit. The whole family can have some fun on a night out on the town. I'd highly recommend visiting this great city of Florida.


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February 9, 2011