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San Francisco

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san francisco


San Francisco, California a place of sun and fun! You won't want to leave this amazing city. Take a tram around town and get to where you're going in style.  You will be able to save time and hassle by using this public transportation. I loved  hanging out at this city, so close to the bay you will be able to see some of the most diverse of cultures that the world has to offer.  I love going down by the bay and going to all the strip malls to hang out and shop.  Its the most fun I've had in a long time, and the best part is that my wife likes it too, so you can't go wrong.  The kids love the pier here and love the rides.

aquarium of the bay

Aquarium of the bay is an amazing exhibit that offers children a place to explore the undersea life and learn at the same time. It's so important for kids to learn these days, and its proven that kids learn far better when they are having fun a the same time. So be sure to bring your kids here and walk through more than 300 feet of clear tunnels to view over 2,000 different sea animals.  Your kids will love it and so will  you. See sea horses give birth and learn that its the male that carries the babies. I saw some of the most amazing manta rays here, gliding around the sea floor and searching for food and prey.  It really is a spectacle to see.

fishermans wharf
Fisherman's Wharf is a great fish market as well as place to catch some of the day's freshest fish the bay has to offer.  You can sit down to some of the most amazing food the bay has to offer and listen to some beautiful music.  See how they kill and gut the fish in the process of preparing it for you to eat.  It really is a cool thing to watch as they take it out of the water and the steps they take to put it on your plate. The Wharf is actually open tent festival as well, you can walk through and see some of the coolest shops offering apparel and merchandise.

golden gate bridge

See the golden gate bridge and its mightiness as it hangs 24/7 and over 100,000 people cross it every day. It is the most visited and photographed bridge in the entire world.  I love viewing it and taking pictures so I can show my grand kids one day and show them that I have been around some of the greatest structures known to man.  It really is a sight to see and you won't believe it until you see it for your self.  I actually was there when there was a group of birds hanging out on the wires suspending the bridge, it was a cool thing to see to say the least.  I didn't know so many birds loved to hang out on this wire.


Alcatraz island is a very interesting island off the coast that is home to some of the most notorious criminal ever known to man.  It is a desolate place located in the middle of the ocean and there is sure to be no one escaping any time soon to say the least. I'd love to visit the structure but I guess there is no tours being held there.  It be a great way to detour my kids from getting into trouble for sure.

One fun thing we did too was get a rental car, so we can travel around anywhere we wanted without putting the wear and tear on our vehicles.  It was a great idea and I will definitely be doing it again in the near future for sure.  I love the rental car we got this time. It was a new Nissan 370z and man did it zoom.  I never in a hundred years thought a v6 could feel like this.  I guess that's what happens when real engineers take control of the design of a car though.  It was a thrill to drive and got the attention of many people.

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January 19, 2011