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Syracuse, New York is city that has culture as rich as gold.  Many settlers flocked to New York in the 1800's and 1900's in search of the "American Dream", some found it and some didn't. Settlers came from countries all over the world, not just European countries as many think.  We have people from Greece, Italy, Austria, Australia, Tasmania and many other countries from across the globe.  Coming to Syracuse is a great way to see just how diverse our country really is.  There are shops here that are 100 years old, and they are still in operation today. It is amazing to see the evolution we have gone through as a nation.


Wise Guys

Be sure to take a trip to the Wise Guys Comedy Club.  Here you will see some of the funniest comedians I have ever experienced in my life. Comedians from right here in Syracuse come to perform here and try to earn a living.  Let me tell you, these guys are hilarious; they equate their every day lives into their sketches and it's hilarious. Definitely take the family here on your next trip to Syracuse, you will be laughing for hours guaranteed.


Everson Museum of Art

The Everson Museum of Art is my favorite place to visit while in Syracuse.  Here you will see some of the most fantastic pieces of art work in all the world.  My children love this place as well, it really makes them develop a respect for art.  The tour guides here have a lot of background information to share with us as well. We learned a lot of the history of some of the artists that are featured here in this great museum.


Museum of Art and Technology

The Museum of Science and Technology is a place that will show you have we have come as a people and worked together to create some of the most innovative things the world has ever seen. We have been on the edge of technological design for almost 100 years now and we keep pushing the envelope.  This museum is a testament to that for sure.  My wife loved the exhibits and learned a lot as well. She is a science teacher so she really took a liking to this place and found out a lot of interesting details that she can bring back with her and teach her class. My kids liked this place too, they loved it because they are such science fanatics.



The Rosamond Gifford Zoo is a fun place for the whole family.  My kids, wife and I loved the zoo and we had some great times walking around and discovering new animals that we have never seen before.  My kids loved the giraffes and my wife loved the bears.  I especially liked watching the lions play together with one another.  They are strong and courageous animals and are a real sight to see. The people who work here are great and will do everything they can so that you can get some interaction with animals.  I think its really cool how you can spend some time with some of the animals they have here.


Rental cars are offered here for your stay in Syracuse. They are cheap and affordable and very comfortable.  You will be able to zoom across town in minutes in a rental car, not having to wait for a smelly taxi.  I'd recommend renting ahead of time so you can pick up your rental at the airport and be on your way.  Don't waste time at the airport waiting for your car, just do it online and be about your business from the moment you land.  The customer service offered is outstanding and top notch.  You will surely not be renting from anyone else once you get your first rental from Dollar.

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January 30, 2011