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St. Maarten Airport Antilles

Renting a car in St. Maarten can add flexibility to your vacation, and can often result in a cost savings over other types of travel. Most travelers pick up their cars at or near the St. Maarten International airport and typically has the widest selection of rental car choices.

We offer cars for pick up at or near the St. Maarten International airport from all of the major rental car companies.  Whether you need a compact, mid size, full size, luxury car, SUV or a minivan, let us help you with your Thrifty St. Maarten rental car.
St Maarten, Netherlands Saint Martin, Netherlands St Martem, Netherlands

Sint Maarten of the Netherlands is one of four countries within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It is an autonomous country that works in concert with the three other governments on the island. It is also known as Saint Martin. Despite being within the kingdom of the Netherlands, which is primarily in Europe, Sint Maarten resides in the caribbean sea. The island is divided in two with the upper portion belonging to France with the bottom half belonging to the Netherlands.

With few people on the island at the time, the Dutch settled it as a midpoint between their settlements of New York and Brazil. In 1631, they erected Fort Amsterdam in order to defend the settleys from invasion. The foresight of the fort helped to defend the island during the Eighty Years' War between the Netherlands and Spain. Noticing the profitable salt trade taking place through the island, Spain valued the island and rekindled the War between the two. Since then, the island has seen little conflict, and boasts a diverse community of English, Dutch, and French. Creole is often spoke among the citizens along with either French or Dutch.

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November 8, 2010