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A rental car company that we like the most is Enterprise, our customers can also agree that Enterprise has been helping them in a friendly way. Actually most of our customer are returning customers that would not rent a car from anywhere else besides Enterprise! See what all the buzz is about and rent a car from Enterprise today!

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Enterprise Car Rental has been inventing new ways to please its customer day bay day, if you are looking for a rental car company you can be comfortable with, then Enterprise is the best bet for you!

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If you want a rental car company that is well rooted and distinguished among the rest, Enterprise is it. Easily taking the place of the largest rental car company in North America, Enterprise still continues to grow year after year. Surprisingly such a large company claims that their intentions were never to be the largest rental car business, but to be the best. And with their individual customer service and well maintained fleet of cars, everyone can see why Enterprise has become a company with an outstanding reputation and continues to grow at a rate that surprises its competition.

By the way enterprise is set up, you may never think that it was such a large business. With their overall feel of a small business, you begin to think that you are dealing with a small mom and pop store. Many people feel a sense of comfort when picking up and dropping off a car at Enterprise, with our Enterprise Coupons you can save a ton of money which will make the experience so much better!

The big difference between Enterprise and its competitors is that Enterprise makes a big effort to locate its firms in neighborhood rather than large commercial areas. The theory behind doing that was so Enterprise will appeal to more people, this concept was formed by Enterprise’s humble beginnings. Enterprise claims that it has a location within 15 miles of at least 90 percent of the United States, so the chances are, you probably have an enterprise about 15 miles away from you! Outside of the United States , Enterprise operates many offices in Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, and Germany. Totaling in at over 7,000 offices, there is sure to be an enterprise near you. Not only does Enterprise talk the small town talk, it also walks the walk. The company regularly purchases vehicles through small town dealerships, now we’re not talking just one or two, we mean millions of dollars worth!

Since 1957, Enterprise has been making moves to better themselves as well as the entire rental car industry. Only launched with 7 cars, this company grew larger and larger year after year. The business then grew from seven cars to seventeen cars in 5 years. In 1969, Enterprise made a big change when they decided to move on out of St. Louis and expanded their business, a year after Enterprise comes to the conclusion that the real money was in hometown renters and not airport travelers-the company begins to expand into neighborhoods. At this point even though the company was growing, it was not seen as much and didn’t not collect as much attention because it stayed under the meter by staying in small neighborhoods instead of going to large airports. Enterprise’s customer service began to show when a branch manager in Orlando, Florida began picking people up and bring them to the rental locations, and since then the company has been improving its customer service with new innovations year after year.

Our Enterprise Car Rental Coupons provide you with a great way to save money when renting with Enterprise. You can easily reserve your Enterprise rental cars through us and save money! The best part is that it’s completely free! So next time you’re planning to go on vacation or go on a business trip, save money on the largest rental car company in North America!

Let us help you in your search for Enterprise information and Enterprise car reservations. Whether you are searching for Enterprise Rental Cars or Enterprise van rentals, we have cheap online reservations available.

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February 11, 2011