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Salt Lake City

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Salt Lake City

Many people love to visit the great Salt Lake City. There are many reasons why this is. Salt Lake City is a beautiful testament to the engineering that is possible and the level of architecture that we have accomplished today. Salt Lake City is home to the amazing Salt Lake. You can actually float very easily in this amazing lake without any effort due to the high salinity levels.

Temple Square is a really cool place to visit while you are in town. It is the home of the Church of Jesus Christ and the Latter Day Saints. It is really cool to explore the square and see all that it has to offer. You will be able to study relics of the past and help explore your faith. I highly recommend a trip here.

Salt Lake city

The Church History Museum is another great place to visit while you are in town. You will be able to study the past and see how it has shaped the present. Many different religions are displayed here and it shows how they interlock and differ as well. Only you will be able to get out of what you want. So get on down to the Church History Museum as soon as you arrive in town.

The Utah Museum of Natural History is one of my favorite places to visit in Salt Lake City. It displays Art and Archeology there and offers some amazing tours of the place to help educate you and help you understand where we came from and how we progress and continue to progress as human beings.

Salt Lake City

The Great Salt lake is a great place for the whole family to visit. You will be able to experience a 20,000 square mile salt lake and enjoy many different water activities such as boating, fishing, snorkeling and jet skiing. The lake even has 10 islands inside of it that you can visit or take a tour on. It really is a great place to visit while you are in town.

The Wheeler Historic Farm is a cool place to visit with the family as well. You will be able milk cows, ride tractors and plow the land. It is a place where  you can live the life of a farmer and experience what it was like living without all the high tech gadgets that we enjoy today. This may be for you or may not be, but you can always give it a chance and see what happens.



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August 22, 2011