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Atlanta Thrifty Rental CarAs an industry leader in Rental Cars, Thrifty offers deep discounts on Naples car rentals, van rentals, and specialty car rentals. To peruse these special offers, check-out Thrifty Rental Cars in Naples.

While many competitors focus exclusively in the airport market, Dollar Thrifty's manifest presence in both airport and local offices venues, increases the convenience of booking your next dream car.
Naples, Italy Naples, Italy Naples, Italy

Naples International Airport
Capodichino Airport

Let Thrifty help you in your search for information and car reservations in Naples. Whether you are searching for Naples car rentals or Naples van rentals, Thrifty has cheap online reservations available. Many people choose to rent a car when they travel through Italy.

Naples, Italy is known today as the home of Italian Pizza. But this acknowledgement pales in comparison to the city's otherwise massive history. In fact, the area holds the unique achievement of being the largest historic city center in all of Europe and is listed as a World Heritage site by UNESCO, The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. As part of the Roman Republic, the famous poet, Virgil, recieved his education and then later his home in the area. Throughout the ages, the city has persisted through several regime shifts and cultural epochs from the Medieval to the Barogue, and now modern era.

While seeing Naples, the main draws are the Mian Piazza, Museums, Palaces, and Religious structures. As most cities that were in Italy during the time of the Holy Roman Empire, great works were constructed in honor of the Catholic Church with countless churchs and cathedrals being erected. Several general religious structures were also built such as the Spires of Naples, Santa Caterina a Chiaia, the Archbishop's Pales, Girolamini, Santa Restituta, Madre del Buon Consiglio and so on and so on for a near endless list of religiously inspired or dedicated monuments, structures, and sights.

2011 FL Rates Low Season
Class Daily Weekly
Economy Car $21 per day or less $105 per week or less
Compact Car $22 per day or less $110 per week or less
Intermediate $26 per day or less $130 per week or less
Full Size Car $34 per day or less $169 per week or less
Premium Car $37 per day or less $185 per week or less
Luxury Car $43 per day or less $215 per week or less
Mini Van $40 per day or less $200 per week or less
Convertible $43 per day or less $215 per week or less
Jeep $46 per day or less $230 per week or less
Durango $48 per day or less $240 per week or less
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Rental Car in Naples - Naples Italy
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November 8, 2010