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Salzburg, Austria Salzburg, Austria Salzburg, Austria Atlanta Thrifty Rental CarAs an major player in the rental car industry, Thrifty boasts a fleet of over 148,000 rental cars in the Canada and the U.S. Thrifty's rivals can not beat the deep discounts on Salzburg car rentals.

Thrifty Car Rental stands by the slogan "Best Rate Guranteed Offer" when you book a late-model vehicle in Salzburg. Whether it be leisure or business, Thrifty has the experience to fulfill all of your needs. Boasting a diversified modern fleet, now you can enjoy indulge all of your whims with grate rates year round at locations across Austria. Shop and compare today.

Salzburg Airport
Salzburg Downtown
Ludwig Bieringer Platz 1 Green Tower

With a significant presence in the Salzburg rental car market, let Thrifty help you in your search for both information and car reservations. By maintaining strict standards in facilities and service philosophy, Thrifty has become one of the largest car hire companies earning global recognition.

Booking a rental car in Salzburg can add flexibility to your vacation not to mention the cost savings over other types of travel. Most travelers pick up their cars at or near the Salzburg International airport and typically has the widest selection of rental car choices.

Salzburg is a state in Austria which was originally comprised of a handful of settlements in 15 BC that became part of the Roman Empire. At the time it wasn't known as Salzburg, but as Juvavum. Upon gaining its independence from Bavaria in the thirteen hundreds, Salzburg gained an Archbishop position within the Holy Roman Empire.

Almost four hundred years later, the area was caught in religious strife which lasted just a few short decades until conflict died down and Illuminism took hold among the catholics at the area. At the turn of the century in the eighteen hundreds, the religious position of the Archbishop was stripped from the Catholic Church by Napoleon, and bestowed upon the former Grand Duke of Tuscany.

Today, tourists flock to the area to gaze upon the multitude of Religious structures and the distinct Baroque architecture. Cathedrals, churchs, homes, cemetaries, and most urban structures still show an altogether unique cohesiveness indicative of the time period. For example, the Salzburg Cathedral, Hohensalzburg Castle, and the Residenz Palace all show the grandour that was the Barogue Period at its peak.

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Rental Car in Salzburg - Salzburg Austria
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November 8, 2010