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reno nevada

 Reno, Nevada an amazing place to be; the only rival to Las Vegas in the state. Sprinkled with breath taking casino's and gaming ventures, this town is the most fun you can have while still conducting legal activities. You can spend nights at the casino and days at other gaming areas. You can not sleep for days and not even realize it. I'm sure you will think this place is as amazing as I do when you see if for yourself.  This is not "sin city" in any sense of the word either.  You can have fun with the whole family here without any doubts of worrying your children will be exposed to something negative.  I have taken my family there countless times and never once thought twice about it. My kids love the grand hotels Reno has and especially love the amazing pools they have.  They can lay out there for hours and not have a care in the world. Known as "The Biggest Little City in The World", you will surely be busy with all the activities the city has to offer.

porsche automobile

Reno also has other things to do, besides just gamble.  They have the National Automobile museum which offers more than 200 different vehicles on display. Reno actually has one of the largest vehicle displays in the whole world. With only a 10 dollar admission fee, my family and I enjoyed this wonderful place more than once on our most recent visits. My children and I are particularly big car fans. They have a ton of different Porsche's on display and they are my favorite vehicles. I mean what's not to love about a fine piece of engineering such as a Porsche?  They offer huge power that can be controlled.  The Germans' actually know how to make a car. They don't just throw a huge v8 in a fiberglass body and call it a day like the Americans do. That is why smaller displacement engines such as the flat 6's in the Porsche's put out far more power than the big American V8's. They are also far more nimble on road courses.


nevada museum of art

The Nevada Museum of Art is also a wonderful place to take the family while you enjoy the great state of Nevada.  I love the store and cafe inside this great museum.  I could spend a whole vacation alone just in this museum.  I never seen so many beautiful works of art in my life, and they pack it all into one museum; utterly breath taking to say the least. Many graduates come here to study architecture after leaving their home schools and before going to their respective fields of engineering. Another great thing about this place is it is a non profit organization that gives grants and scholarships to needy kids trying to get into colleges but can't afford tuition.

Dollar Rental Car
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One of the best and most thrilling things you can do while in Reno is visit the Ultimate Rush Speed and Thrill Park.  You will race down long tracks and around twisty turns until you or your opponents claims victory and the only thing keeping you from flying out of your cart is your safety harness. My family loves this park and wishes there was one in our hometown so we can go more often. Located around the Grand Sierra Resort you will find that this amazing place actually has its own sky coaster. It is 180 feet tall and is the most thrilling ride I have ever been on. I can not wait to try my luck on this thrill once again. I a sure once you try it for yourself you will think the same thing I did. Wow! That's right, it's the only way I can explain the amount of adrenaline that was pumping when I was on it.

casino el dorado

Casino at the Eldorado is by far my favorite casino I have ever been to. They offer all my favorite games from blackjack to Texas hold em'.  Oh, and I learned the hard way that you really have to know when to hold em' and know when to fold em'.  I lost a little bit of money my first day , but I gained some back and got lucky enough to break even.  I had so much fun, it was almost addicting. So I have to limit myself whenever I go into a casino.  Last visit we actually stayed in a pent house suite.  It was so amazing and luxurious.  We had a full fridge that stayed stock 24/7.  We had a Jacuzzi in the living room and a pool table in there as well.  Our room my wife and I stayed in had an amazing view to say the least and we were very grateful for being comped that suite for free. This casino had an amazing lounge down stairs that we hung out at very much, it was almost like a home away from home in a sense. My wife loved the free drinks and I loved the free food, so we were both happy at the end of the night.

While in beautiful Reno, Nevada make sure you get a chance to rent a car, that's right I said it - rent a car. I assure you , you will not be disappointed. I did this and had a wonderful little road trip while I was in town. I wish I had rented it sooner however. I had a great time zooming the roads of Reno and getting to my destination on time in fashion as well. I loved the way my rental drove around and it got incredible gas mileage at the same time. There was no negative in the whole deal. I got a great price and saved time in line by booking it on line. The customer service was excellent and I couldn't have expected any less from such a professional place.

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January 12, 2011