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Beautiful Sanford, Florida is a stunning place to take the family and be close to the most amazing beaches that the Earth has to offer. You can drive a little ways down the road and sink  your toes into the warm gritty pale sand that our beaches possess and you will never want to leave.  With the sun beating down on your face and keeping you warm,  you will experience why our state is known as the "sunshine state."  I love Florida and after your stay here, I am sure you will as well.

We have one of the biggest flea markets known.  It is called Flea World and has over a thousand vendors inside offering goods and services.  You can get everything from home appliances to tattoos. Don't hesitate to get services from here either, since almost all the vendors are Florida certified business men.  They all are just trying to get by and make a buck.  I love going here and getting car audio equipment.  The people are nice and the equipment is grand. They are very easy people to work with and love doing business.

sunshine state

A great place to spend some time with the family is the Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Gardens.  You can see animals in their natural habitat and see plants pollinate and spread their seed.  It is a miracle of the universe to watch these simple organisms evolve and overcome obstacles put in their way.  I love seeing the plants, they are so beautiful and stunning. The animals are amazing and a sight to see when they are in action. Watch them as they try to find a mate and when they finally do watch them create new life.  It is always awesome to see a new baby lion being born.  My kids love seeing the cubs run around and jump on one another.

rental car

When we flew into the Sanford Airport we took the liberty of renting a car.  We got a 2011 Mitsubishi lancer.  It was a great little car and got amazing gas mileage.  We rolled through the streets and got lots of on lookers.  I suppose this vehicle gets a lot of attention.  It does have beautiful lines and is very aesthetically pleasing. I wondered how such an amazing car wasn't coupled with some kind of upgraded performance. After sparking my interest I looked it up and found out they do offer a sports trim of the new lancer.  It's called and evolution, and they have an even sportier model known as the evolution MR. MR standing for Mitsubishi racing.  It has 300 horsepower and sports an all wheel drive transmission.  A very impressive vehicle from what I've been told.

Our stay here in Sanford, Florida was a delightful one.  We experienced great beaches and fun attractions.  What I'd like to do in the future is go hunting here in Sanford.  I've heard from many that they have a huge amount of game to choose from when hunting here in Sanford, Florida.  I hope to come back and go bow hunting for deer soon.  I hear they have great deer here and would like to take one home one day and cook it up.  I love that venicent.

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January 18, 2011