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Seattle, Washington is a great city to go on vacation with the whole family. You will enjoy tons of attractions and things that will keep you and your family busy for days. I love coming here in winter and seeing the amazing snow fall while we are out and about zooming around town.  My kids love coming here to see the White House attractions.  Its a bit of a drive from where we stay but they still like to see it since they think they are going to be the president of the United States one day.  And for their sake, I sure hope they do become that.  Washington is a great state, the end of the west frontier when settlers came to American fulfilling that destiny of reaching from "sea to shining sea".  Look now, we have fulfilled that and its' an amazing place now. When you visit Seattle you will surely say the same.


Museum of flight


The Seattle Museum of Flight is a wondrous place to take the kids so they can see how flight was invented.  You will see displays and replicas of some of the earliest flight machines that we still use to this day.  The airplane is a relatively simple idea and we still use them day after day.  You would think we would develop a more efficient way of flying but we still haven't.  But maybe one day we will discover a more "green" way of flying without polluting the world so much.


kerry Park

Kerry Park is a great place in Seattle where you can take the kids for an evening. They can run around and play and try to burn off some energy.  Its a great thing to do while on vacation, because I know my kids go crazy if I don't give them some way to circumvent all that energy they always have.  So I'd definitely bring my kids back here if we ever go here again, which I hope we do.  I loved the scenery here at Kerry Park it really is beautiful to say the least and I love it.  My wife loved taking pictures here as well. We have what seems like thousands of pictures from here.

seattle seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks are an amazing NFL team that I always try to catch a game to see them while I am in town.  I love how they come together as a team and beat who ever they play. They are by far my favorite team and watching them play is like art.  They are very technical on the field and use their muscle to overcome obstacles and score down field to lead to wins.  They have beaten many top teams this year but sadly are not going to the NFL Super bowl, but hopefully next year I will see them there.

Booking your rental car for Seattle is more simple than you think. You will love the comfort and ease of renting a car here in town so you can get around town easily and save on gas.  I loved driving the rental because my whole family can fit in it. If I drove my Porsche here I'd only be able to fit me and another person, so I knew that wouldn't work out.  So renting the 4 door luxury car was a great idea that the whole family got to enjoy.  I would recommend renting with Dollar if you ever come to town.


The Washington Park Arboretum is a fun place to take the kids if you want them to learn about new plants and flowers.  I myself learned a great deal here.  We took a canoe here and made a day event out of it.  We all loved it very much and couldn't expect anymore out of such an amazing place. We have a lot of great pictures that we took here and hope to put them online for all our family and friends to see.

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January 21, 2011