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San Jose

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san jose

San Jose, California is a fun place where you can all mix things up without any doubt.  You are in the middle of a tropical paradise right here in the great United States.  Where else can you enjoy a marvelous place like this inside the US?  Exactly, you can't because this city is one of a kind and will leave you wanting more and more for sure.  Don't be fooled by other cities that say they are tropical paradises, this is actually an amazing place for not only you , but for the whole family. You will love coming here and enjoying this joyous place.

san jose scene

The Children's Discovery Museum is a great place to take the young ones while  you are in town. They have special designed rooms so that your kids can crawl around and explore.  They have great developmental games and themes to jumpstart your children's minds.  My kids loved hanging out and learning at the same time.  I also had fun, being a kid again is a fantastic idea and only if I could go back in time. Well at least my kids can enjoy a great place and learn at the same time, what a phenomenal idea.

san jose tech museum

The Tech Museum is a museum where you can explore the modernization of technology in our lives and see the impact we leave on technology.  We love technology and many people thrive on it. Entire business are founded on it. Look at all the websites that sprouted almost overnight due to the world wide web.  Everyone now has a cell phone, and a car those are forms of technology.  Here they show you just how advanced we are in our pursuit of technology.  The world isn't quite ready for it yet though, so we have to slowly inject it into society and get feedback and constantly adjust.  This museum is a great place to experience some of the early scientists and how they came about discovering some of the great things we now use today.

happy hollowThe Happy Hollow Park and Zoo is a park and zoo in one.  The whole family can enjoy a day here and bond.  Ride different rides and see animals in their natural habitat.  The kids can run around in an animal themed park and have fun and learn at the same time, an amazing concept if I do say so myself.  I loved this place and so did my children.  So what is the downside? I didn't find any. You can get your snacks here as well, sandwiches, fruit and drinks are offered at low prices to everyone so get your snacks here while you take a break from all the rides.  I really loved seeing my kids have fun here and enjoying themselves.

History Park in San Jose, California is place where you can virtually walk through time and see some of the most significant events in past that help shape our society into what it is today. I loved seeing displays showing some of the most influential men of time such as Benjamin Franklin and Charles Darwin.  Its just amazing and loved it, and my kids loved learning about it as well.

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January 20, 2011